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Death Cults and the Tranzpocalypse

Death Cults and the Tranzpocalypse

By Madam Nomad, December 26, 2019

Of course I can’t sue UIOWA. Nobody would ever take the case, just like they wouldn’t take a case on my behalf against the social service agencies that are implementing the corporate gender cult without consulting the victims who will be affected by banishing the legal definition of sex. Just like no lawyer would take a case against the medical industry for poisoning me for money or take a case (without my paying for it with my vagina, thanks, Alan Rosenfeld!) against my incestuous pedophile father. It’s all the same corporate, woman-hating, male supremacist shit cake.

I was deeply traumatized by having to repress my horror at seeing so many mutilated and poisoned young women on the UIOWA campus where I was an art student. I wrote one last email to some of the faculty to wind up my experience at that institution.

TO: tj-dedeaux-norris,, rachel-williams, s-mcguire

Final Statement


I am writing in order to make a final statement about my experience at the School of Art and Art History at The University of Iowa. Below I have included two of the images that deeply traumatized me. The appropriate human response to encountering a person who has cut off their penis or their breasts is shock, horror, fear and disgust. I am having completely normal human reactions to being confronted with evidence that the university and the faculty enable the mutilation and poisoning of young people who have sex problems. In the years since the spring of 2017 I have watched the horrible new corporate gender cult take over this entire university. I have watched instructors enable this madness. I do understand that you are financially dependent on this patriarchal corporate institution and you have to do what you are told.
I am telling you that you are supporting corporate genocide and eugenics and the erasure of every right that women like me worked our asses off to attain. And I am disgusted with all of you. I refuse to go along with the abusive, pedophilic Queer Theory baloney. You have silenced me. Thanks a fucking bunch.
Madam Nomad
This is a photo of a painting by a young woman at SAAH who has joined the social contagion that tells her sexed bodies are imaginary.


And this is a clay plaque made at the SAAH clay studio which depicts a young woman who has cut off her own breasts. The inscription says NOT SORRY. I seem to be the only sane person left on this planet who is capable of normal human reactions to atrocities. This made me want to vomit. What is wrong with you that you can’t feel anything. Or is it the money and the power of your sinecures that has rendered you insensible to the horror in front of your faces?

The cluster of folks at the education factory are never going to admit they are wrong and that corporate genderist ideology is one big monstrous circle-jerk. As is it they are all too busy lying to students about what is actually happening to the biosphere and instead taking money to train them for a future they know very well does not exist.

I guess I am grateful that I can make connections and see the whole monster for what it is. I don’t understand how humans got so far out of balance and out of touch with their own bodies. It is what it is.

Death Tranz

There was a tranz-identified female standing at the door to the milk cooler at John’s Market the other afternoon. At first I didn’t clock her because she had an acquired throat bulge, but then again, I WAS subconsciously alerted to check out the bulge.

Then I saw her ahead of me at the checkout and sure enough, when she spoke I could hear the Donald Duck T-voice and as she walked out I saw her wide hips sway and the slenderness of her arms and delicate hands. She had flashed me a warning look as I walked up to the cooler and I realize now that she recognized me because I am the famous hated icon of the local mutilation cult.

I can’t do one damned thing about the death wish that these young girls and women have. They really believe they can “die” as a female and come back magically resurrected as a man. I have no difficulty seeing the connection between the self-harming social contagion that is being sold by the billionaire Tranz Masters and the scourge of my generation of women, which was self-abuse/self-annihilation through starvation. I have noticed that many of the females on testosterone with disfiguring chest surgery are way too thin. The waif I encountered at John’s had hipbones like knives and very bad skin.

One funny thing I notice about these girls is that they all wear the same uniform. They are attempting to emulate the look of the 1940’s James Dean, denim and slicked back hair and a pack of camels rolled up in their tee shirt sleeve. Because of course this is all about transcending sexual stereotypes, remember? That’s how they try to sell this religion to the kids.

And here’s little ditty I made up, to the tune of KICKS, by Paul Revere and the Raiders:

Chorus: Doncha know that Tranz just keeps
Getting harder to find
And all that Tranz
Ain’t bringin’ you peace of mind.
Before ya find out it’s too late-
Better not tempt fate!

So ya think yr gonna find yrself
A little piece of non-binary bliss?
But, it ain’t happened yet,
So, kid, just remember this:

That all the Tranz won’t give you
Any peace of mind,
And the steroid rush
Will destroy your sorry behind.
Before ya find out it’s too late-
Better not tempt

Doncha see no matter what ya do, you’ll never run away from you, and if ya keep on tryin’ you’ll have to pay the price!


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