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Indoctrinating The Mutilators

In this piece the author talks about this bizarre indoctrination into gender eugenics as being “against his religion and the religions of many of the other students..” Which seems odd to me since medicine is the most abusive misogynistic profession that patriarchy ever dreamed up to terrorize and punish females for our reproductive ability. And all religions are patriarchal and all religions are about controlling wayward females.

I am more concerned that a couple of cross-dressing billionaire perverts are able to use their money to force their belief system on what is supposed to be a science-based paradigm. Can’t treat diseases with ideology or prayer or wishful thinking, you need objective facts. But Jimmy Pritzker and Marty Rothblatt have succeeded in installing their sick religion into every institution in the universe that relies on corporate funding. Everywhere I go these assholes are shoving their fannies into my face. And since no-one will speak out because they are afraid of economic sanctions, children have to be sterilized and mutilated. ~Madam Nomad


A Concerned Medical Student Speaks Out

I started medical school after already completing two rounds of graduate level training and a
military tour of duty. I expected my assumptions to be challenged and relished the opportunity to
learn to analyze complex cases from diverse viewpoints. Expecting that some of these ideas
would make me wince while others would make me enter new realms of understanding, I hoped
that the result would help me learn to guide my future patients in their journeys toward wellness.
Instead, I find myself sending out this anonymous gasp – a gasp of the canaries – into the cyber
universe. It has to be anonymous because any resistance to the politically correct trans-gender
agenda would instantly get me labeled as a bigot. My hope in writing is that if enough people
join together, critical analysis and honest inquiry will be restored to medicine
More than halfway through my program, despite passing every class and meeting every
requirement, I fear dismissal, refusal of licensure, and professional retribution for simply asking
science-based questions on transgender care. What, you may ask, is my view? It is . . .
▪ That gender dysphoria in children is often a symptom of other psychiatric problems . 1
▪ That children who suffer from gender dysphoria should be evaluated and treated by a
trained psychiatrist or psychologist for other mental conditions before undergoing
hormones or irreversible treatments . 2
▪ That since long-term studies do not show a reduced suicide rate among persons who
have undergone gender affirming procedures, they are unethical to perform in children . 3
▪ That hormone therapies expose patients to increased risk of cancer, autoimmune, and
cardiovascular disease, so should be delayed as long as possible. Younger patients are
at greater risk because they are still developing and will undergo the treatment for a
longer periods of time . 4
▪ That giving testosterone to biological females, estrogen to biological males, or
chemically delaying puberty may exacerbate underlying mental illness in their
still-developing brains.
All of the above concerns deserve thoughtful discussion and research. Surfacing them in public
could have grave consequences to my education and future career. So far, I have seen two
professors dismissed for smaller violations.
ality-and-gender#health_outcomes ■
Nearly every class involves transgender content. It may be being forced to share our “preferred
pronoun,” interjecting a trans-gendered case study in our drug addictions case study, or being
subjected to lectures that make breastfeeding a gender neutral activity. Instead of critical
analysis, we are subjected to an endless string of indoctrination sessions. Here is a small
● Pubertal suppression for gender dysphoric children is to be initiated at the first signs of
● Child protective services are to be called if parents resist gender affirming treatments,
presumably to reduce suicide risk in the child. (We are not presented with the
longitudinal studies demonstrating this to be ineffective. Such studies are weak or
nonexistent or fail demonstrate a benefit .) 5
● Refer these children to a trans-competent counselor. It is inappropriate to see if they can
be helped with less invasive means.
● Eliminate “woman’s health” language from your vocabulary and your practice.
● We are expressly told, “Do not to assume there are mental health concerns in trans
individuals.” How can this be when there is a high rate of mental illness, victimization and
suicidal behavior in this population?
No cautions about sexual exploitation or screening for sexual abuse are issued although both of
these tragedies are correlated strongly with gender dysphoria. Instead, we are told to regard all
consensual sexual activities in teenage patients as healthy and to encourage sexual
experimentation. We are told that it is judgmental to encourage teens to limit sexual expression
to long term relationships, love, or marriage. Sex is purely for pleasure. We are not to discuss
reducing risky choices, but rather encourage teens to be “safer” in their exploration.
This training requires many of my colleagues, including myself, to violate our personal ethics,
morals, and religions. This is true for people in my class who are agnostic, Hindu, Muslim,
Christian, and Jewish. We all feel marginalized and silenced. There is not a way for me to
respect my religion while complying with this treatment philosophy. This is a violation of our
constitutional rights, but never mind that. All must bow to the whim of the social engineers. We
must adopt the rhetoric. The few instructors who disagree are bullied into silence.
So back to the canaries. They are gasping for air in our modern medical system. Who are they?
They are the critical thinkers, the people of faith, and most of all, transgender persons who are
being ill served by a system that is exploiting them. ■

For good measure, I am copying the home page of The Kelsey Coalition below:

History is replete with medical scandals. Frontal lobotomies to treat mental illness. Forced sterilization to control “undesirable” populations. The infamous Tuskegee Experiment. Indefensible, unethical medical procedures were performed for years. Why did it take so long to stop them?

History is repeating itself.

There is a growing epidemic of young people who believe they were born in the wrong body. Recent US surveys reveal that 2-3% of high school and middle school students now identify as transgender.

These young people are often prescribed risky hormonal treatments. Puberty-blocking drugs are routinely given to pre-pubescent children. Girls as young as 12 are injected with testosterone, while teen boys are treated with feminizing hormones.

Not a single long-term study supports such risky medical interventions. These hormonal treatments on children are experimental. The medical literature on the health effects of hormonal interventions “in the pediatric/adolescent population is completely lacking.” The drugs used are based on low-quality evidence, or no evidence at all.

Minor children are being treated surgically. Girls have had their breasts removed at age 13 and their uterus at 16.  Teen boys as young as 15 have had their penises and testes removed.

No one knows the full extent of the medical or psychological impact of these life-altering surgeries. The only long-term follow-up study found substantially higher rates of overall mortality, suicide, suicide attempts, and psychiatric hospitalizations among adults who surgically transitioned. We simply don’t know the future outcomes for children.There is no test or scientific proof for a “gender identity.” A child’s “gender identity” is based on feelings that are impossible to prove and subject to change.

What explains the rapid increase in “transgender identities” among children? Has society simply become more accepting, or is something else going on? Research points to many underlying factorsmental health issuesautismADHD, trauma, and sexual confusion. Evidence shows this is fueled by peer and media influences and spread by social contagion, in real life and online.

The medical harms are serious. Hormonal treatments impact bone healthfertility, sexual functioncardiovascular health, and brain development. The health consequences may be irreversible. The full extent of the harms to young developing brains and bodies are unknown.

Parental consent is not informed, but coerced. Parents are told that these treatments are well-studied, safe, and necessary. They are warned that if they do not consent to medical treatment, their child will be at higher risk of suicide. But there is no evidence to support this claim. In Oregon, parental consent is irrelevant: the law allows 15-year olds to receive state-subsidized hormonal treatments and surgeries without parental knowledge.

Feelings and identities change. No one can predict who might regret these medical interventions that compromise health, fertility, and sexual function. But many people already do. The harms they have suffered are irreversible.

Why are children’s unprovable identities quickly medicalized on the basis of feelings that are likely to change with maturity?

Why are serious medical interventions performed on children without a single long-term study to support them?

How can young people meaningfully consent to medical interventions that impact their future health, sexual function, and fertility.

Why is this medical protocol endorsed by medical associations, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics?

The Kelsey Coalition is calling for an end to this identity-based medical experiment on children as we work to protect young people from psychological and medical harms. Please join us.

Our name and our mission are inspired by the courageous Dr. Frances Kelsey…read more

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