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Resistance Is Utile

220px-Lierre_Keith“The real brilliance of patriarchy is right here: it doesn’t just naturalize oppression, it sexualizes acts of oppression. It eroticizes domination and subordination and then institutionalizes them into masculinity and femininity. Men become real men by breaking boundaries—the sexual boundaries of women and children, the cultural and political boundaries of indigenous people, the biological boundaries of rivers and forests, the genetic boundaries of other species, and the physical boundaries of the atom itself. The sadist is rewarded with money and power, but he also gets a sexual thrill from dominating. And the end of the world is a mass circle jerk of autoerotic asphyxiation.

The real brilliance of feminism is that we figured that out.”

~ Lierre Keith


The Tampon String Enthusiast of British Columbia


Note: Morgaine Oger is NOT a woman. Ms. Shepherd is under orders from the Canadian sector of the Andocracy not to misgender this man and so she has to refer to him as SHE. But I still live where I can tell the truth about sex and gender.

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