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UAY PrideCon 2019: For Jr. High & High School Youth

UAY PrideCon 2019: For Jr. High & High School Youth

I’m a little winded mentally this morning because yesterday I opened a copy of the local corporate gay male advertising rag GoGuide and was hit between the eyes by TWO full page ads for PrideCon, a conference put on by a local youth advocacy/activity group known as United Action for Youth. It is billed as a LGBTQ+ youth summit, with events planned for parents of this demographic.

But this is clearly just ad copy intended to advertise the services offered by the Pediatric LGBT Gender Identity Clinic at UIHC. Only two “workshops” are listed, one is ASK THE DOCTOR, which features pediatrician Dr. Michael Colburn from the U of I Adolescent Clinic, and the other has two sessions, session one about the IDENTITY of the child, session two about the AGE of the child:

Time & Location

Feb 23, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tate High School, 1528 Mall Dr, Iowa City, IA 52240, USA

About The Event

UAY PrideCon 2019 will take place on Saturday, February 23rd from 10am-6pm at Elizabeth Tate Alt. High School in Iowa City. There will be break out sessions, performances, community art and lots of delicious food, of course! This day-long event will be FREE and open to all LGBTQIA+ junior high and high school students in the area. Parents of LGBTQIA+ youth are invited to a free lunch, followed by break out sessions, all taking place at UAY’s Eastdale location. Registration is required for both parents and young people. Click here to register: All Pride Con related questions can be directed to


I tend to get bowled over by these blatant displays of masculinist horror. They are literally stalking a group of confused and vulnerable children so that they can sell their parents poisonous chemicals that have not been evaluated for the long term effects on children’s developing bodies. Because, ethically, how could anyone deliberately chemically sterilize a child in order to create a data base for their corporate employers?

This holocaust of young gay and lesbians is taking place in full public view and with the endorsement of the very agencies and human rights organizations (lgbtqiblahblahblah) that should be encouraging their gender nonconformity and protecting them from corporate exploitation.

Here’s the poop on Doc Colburn:

“My vision is that all adolescents receive high quality, accessible, evidence-based physical and mental health care from pediatricians. My mission is to provide high quality, accessible, evidence-based care of the adolescent while educating the next generation of pediatricians in adolescent primary care utilizing proven training strategies.”— Michael D. Colburn


Diseases and Conditions

  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Substance use disorders
  • Transgender




So, apparently his actual medical training is in gynecology and the rest of his oeuvre is the biopsychiatric array that involves prescribing speed and other brain-damaging behavior- control chemicals to kids who are struggling to survive and make sense of life on a dying planet. (They know the jig is up and the climate is cooked, even tho adults keep lying to them about this.)

This entire event is a sales pitch and it makes me sick because I am forbidden to say that out loud. I can’t say anything against this practice of transgendering, which involves overwhelming a child’s developing body with dangerous chemicals that have not been tested for long term safety in kids. Because who would do such an unethical thing? Transing a child with puberty blockers and cross sex hormones sterilizes the child. Imagine sterilizing a child for not conforming to a sexist stereotype. Who would do such an unethical thing?  And the saddest thing of all is that the child’s capacity for experiencing sexual pleasure in their genitals is destroyed. Because doctors can’t really change anyone’s sex, all that is happening is the removal and mutilation of healthy body parts.


This is the propaganda that is being used to sell transgender ideology and medical intervention. Are kids really supposed to see Barbie and GI Joe as healthy gender role models?

Pretty ghoulish if ya stop to think about it. Which is why most people are afraid to look closely at what Corporate Medical is trying to shove down our throats. And it just chills me to the bone that gays and lesbians have allowed the fight for acceptance for loving the same sex to be hijacked by corporate interests with products and services to sell.  It’s a great business model – it creates an addiction to synthetic cross sex hormones and permanent dependence on corporate medical products and services.

51582904_600081530463617_571211005187588096_nOne of the ways that this medical hoax is being sold to parents is that parents are told that their child will commit suicide if they don’t undertake this hazardous medical intervention. And this is an outright lie, because in fact, suicidality INCREASES after transition according studies done in Sweden.  And then there is the fact that the overwhelming majority of children who say they aren’t the sex they are grow up to become gay or lesbian.

If I had the guts, if I could take the negativity, I would show up at this event and pass out flyers that would give alternatives to medical intervention.   I would risk challenging the cognition dissonance that tunes out atrocities.  I would remind people that it isn’t actually possible for anyone to be born into the wrong body.  But it hurts to much to be considered a hater when this is the opposite of the truth. Such is the nature of fascism, I suppose.



‘Gender-affirming’ treatment for confused children has no scientific basis, medical experts warn court


Gender-affirming’ treatment for confused children has no scientific basis, medical experts warn court

by Allegra Thatcher   JANUARY 15, 2019

‘It’s an ideological term – this is not a scientific thing’

Medical professionals who study youth psychology and treat gender-confused youth are sounding the alarm about court rulings that they claim put transgender ideology ahead of “sound science” and the law.

The Alliance Defending Freedom filed a friend-of-the-court brief on their behalf just after Christmas, in a K-12 bathroom case being appealed to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Read More HERE.

John Engelbrecht Scolds The Bad TERF



The people at Public Space One promote and enable the Transgender Ideology which underlies the eugenic medical abuse of gay and lesbian children. This is the response I received to the blog post I wrote about the man pretending to be the opposite sex, who is one of their an desperate attempt to get their attention and inform them about how their misogynist and anti-life beliefs are affecting kids.

I guess loyalty to his man friend is more important than looking at the evidence that he is complicit in the medical abuse of children.


John Engelbrecht

7:05 AM (4 hours ago)

Dear Jeanne,
As much as I’d like to engage and debate the information you continue to send us and put out into the world, I’m going to keep this short and to the point:
• Please stop emailing us links, articles, and anything related to your transphobic beliefs
• Please stop putting your stickers and images over the signs at the Wesley Center and targeting us with this ongoing harassment
• Please stop targeting Violet, one of our long-time members and friend, with your harassment and intolerant beliefs
Finally I would ask you to examine your position and see the world as more complicatedly-beautiful than it is cut-and-dry. As I aim to do my part in creating open space, resources, and platforms for a lot of people (a public space), intolerance is the one thing that will not be tolerated. The information you have created and repeatedly directed at us trades in this, and because of this, I am asking you TO STOP harassing us (the Wesley Center, Public Space One, the IC Press Co-op, and Violet) and to quite spreading this trauma and hate, in person at our building and online at your blog.

A Letter to Violet Louisa Austerlitz



The following is an open, public letter that I am addressing to a man who calls himself Violet Louisa Austerlitz. Mr. Austerlitz is a man I met through my association with The Iowa City Press Coop.  The Iowa City Press Coop is a division of Public Space One, 

Before I moved to Iowa City I considered myself completely open and accepting of all the various sexual orientations. I believed in the concept of “live and let live” and still believe that ADULT people have a right to modify their bodies any way they choose to.

In 2013 I moved to Iowa City and into the River City Housing Cooperative,  The Coop had a supposedly “feminist” way of conducting business which included going around the room and stating our preferred pronouns at the beginning of every house meeting. This was done to respect the feelings of the men and women who lived there who were pretending to be the opposite sex.

I really did believe the transgender phenomenon was  harmless and I had and have no personal quarrel with people who think this is a legitimate thing to be acting out, whether by full sexual mutilation and sterilization or just by cross-dressing and affecting the manners of the opposite sex. And in fact, I owe Mr. Austerlitz a debt of gratitude for being the catalyst that brought me around to peak trans and metaphorically cleared the scales from my eyes about what is really going on inside the transgender cult.

violate austerlitz

Violate Louisa Austerlitz

I met Mr. Austerlitz, as I said, at the Iowa City Press Coop where I participated in workshops on printmaking. Mr. Austerlitz is a tall, blonde, balding white male who was born into and socialized into male privilege. At first glance I assumed he was an effeminate gay man.  (Actually, I believe he IS an effeminate gay man, which is why he claims status in the LGBTQ community. But, in the fun logical world of the transcult,  when a man says he is really a woman it does not make the man heterosexual in his attraction to men, it makes him GAYER than ever!) (If I am mistaken and Mr. Austerlitz is not attracted to other males, then apparently, when a straight guy decides to declare himself female, this instantly makes him a lesbian……which also, conveniently, is justification for Mr. Austerlitz to use the LGTBQ flag as a selling point for his pedestrian artwork.) I was expected to accept that this man’s simple declaration that he is female is sufficient to erase his ingrained sense of superiority over actual XX genital natal females and all the years of living as an entitled white male evaporate like smoke. (POOF! Tranzmajik!!!)

And I was STILL willing to tolerate being gaslighted by the other members who referred to him as SHE and subtly pressured me to lie or face ostracism. Because I wanted to do art and I wanted to belong to the group.


But, then it happened. I received an email from one of the key people at ICPC that ICPC was invited to do art workshops with a day camp for girls called Girls Rock.  I was informed in this email that TRANS were welcome to participate. This stopped me up short. I thought…isn’t rather fucked up to present the idea to girls that if they don’t like their bodies or the social role they are expected to fulfill that all they have to is chop off their tits and have a phalloplasty and – VOILA! – Instant Boy!

I decided to confront my concerns head-on and wrote to the members of ICPC. The “head” of ICPC, John Engelbrecht was dispatched to send an email reading me the riot act. He proposed that I come in and discuss it with the group. I decided that was not acceptable, since I am just one traumatized old lady and I was not able to go fight all by myself for the truth in a group that was opposed to every word I might say. Unfair conditions. And so I walked away.

I did manage to confront Girls Rock over this issue, although they are still promoting this anti-female ideology instead of helping girls accept their bodies and their sexuality.

Confronting The Problem Head-On

I have been feeling bad recently because I am judging myself for not being able to handle this matter in a direct, adult manner; I was afraid of being ostracized and of having to take the heat generated by my outspoken convictions all by myself. But, I’ve decided that what I need to do now is to be as public and confrontive as I can manage and look the problem right in the face.  However, first I need to get something straight. In a way, it seems as if my own propensities and passions and the lessons and wrong turns of my journey have been perfectly crafted for me to grapple with the transcult here in Iowa City. But I am not doing this because I believe I can save anybody or that my activism can can prevent our imminent extinction from climate collapse or even help us solve our universal sex hierarchy/sexual violence problem as we wait for the end.  I’m doing it out of gut necessity. From my SOUL. Because fucking with children’s genitals is the worst crime in the universe and I can’t sit around in silence watching children being harmed this way.

My Public Letter To Violate Louisa Austerlitz
(I call him “Violate” because he is violating female integrity):

v.a.2Dear Mr. Austerlitz,

I understand that you are just one more narcissistic male and that you have the (patriarchal) god-given right to act out whatever misogynistic fantasies float your boat. When I first saw you back in 2015 I I thought you were a typical effeminate gay man with an “affectation” and people were calling you “SHE” in the affected way people refer to drag queens and effeminate gay men as “SHE” knowing full well they are men.

But then the gaslighting began and I was subtly pressured into referring to you as “SHE” when in fact this is a bald-faced lie. I avoided having to lie by referring to you by your fake name rather than saying “SHE” and participating in the gaslighting. You are free to be any kind of destructive asshole you want to be and I have no control over that, but it HORRIFIES me that the “community” is enabling your lie while suppressing the voices of gender critical women like me.

I lived at the River City Housing Coop with people who were pretending to be the opposite sex and I believed this was a harmless lifestyle choice. But soon after I joined the Iowa City Press Coop I began to realize that body-hatred and lies about basic biology were being sold to young girls as some kind of liberating lifestyle option.

Then I did a little research and realized that doctors are poisoning gender non-conforming children with powerful, untested chemicals such as lupron, stopping their normal puberty and then mutilating their healthy sex parts in order to make them APPEAR to be the opposite sex. They are not changing anyone’s sex because sex chromosomes are in every cell in a person’s body and even under the influence of artificial corporate sex chemicals the body will struggle to retain its original integrity.

What the gender doctors ARE doing is chemically sterilizing (rendering the child unable to conceive children in adulthood) and then mutilating the child’s genitals. This results in an inabilty of the genitals to experience the sensation of sexual pleasure. Nice.

Puberty blockers cause brain and bone damage. Boys and girls who don’t fit into the sadomasochistic sex role hierarchy are being made into EUNUCHS.

What does any of this have to do with you, Mr. Violate Louisa Austerlitz? This is all taking place so that you, as a privileged white male, can enjoy your self-obsessed, opportunistic little HOAX,  your male ego trip,  your gaslighting power play,  your misogynistic charade.

39811067_10156573534564844_1405198348746489856_nI call you out as an abuser of children and a violator of female integrity. I hold you personally responsible for the eugenic medical experiments that are being done on gender non-conforming children and for the violation of female integrity and the disappearance of protected female-only spaces. I curse your fake name and your evil existence.

Jeanne Allyn Smith

















The Eroticization of Female Mutilation

Using mutilated female bodies to sell shit is just good bizznizz.

People who believe in transgender ideology believe it is some sort of magical technological shortcut to sexual liberation.  But, in truth, it is simply the unholy union of capitalism and sexism. As fucking usual.



Report From Fourth Wave Feminists on the SFPL Degenderettes Exhibit and Panel

degenderettesI am reblogging the report I Went To The Degenderettes Panel that was originally posted HERE.

The post includes a large number of photographs of the exhibit that was featured at the San Francisco Public Library that included items promoting violence against women. It also has a report on the panel by a woman who attended. Livestreaming and audio recording were not permitted.

See Also:

The Degenderettes

Counter Exhibit to the Degenderettes Display

The birds and mice will hear you: On transactivism and the characteristics of totalitarian rule

“Whether in support of Christian, Muslim, communist or “free market” regimes, totalitarianism has some universal characteristics. For a start, it always relies on the suspension of disbelief: on romantic ideals that don’t stand to reason. Whether it is “honour”, God’s plan, patriotism or the American dream – some faith-based and sentimental ideal always props up patriarchs, making them allergic to critical reason and driven to stamp it out. Non-conformists and dissenters are dehumanised through stereotyping, interrogation, a climate of self-censorship, routine punishment and scapegoating. It’s this factphobic clash of romance and sadism that Orwell named “doublethink” in Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Romanticism, doublethink, and the punishment of dissent are of course not the only hallmarks of totalitarian regimes. The glorification of violence is another, as well as the fetishisation of women, and medical experimentation that involves a kind of grotesque gynecology and conversion therapy for homosexuals. Fear and romanticism also combine to produce a manufactured “consent”. For instance, exorcists profited from women who considered themselves bewitched, in a climate of confession and indulgences, during the medieval witch burnings. Today, only 33% of girls in Somalia are reported to be supportive of the abolition of female genital mutilation under sharia law. This demonstrates the power of terror combined with romanticised concepts like “honour”.

It is a symptom of arrogance and white blindness that we in the so-called “developed” West have managed to condense all aspects of totalitarianism into one package – transactivism – while, for all the access to information in the world, failing to recognise the warning signs of histories repeating. We really do believe that we in white society are beyond the influence of “culture” that otherwise so affects people “over there”. Yet here we have an ideology based on romantic fundamentalism that glorifies violence, fetishises and brutalises women (with “TERF” functioning as the new “witch”); promotes censorship and medical experimentation, and loves a scapegoat – and liberals lobby to embed this ideology in law and policy.”

Read the entire article at The birds and mice will hear you: On transactivism and the characteristics of totalitarian rule

Living in Tranztopia

transgenderToday I went to the drugstore to pick up supplies to deal with a birthing-related condition that still plagues me 40 years later. Ah, the joys of owning a female body. I came to the counter with my inflatable donut, stool softener, benzocaine and cortisone cream and noticed the cashier behind the counter. This was a tall teenager with a big jaw, wide shoulders, narrow hips, an adam’s apple, chin length styled blonde hair, peach fuzz on his baby fat cheeks and a pair of breasts like golf balls mounted on his chest. He was puffy all over, which I recognize as a side effect of cross sex hormone treatments. Of course I knew I had to pretend everything was just fine and nothing abnormal was going on. The kid had a shy smile and was in nowise one of the “special snowflakes” who threaten to rape and burn TERFS, and I certainly do not blame kids like him for getting railroaded into hormones and surgery as a cure for not fitting into the man box or the woman cage.

I put myself in a state of mild dissociation in order not to betray my actual outrage, paid for my butt supplies and left the store. But all I could think of was that this poor kid, who was probably just a garden variety homosexual who likes ballet (or whatever gender nonconforming thing infuriated his idiot parents) is never going to be a father because the drugs the docs are shooting him up with are destroying his reproductive capacity. That is what puberty blockers and cross sex hormones DO. That is what they were designed to do.

So, basically, this kid is being exploited, experimented on by greedy medical assholes, systematically sterilized and even deprived of the ability to feel sexual feelings, because his penis is atrophying. And his life will be drastically shortened by cancer, heart attack, stroke and other deleterious effects of synthetic hormones. He has been made into a lifelong medical patient, dependent on Big Pharma for the rest of his life. I felt violated by this eugenic horror going on right in front of my eyes and I could not have been more horrified if this poor kid had been wearing a yellow star. I am writing this post as a way to relieve my trauma. Thanks, Patriarchy for all the ways you daily shock me and keep me off-balance, like the good abuser you are!

The tranzgendering of children is taking place here in Iowa City. The University of Iowa Hospital has a special clinic for treating tranzgender patients.  When I first read that this service was being offered I naively assumed that what they MEANT was that they had provided “sensitivity training’ to doctors so that could be more effective in treating the ordinary medical problems that the tranz have in common with all humans. Apparently I was wrong and what they are providing is the actual transition procedures. Capitalism and Medicine, what a nasty pair they make!

Just about every day I read some article in the local paper that talks about the rights of the transgendered and never once do these papers report on the fact that children are being harmed by this procedure.  Hence I believe that I have somehow migrated to the State of Tranztopia where everyone believes that drugging and cutting up children is part of a groovy little lifestyle choice that everyone has to approve of lest they be considered a hater.

The effects of cross sex hormones on children;



Promoting the tranzgender ethic in young girls in Iowa City:


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