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Pushing Steroids On Schoolkids, Part 2

UPDATE: This is the letter I received from NATE at Iowa City Safe Schools  (which is listed as resource on the Iowa City Schools website) in reply to my emailing the organization with the links to these two blog posts. Iowa City Schools are directly funnelling gender non-conforming children into the eugenics factory to be experimented on and neutered for private profit. Who is the evil person in this scenario? Calling out morally reprehensible behavior is now a criminal offense!

Jul 22, 2019, 2:04 PM (19 hours ago)
Mama Shaman,
Do not send us any further communications. We will contact the authorities if this harassment continues.

Nate Monson
Executive Director
Iowa Safe Schools
From: Iowa Safe Schools
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2019 12:15 PM
Subject: Contact Us Notification

First Name: Mama
Last Name: Shaman

You need to think very deeply about what you have been duped into believing about gender nonconforming kids. You are enabling the sterilization and mutilation of children for private corporate profit. I love children and do not want to see them exploited this way and permanently harmed. You are the idiots who are doing the eugenic work of evil men. I love the DARVO move of calling ME the bigot when YOU are actually harming kids and I am trying to stop it. Let them fucking BE. What does de-sexing a child have to do with loving someone of the same sex?

No photo description available.

Iowa City Schools have been drafted into promoting the corporate agenda that is about identifying gender non-conforming children and then signing them up to be castrated or have their breasts cut off after being fed powerful chemicals that stop their bodies from developing normally. Then these children, who are now incapable of experiencing sexual pleasure due to the effects of steroids on genital tissue, become permanent corporate steroid addicts, unable to have children without expensive hi tech reproductive technology (whoo-hoo! go capitalism!)

On the Iowa City Schools webpage is a link to their Equity Program,

On the Equity Page is a link to Supports For LBGTQ Youth    which is where I found the document that I copied and published in the previous post and which normalizes all the cult terms for preparing people to  de-sex themselves with corporate steroids.  It was a GENIUS move on the part of medical/chemical corporations to pay PR firms to plant the idea in our minds that people can actually change their sex and it has something to do with being gay.

THIS PAGE lists all the available community resources for LBGTQ kids.

And SURPRISE! Guess what is listed on the page? Why, nothing less than a link to the pediatric genital mutilation clinic at UIHC!  Because loving someone who has the same genitals as you or not wanting to play out your appropriate patriarchal, sexist gender stereotype is a MEDICAL issue that requires professional intervention.

Also on the Iowa City Schools Site is a link to United Action For Youth which has programs for LBGTQ youth. including Pride Con and Girls Rock.

When I saw that group of kids walking into the library today, festooned in rainbows and trans flags, all I could see was a group of sacrificial victims being led to slaughter by ignorant adults in thrall to the latest patriarchal, sadomasochistic gender orthodoxy, which demands that people who don’t like their sex parts have them chopped off. And you know, I am PLEASED that adults are lining up for this cult, to have themselves chemically neutered. But can you all just stop pushing corporate steroids on kids.?Anyone who does this is a eugenics enabler and beneath my contempt.


Here are the names of the people on the Iowa City Schools Equity Committee

Yolanda Rivera, Chair
Jayne Finch, Secretary
Brian F. Brandsmeier
Ty Cruce
Charlie Eastham
Saria Gassouma
Ain Grooms
Kim Hanrahan
Teresa Heitman
Leslie Locke
Ayoub Mogassbi
Nadine Petty
Gabriela Rivera
Stephanie Van Housen
Laura Cottrell, Director of Diversity and Cultural Responsiveness
Jeremy Tabor, Director of Equity and Employee Relations








Pushing Steroids on Schoolkids, Part 1


The problem with having a blog is that I am sometimes so overwhelmed by the content that I am trying to present that I publish before I edit. This is a two part post. I made two separate posts due to the amount of text. In this post I reprint material that I found on the Iowa City Schools website regarding the new gender religion and the language that teachers are now required to use.

In the second post (HERE) I reprint the reply I received from the director of Iowa Safe Schools when I forwarded the links to these two post to “them”.  I also show in the second post the direct links between Iowa City Schools and the Pediatric Gender Enforcement Clinic here in town.

In this update I want to add my observation that instead of teaching children about male violence and male privilege, which are the driving forces behind the lack of EQUITY between the sexes, children are being taught about kink and told that it’s possible for a person to be born into the wrong body. There should also be information about how to keep boys away from the porn that is propaganda for violating females. Porn actually harms the brains of young boys who now have unlimited access to horrifying images of the violent sexual abuse of females.

But no, no profit in that, I spoze. This is what brings the dough in:

52676600_606372733167830_2444819067056422912_o (1)This morning I walked into the Iowa City Public Library behind a group of tweens dressed in rainbows and carrying the self self-sterilization flag of the genital mutilation cult known as Transgenderism. They were accompanied by chaperones from the United Action For Youth here in Iowa City.  As soon as I realized that this was a group of fresh sacrificial victims who were being offered up to medical corporations for poisoning , sterilization and genital mutilation, I should have turned around and walked out.

What would you do if you had to watch Jews being herded into gas ovens? I couldn’t stop myself from muttering about being sterilized with corporate hormones, but of course they have all been brainwashed into believing that people like me, who can clearly see the agenda behind selling sterilizing sex hormones to kids, are the REAL enemy, and that somehow I hate them for who they want to cuddle with and what costumes they wear.


Anyway, I decided I would look up all of the individuals who are behind this mass sterilization effort in Iowa City Schools and here is what I found:

From the Iowa City School District webpage

Many people refrain from talking about sexual orientation and gender identity because it feels taboo,
or because they’re afraid of saying the wrong thing – after all, language around gender, sexual
orientation, and gender identity and expression can shift rapidly. This glossary was written to give
adults the words and meanings to help make conversations easier and more comfortable.
Note: THESE DEFINITIONS ARE FOR ADULTS. (For students, see the Welcoming Schools
handout: Defining LGBTQ Terms for Elementary School Students.)
Ally A term that describes a person who speaks out or takes actions on behalf of someone else or
for a group that they are not a part of.
Androgynous Identifying and/or presenting as neither distinguishably masculine nor feminine.
Asexual A term that describes a person who lacks sexual attraction or desire for other people.
Bi Bisexual.
Bisexual A term that describes a person who is emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to
people of more than one sex, gender or gender identity though not necessarily simultaneously, in the
same way or to the same degree.
Butch Commonly used to refer to masculinity displayed by a female but can also refer to masculinity
by a male.
Cisgender A term that describes a person whose gender identity aligns with the sex assigned to
them at birth.
Coming Out The process in which a person first acknowledges, accepts and appreciates their
sexual orientation or gender identity and begins to share that with others.
Cultural Competence The ability to know one’s culture and to interact effectively with people of
different cultures. In a school this includes behaviors, attitudes, policies, and structures that enable
educators to work effectively cross-culturally.
Drag Queen/Drag King A man who dresses as a woman, typically as a performance. A woman
who dresses as a man, typically as a performance. This is different from transgender (see definition
FTM A term referring to a person, assigned female at birth who identifies and lives as a male. See
transgender boy or man.
Gay A term that describes a person who is emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to others
of the same gender.
Gender A person’s internal sense of self as male, female, both or neither (gender identity), as well
as one’s outward presentation and behaviors (gender expression). Gender norms vary among
cultures and over time.
Gender Binary The idea that there are two distinct and opposite genders — male and female.
This model is limiting and doesn’t account for the full spectrum of gender identities and gender
Gender Expansive An adjective used to describe people that identify or express themselves in
ways that broaden the culturally defined behavior or expression associated with one gender.
Gender Expression How a person expresses their gender through outward presentation and
behavior. This includes, for example, a person’s name, clothing, hairstyle, body language and
Gender Identity An internal, deeply felt sense of being male, female, a blend of both or neither—
how individuals perceive themselves and what they call themselves. One’s gender identity can be the
same or different from their sex assigned at birth.
Gender Role A set of social and cultural beliefs or expectations about appropriate behavior for
men/boys or women/girls. Gender roles can vary from culture to culture. Strict gender roles can limit
a person’s development.
Gender Role Stereotyping Stereotypes based on social and cultural beliefs or expectations about
appropriate behavior for men/boys or women/girls. This can limit children’s aspirations, achievements
and well-being.
Gender Spectrum The broad range along which people identify and express themselves as
gendered beings or not.
Genderqueer People that typically reject the binary categories of gender, embracing a fluidity of
gender identity. People who identify as “genderqueer” may see themselves as being both male and
female, neither male nor female or as falling completely outside these categories.
Gender Transition The process by which some people strive to more closely align their outward
identity with the gender they know themselves to be. To affirm their gender identity, people may go
through different types of transitions.
Social transition This can include a name change, change in pronouns, and change in
appearance, clothes or hairstyle.
Legal transition The process of updating identity documents, such as birth certificates
and drivers’ licenses, to reflect a person’s authentic gender and name. Different states and
localities have different rules, often making this process very challenging.
Medical transition For children, this may include the use of hormone blockers to delay the
onset of puberty. It may also include cross-sex hormones to induce a puberty that is more
consistent with the child’s gender identity, or for adults, to promote physical changes. It
can also include gender affirmation surgery after age 18.
Heteronormative The assumption of heterosexuality as the given or default sexual orientation
instead of one of many possibilities, and that the preferred or default relationship is between two
people of “opposite” genders.
Heterosexism The attitude that heterosexuality is the only valid or “normal” sexual orientation. This
can take the form of overt negative comments or actions towards LGBTQ people or subtle actions or
assumptions that marginalize LGBTQ people.

Heterosexual A term describing a person who is emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to
people of a different gender. Also known as straight.
Homophobia The fear and hatred of or discomfort with people who are attracted to members of the
same sex or gender.
Homosexual A term describing a person who is attracted to members of the same sex or gender. It
is usually used in medical or scientific references.
Intersex The term used for 2% of babies who are born with naturally occurring variations in
chromosomes, hormones, genitalia and other sex characteristics.
Lesbian A term describing a woman who is emotionally, romantically or sexually attracted to
someone of the same gender identity.
LGBTQ An acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning. Additions to
this acronym can include A, for “asexual” or “ally,” and I, for “intersex.”
MTF A term referring to a person, assigned male at birth who identifies and lives as female. See
transgender girl or woman.
Non-binary An umbrella term for people who transcend commonly held concepts of gender through
their own expression and identities. Other terms for this might include gender expansive, gender
creative, or genderqueer. Some non-binary people also identify as Transgender.
Outing Exposing someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity to others without their permission.
Pansexual A person who can be attracted to any sex, gender or gender identity.
Queer A term some people use to identify themselves with a flexible and inclusive view of gender
and/or sexuality. Also used interchangeably with LGBTQ to describe a group of people such as
“queer youth.” It is also seen in academic fields, such as queer studies or queer theory. Historically it
has been used as a negative term for LGBTQ people. Some people still find the term offensive while
some embrace the term as an identity.
Sex One’s biological and physical attributes — external genitalia, sex chromosomes and internal
reproductive structures — that are used to assign someone as male or female at birth.
Sex Assigned at Birth This is generally determined by external genitalia at birth – female, male
or intersex.
Sexual Orientation Describes a person’s emotional, romantic or sexual attraction to other people.
Some examples of sexual orientations are gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual or pansexual.
Sexuality Describes how one experiences and expresses one’s self as a sexual being. It begins to
develop in early childhood and continues over the course of one’s lifetime.
Straight A slang term for heterosexual.
Transgender or Trans An umbrella term that describes people whose gender identity and/or
gender expression differs from the sex they were assigned at birth.
Transphobia The fear or hatred of, or discomfort with, transgender people.

I will continue this expose in the next post, providing names and email addresses of the adults who are enabling this atrocity



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