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I Am Anti-Gender

From Genevieve Gluck:

“The term “anti-trans” is meaningless because transgenderism is a belief system rather than a class of people. It is a belief in the innateness of gender stereotypes. No one is born with a gender. Stereotypes are assigned based on observed sex.

When people use the term “anti-trans”, they are relegating to individuals what is actually a social analysis of how gender functions. This is neo-liberalism: the reduction of social analysis to subjective individual feelings.

Someone asked me recently if Magdalen (Berns) was anti-trans or opposed to gender stereotypes. These are the same questions but the former depends on a preconceived belief in gender as innate. “Anti-trans” is a deflection from discussing the oppressive nature of gender.

Similarly, understanding that gender is a system of stereotypes necessitates an understanding that flipping them reinforces rather than undoes them. Anti-trans, or anti gender-stereotype is exactly the same question. The first is neo-liberalism, and the second is social analysis.

A better question would be if someone is anti-gender, since it is gender itself that is being questioned rather than the subjective views of what basically boils down to a religious ideology that everyone is born with a gendered soul.

In short, transgenderism functions like a religion and ascribes ideas about innateness of those gender stereotypes that are socially constructed.

Therefore, asking if a view is “anti-trans” is akin to asking an atheist if they are “anti-Christian”. Both can be compared to telling women who question how our oppression functions to being “anti-men.”

Supporting critical thought and analysis of society is then reduced to a framework which centers how someone *feels* about such an analysis rather than bothering to engage. It is dishonest and a diversion.”


What Kind Of Fools Do Transgender UK and Stonewall Take Us For?

What Kind Of Fools Do Transgender UK and Stonewall Take Us For?

This video by Magdalen Berns is from 3 years ago, but it is a classic. Alex Drummond is a flaming asshole and Magdalen calls him out on his misogynist bullshit.

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