Notes on the Journey

Tranz Trances

Tranz Trances, Session 1

An overview of my historical experience with the concepts of transgenderism.


Tranz Trances, Session 2

A bit of feminist analysis of the tranz cult phenomenon.







Tranz Trances, Session 3

Traumatized women are particularly at risk for the medical abuse that is medical sexual transition.


Tranz Trances, Session 4

Tranz takes over The University of Iowa.


Tranz Trances, Session 5

YAY! University of Iowa student rag gushes over the prospect of destroying the Title IX laws that are meant to protect women from sex discrimination and male violence.


Tranz Trances, Session 6

Girls Rock! Inculcating girls into the tranzborg cult. I write a letter to point out that promoting body hatred and sterilization (medical transition to the opposite sex)  in girls really sucks the hairy dick.


Tranz Trances, Session 7

The Iowa City Council officially erases women as legal classification.




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