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Recent Legal Activity In Re: Gender Ideology

downloadIt’s so exciting to see the pushback against the gender identity cult!

Iowa GOP files bill to remove transgender people from the state’s Civil Rights Act


NH bill limits women’s sports to girls born female


Arizona lawmaker wants to ban transgender students from playing in female sports


South Dakota House passes bill restricting medical treatments for transgender youth

Here is testimony from Michael Laidlaw, Md on the effects of ‘transgender” medical “care”.

WoLF Testimony in NH Women’s Sports Case

file-20181108-74751-1nn9z1nWoLF Testimony New Hampshire HB 1251

TO: House Education Committee
FROM: Kara Dansky, Board Member
Women’s Liberation Front
DATE: Monday, January 13, 2020
RE: Please vote YES on HB 1251, relative to maintaining sex-segregated
sports teams in New Hampshire schools
I am Kara Dansky, a board member with the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) – a
radical feminist organization dedicated to the liberation of women.
Please vote YES on HB 1251, relative to maintaining sex-segregated sports teams in
New Hampshire schools. Women and girls have an interest in competing with and
against other girls for two reasons.
First, it has been demonstrated that men and boys have physiological advantages of
women and girls in sports. Dr. Gregory A. Brown states:
“Based on my professional familiarity with exercise physiology and my
review of the currently available science, … it is my professional opinion
a. At the level of elite competition, men, or adolescent boys, have an
advantage over women, or adolescent girls, in almost all athletic
b. Biological male physiology is the basis for the performance advantage
that men, or adolescent boys, have over women, or adolescent girls, in
almost all athletic contests; and
c. Administration of androgen inhibitors and cross-sex hormones to men,
or adolescent boys, after male puberty, and administration of
testosterone to women or adolescent girls, after female puberty, does
not eliminate the performance advantage of men or adolescent boys
over women or adolescent girls in almost all athletic contests.
In short summary, men, and adolescent boys, perform better in almost all
sports than women, and adolescent girls, because of their inherent
physiological advantages that develop during male puberty. In general,
men, and adolescent boys, can run faster, output more physical power,
jump higher, and exercise greater physical endurance than women, and
adolescent girls.”1
Second, even if men and boys did not have a physiological advantage of women and
girls in sports, WoLF would maintain that women and girls should have the right, as a
matter of principle, to say no to men and boys in female spaces for any reason and at
any time. Women and girls should not be forced to share space or have physical
contact with men and boys in sports, including locker rooms and changing rooms.
Sex is binary (male or female), fixed, and objectively verifiable, and means the
biological classification of human beings as either female (“women”) or male (“men”).2
In stark contrast to sex, “gender” and “gender identity” refer to stereotypical roles,
personalities, behavioral traits, and clothing fashions that are socially imposed on men
and women, in a system that operates to oppress women in particular. “Gender identity”
is simply a belief system, invented and embraced by a small subset of society, which
claims that a person’s affinity for sex stereotypes is innate.
Please vote YES on HB 1251.
1 Expert Declaration of Gregory A. Brown, Ph.D., filed in support of U.S. Department of Education
Complaint Nos. 01-19-4025 & 01-19-1252 (January 7, 2020), available at
for-civil-rights-(2019-06-17).pdf?sfvrsn=4e2231c5_6 (last visited January 13, 2020).
2 See Merriam Webster Unabridged, “Sex,” “either of the two major forms of individuals that occur in
many species and that are distinguished respectively as female or male especially on the basis of their
reproductive organs and structures,” (last visited
January 13, 2020).

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