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Follow the Money: Pritzker Money All The Way, Baby!

Male Mothers! What a fucking mess they make. So much rage for being born without wombs.

And here is Jennifer Bilek’s excellent article detailing her research on the evil fuckers behind the eugenic medical abuse of children.

Four Alarm Fire

Here is a perspective on what happened in Washington recently:

“The real threat to women’s rights in the US is people like Sarah McBride, who are working to destroy women as a recognizable class in the law.

McBride is the communications director of a multi-million dollar organization that claims to represent lesbian and bisexual women, and uses the credibility garnered by the LGB movement to silence those same women when they object and encourage the sterilization of LGB children. McBride is a public figure lobbying to destroy women’s rights and children’s bodies.
The whole day, as well, they came around with us to tell legislative staff stories about how bad it’s gotten in the UK. They told them stories about the police showing up to check people’s thinking, and how the definition of the word woman has become hate speech. They helped us do the hard parts of showing up to the Hill and telling your story half a dozen times a day so that the government will maybe listen to you eventually.

They (Posie Parker and other women from the UK) came over and provided feminist women and ROGD parents here with support in getting a voice we have never had before. Just their presence, their showing up and standing with us as sisters to face everything, it has made a difference like you can’t even believe.

We believe, at WoLF, and the women who are allies with us here from many backgrounds, and certainly the parents who thanked us all for taking this public, that this situation is an emergency. This is an urgent and dire crisis. They came and helped us where others never have.

This is a four-alarm fire and they came and helped with bucket brigades.

People who have criticized this, maybe they think they’re doing something good, but none of them have offered any other routes by which we could do something different than complain on social media sites until we get banned for it. Complaining on social media sites until you get banned for it will not stop self-identification becoming the law of the land here.

If people want to complain, they should please show up and help instead. If you think we’ve gotten the ‘wrong’ kind of help, offer some other kind. Come over, show us all how it’s done, get some actual results, and we will all be very interested to hear what’s said about how to *really* succeed.

But what I suspect is that there are a lot of people complaining for whom this situation is not an emergency. And they’d be happy for us to complain about this for the next 50 years with no results, waiting for the left to snap out of it, which may well not happen.

I suspect there are people who really want, or really need, to have a permanent enemy class in our country for them all to foil off of. And I wish they all could have seen the numerous conservatives we met who were profoundly moved by the concerns of the lesbian and bisexual women, of the grieving parents, who showed up to ask for their help.

If there are those among us who genuinely believe that minds can’t be changed, and hearts can’t be persuaded, I don’t know why they bother with politics at all.”

Our Friends On The Left

“Our friends on the left are afraid to talk about the fad of the sterilization of minor children for sex stereotype nonconformity, as often determined by children’s preferences in 21st Century toys, clothes, and hairstyles. That’s because our friends on the left are worried that they’ll get fired or shunned by their unthinkingly neo-eugenicist neighbors, whose ideological forbears employed castration, hysterectomy, clitoridectomy, and primitive brain surgeries, that all attempted to cut the sex drives out of the wayward and deviant. The conservative women who stand with us share in our genuine horror at the idea that the modern “cure” for strongly deviating from sex-stereotyped behavior as a child should be the chemical sterilization or surgical removal of one’s genitals before adulthood.

Indeed, most reasonable people likely agree that castration, chemical or surgical, is a disproportionately harsh consequence for being a little boy who likes to play with dolls and costumes that Disney and Mattel decided to market only to girls. Similarly, mastectomies and hysterectomies seem like an extreme penalty for being a girl who likes dinosaurs, superhero stories, Legos, and clothes that are suitable for an active lifestyle.

We’re baffled that anyone thinks cosmetic genital alteration is a good option to offer young people. But here we are, in a country where such surgeries are prescribed as a treatment for unhappiness or eccentricity to people too young to drive, vote, or be allowed to buy alcohol. Our friends on the left consider it dehumanizing to children to take away their innocence by holding them to adult levels of responsibility when it comes to school conduct or legal infractions, but not dehumanizing to let them choose permanent sterility. How does that make sense?”

—Women’s Liberation Front

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