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What Kind Of Fools Do Transgender UK and Stonewall Take Us For?

What Kind Of Fools Do Transgender UK and Stonewall Take Us For?

This video by Magdalen Berns is from 3 years ago, but it is a classic. Alex Drummond is a flaming asshole and Magdalen calls him out on his misogynist bullshit.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Protects Gender Non-Conforming Kids From Medical Abuse

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds Signs Bill with Discriminatory, Anti-Transgender Provision


Today, HRC reacted to news that Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has signed into law the state’s Health and Human Services Department funding bill, which contains a discriminatory, anti-transgender provision that allows legislators to refuse state funding for critically important, often life-saving transition-related care for transgender Iowans.

“It’s deeply disappointing that Gov. Kim Reynolds is caving to the pressure from some radical lawmakers in the Iowa Senate, instead of protecting the rights and dignity of transgender Iowans,” said JoDee Winterhof, senior vice president of policy and political affairs at the Human Rights Campaign. “Gov. Reynolds had the option to line-item veto this provision and leave the rest of the funding bill intact, but she did not. This sends a strong message that she is not working for all of her constituents and a craven desire to please Iowa’s most extreme lawmakers. As a native Iowan, Iowa deserves better — and different — leaders.”

The discriminatory provisions were amended into the HHS budget without warning last Friday and in such a way that the House didn’t get to vote on whether to amend the language back out of the bill. These procedural maneuvers by Senate Republicans were a deliberate and brazen attempt to quietly rollback the rights of transgender Iowans. In March, the state’s Supreme Court ruled that Iowa’s Civil Rights Act protects transgender Iowans from discrimination based on gender identity, including in the provision of services via Medicaid. This legislation directly attempts to undermine that ruling.

In other states’ studies of the impact of providing transition-related care to transgender citizens under state programs, this type of care was shown to be cost-effective. 17 states and the District of Columbia offer these services as part of their Medicaid coverage and have not reported significant cost burdens.



Groups of girls signing up to be mutilated and sterilized together:


Horrific mutilation toward a goal that is the worst corporate medical lie of all time.

52676600_606372733167830_2444819067056422912_o (1)


Eugenic sterilization and mutilation of healthy body parts for corporate profit:



Swansea Shame: GET THE “L” OUT!




La Leche League Poisons Babies With Manboob Hormone “Milk”


The Parently Art Of Lactation

Stick To The Script

By Beck McCormick

August 2017

(with additions & revisions from other members of the Social Media Team)

It is important to set yourself up for success when posting about chestfeeding. A lot of headaches can be avoided by the following:

– clearly define what chestfeeding is in the main post. Do not simply link to a website or article; actually put a short definition in the text.

– in some instances, adding a bit about how hateful comments won’t be tolerated CAN help.

Generally responses to chestfeeding posts can be classified in the following ways:

1) supportive- “This is so amazing! Thanks for being inclusive!”

2) inquisitive- “What’s chestfeeding?”

3) disapproving- “I’m all for inclusiveness, but this is too far” or “Ugh, I love LLL, but this PC has gotten ridiculous…”

4) antagonistic- “WTF is chestfeeding??? Breasts feed babies! I never “chestfed” my babies. Shame on you!”

Types of responders:

1) Normal page followers

2) Conservative religious people- “God made women women and men men!” “Isn’t LLL founded by Catholic women?” Note: not all religious and not all conservative people are anti-trans. We are sharing from our experience as moderators that there are some conservative religious people who comment in these ways.

3) Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs)- “No, Both genders have breasts. You are sexualizing breastfeeding and being anti-woman. You are fighting BIOLOGY. This is female erasure!”

4) Men who think it’s funny or gross- “Can you teach me how to chest feed? lol” “Does it matter if I have hairy nipples?” Hide and/or block these people.

Someone can initially seem inquisitive, but this can also be a ruse to lure you or others into an antagonistic discussion about how chestfeeding is invalid. For more information on this behavior, see:

It can be initially difficult to determine if someone is religious conservative or a TERF.

Religious conservatives will likely bring up God, religion, and the founding or founders of LLL. TERFs use terms like “female erasure”, womyn, misogyny, patriarchy, or natural-born women and accuse you of sexism and being anti-woman.

Both TERFs and religious conservatives will talk about biology. Both groups use unnecessary quotation marks around chest or chestfeeding. Both will use capitalization like BREASTfeeding. Both will talk about political correctness.

Generally, all negative comments should be hidden. Hateful comments should be hidden. Repeat commenters, especially ones that go to other threads to argue (after having comments hidden on the OP) should be banned. Before hiding or blocking, screenshot the post for self-protection. Some people will delete all their posts and then complain that LLL USA hid their posts or blocked them for no reason.

People asking for definitions can be provided them. Here is a sample definition:

Chestfeeding is a term used by anyone who does not wish to use the word nursing or breastfeeding for a variety of reasons. We support anyone in reaching their nursing goals and support whatever terminology they wish to use. Some sexual abuse and assault survivors prefer the term and so do some nursing dads.

If they then ask for the definition of a nursing dad you can say:

Nursing dads can mean trans men choosing to nurse their children and fathers helping to nurse with an at-the-breast supplementer.

If they accuse you of getting rid of the term breastfeeding say:

We are glad to have you as a follower! Be sure to take a look at our many breastfeeding posts/photos/links!

If they say “I BREASTfed! I didn’t chestfeed” say:

We are so glad you that the term breastfeeding worked for you. Congratulations on your breastfeeding journey/s!

If they speak generally about “breasts make milk not chests!” say:

The terms are available for anyone to use. Some individuals prefer to use the terms nursing or chestfeeding. We would never force a sexual abuse or assault survivor to use a term for themselves that makes them uncomfortable. For some people, referring to it as chestfeeding limits the trauma they feel surrounding their breasts.

If they say “why don’t you help real women!” say:

Our aim is to help everyone meet their breastfeeding, chestfeeding, or pumping goals. Thank you for helping to build a community of breastfeeding support!

If they say, “why are these people using MALE HORMONES?” or “These MEN only care about themselves and not the health of the BABIES!” say:

Our aim is to help everyone meet their breastfeeding, chestfeeding, or pumping goals. The hormones used to induce and support lactation are approved for use while nursing. Many adoptive mothers and families who use gestational surrogates use the same hormones to help them establish a milk supply. We hope, like with everything breastfeeding and breastmilk-related, that we continue to see more scientific research on this topic.

In general, DO:

– hide hurtful or mean posts

– do block/ban hate speech and repeat offenders

– kill them with kindness

– stick to the script

– affirm their own experiences

– mirror their own phrasing for their experience (If they call it breastfeeding, congratulate them on breastfeeding.

– answer any question that is easy to answer

– stick to the truth

– ignore questions you don’t wish to answer

– stay positive if at all possible

– check to see where your post is being shared and block people who appear to be intent on harming the organization

– remember that we are here to help nursing families, not combat trolls. If someone is obviously not looking for help or education, you should not feel badly about disengaging with them


– try to change their mind

– get into a discussion of biology

– get defensive

– antagonize

– be sarcastic

– get into a back-and-forth argument

– continue a conversation that you are too upset about

– use emojis or emoticons. They are often seen as sarcastic.

Remember, the Internet is forever. Even if you delete a comment, post, or Tweet, anyone who saw it may have a copy of it, such as a screenshot. Screenshots are forever and can be reposted without your control. Do not post anything you think would reflect badly on you as a Leader, your Group in your community, or on LLL in general.

The Tranzborg Are Here, Resistance Is Futile

The Transgender Takeover of Female Sports | Trans Identified Males Beat Women & Girls

They have taken our bathrooms, they have taken women’s homeless and domestic violence shelters, women’s gyms and locker rooms, women’s positions in leadership roles and governance. They are transing & sterilizing our children. They have stolen our ability to name ourselves and are attempting a total destruction of words as we know it as they diligently work to eliminate all true meaning from the words woman, girl, and female. Now, they push for further female erasure as they takeover our sports & steal scholarships and opportunities away from young girls. How one “identifies” is irrelevant to biological sex. To say one was BORN as male can become a female is not only a lie but ignorant, privileged, and delusional. Regardless of what measures of deception one engages in to hide their true sex—such as wigs, fake nails, makeup, clothing, surgery, hormones, prosthetics, etc the biological makeup of a person can NOT be changed. Opportunities are literally being stolen from girls by boys who think they are girls because of the massive amounts of propaganda being pushed out by the mainstream media and funded at least in part by the pharmaceutical industry and backed by government and powerful corporations. Young people are being programmed to believe that if they do not closely uphold the gender stereotypes attached to their sex then they must actually BE the opposite sex. Don’t forget to like, share, & subscribe to help me overcome the heavy censorship of my channel! I was recently deplatformed from Twitter and Instagram. You can find my new instagram account at: thedeprogrammerxx… My channel is NOT MONETIZED. Any advertisements that run before my videos were placed there without my consent and generate profits for Youtube/Google. The work I do is very difficult (long, excruciating hours editing through stomach churning footage & materials) so any donations to help keep me going are deeply appreciated. You can DONATE via Paypal: or become a Patron on PATREON Thank you so much to those who have donated and to all those who watch, comment on, and share my videos!

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Haringey ReSisters Report By Lily Maynard

I have been following blog reposting protocol and only including a few paragraphs from article I reprint before redirecting the reader to the original source. I am finding  as I go through my archives to check out broken and expired links, that many of the article I link to have been victims of transactivist censorship. Women are literally being silenced in public for daring to report the truth of our experiences, thoughts and beliefs. I really wish I had archived this entire piece here because it was a well written account of an historical event is women’s liberation efforts. It’s just like the 1300’s around this place!



Gender Identity Teaching in Schools- Haringey ReSisters public meeting with Transgender Trend.

Haringey resistersOn 12/2/19, Haringey ReSisters organised a meeting in North London, for those concerned or curious about the teaching of gender identity in schools and the social and medical transition of children. Stephanie Davies-Arai of Transgender Trend was a speaker, and with Claire Graham indisposed, Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans and Dr Julia Long stepped in at the last moment. Venice Allan was Chair.

I met up with Charlene and Anna at Victoria Station Starbucks, with just enough time to down a coffee before hopping onto a tube to Finsbury Park. A quick bus ride from there took us to the venue. I’d worried that we were running late, but we arrived about 20 minutes before the meeting was due to start.

Arriving on a quiet, leafy and dimly-lit residential street, I thought we might have taken a wrong turning. Then I saw a church spire rising up above the trees. Intricate stained-glass windows splashed colour back onto the dark street. We passed through an iron gate and under a white stone arch, where we were welcomed to the meeting by women from Haringey ReSisters. Although not as august a venue as St Mary le Bow, where I had attended the Let a Woman Speak meeting back in November, the church was impressive. (Both Let A Woman Speak and Haringey ReSisters are secular organisations; the meetings just happened to be in churches, partly because of the difficulty of finding a venue that won’t be intimidated into cancellation.)  The temperature was unsurprisingly much warmer inside the building. I took off my coat and put it over the back of a well-positioned chair, milling around and talking to a couple of women I had met elsewhere, before going outside again with Emma, who wanted a quick cigarette before the talks began.



A Letter to Violet Louisa Austerlitz



The following is an open, public letter that I am addressing to a man who calls himself Violet Louisa Austerlitz. Mr. Austerlitz is a man I met through my association with The Iowa City Press Coop.  The Iowa City Press Coop is a division of Public Space One, 

Before I moved to Iowa City I considered myself completely open and accepting of all the various sexual orientations. I believed in the concept of “live and let live” and still believe that ADULT people have a right to modify their bodies any way they choose to.

In 2013 I moved to Iowa City and into the River City Housing Cooperative,  The Coop had a supposedly “feminist” way of conducting business which included going around the room and stating our preferred pronouns at the beginning of every house meeting. This was done to respect the feelings of the men and women who lived there who were pretending to be the opposite sex.

I really did believe the transgender phenomenon was  harmless and I had and have no personal quarrel with people who think this is a legitimate thing to be acting out, whether by full sexual mutilation and sterilization or just by cross-dressing and affecting the manners of the opposite sex. And in fact, I owe Mr. Austerlitz a debt of gratitude for being the catalyst that brought me around to peak trans and metaphorically cleared the scales from my eyes about what is really going on inside the transgender cult.

violate austerlitz

Violate Louisa Austerlitz

I met Mr. Austerlitz, as I said, at the Iowa City Press Coop where I participated in workshops on printmaking. Mr. Austerlitz is a tall, blonde, balding white male who was born into and socialized into male privilege. At first glance I assumed he was an effeminate gay man.  (Actually, I believe he IS an effeminate gay man, which is why he claims status in the LGBTQ community. But, in the fun logical world of the transcult,  when a man says he is really a woman it does not make the man heterosexual in his attraction to men, it makes him GAYER than ever!) (If I am mistaken and Mr. Austerlitz is not attracted to other males, then apparently, when a straight guy decides to declare himself female, this instantly makes him a lesbian……which also, conveniently, is justification for Mr. Austerlitz to use the LGTBQ flag as a selling point for his pedestrian artwork.) I was expected to accept that this man’s simple declaration that he is female is sufficient to erase his ingrained sense of superiority over actual XX genital natal females and all the years of living as an entitled white male evaporate like smoke. (POOF! Tranzmajik!!!)

And I was STILL willing to tolerate being gaslighted by the other members who referred to him as SHE and subtly pressured me to lie or face ostracism. Because I wanted to do art and I wanted to belong to the group.


But, then it happened. I received an email from one of the key people at ICPC that ICPC was invited to do art workshops with a day camp for girls called Girls Rock.  I was informed in this email that TRANS were welcome to participate. This stopped me up short. I thought…isn’t rather fucked up to present the idea to girls that if they don’t like their bodies or the social role they are expected to fulfill that all they have to is chop off their tits and have a phalloplasty and – VOILA! – Instant Boy!

I decided to confront my concerns head-on and wrote to the members of ICPC. The “head” of ICPC, John Engelbrecht was dispatched to send an email reading me the riot act. He proposed that I come in and discuss it with the group. I decided that was not acceptable, since I am just one traumatized old lady and I was not able to go fight all by myself for the truth in a group that was opposed to every word I might say. Unfair conditions. And so I walked away.

I did manage to confront Girls Rock over this issue, although they are still promoting this anti-female ideology instead of helping girls accept their bodies and their sexuality.

Confronting The Problem Head-On

I have been feeling bad recently because I am judging myself for not being able to handle this matter in a direct, adult manner; I was afraid of being ostracized and of having to take the heat generated by my outspoken convictions all by myself. But, I’ve decided that what I need to do now is to be as public and confrontive as I can manage and look the problem right in the face.  However, first I need to get something straight. In a way, it seems as if my own propensities and passions and the lessons and wrong turns of my journey have been perfectly crafted for me to grapple with the transcult here in Iowa City. But I am not doing this because I believe I can save anybody or that my activism can can prevent our imminent extinction from climate collapse or even help us solve our universal sex hierarchy/sexual violence problem as we wait for the end.  I’m doing it out of gut necessity. From my SOUL. Because fucking with children’s genitals is the worst crime in the universe and I can’t sit around in silence watching children being harmed this way.

My Public Letter To Violate Louisa Austerlitz
(I call him “Violate” because he is violating female integrity):

v.a.2Dear Mr. Austerlitz,

I understand that you are just one more narcissistic male and that you have the (patriarchal) god-given right to act out whatever misogynistic fantasies float your boat. When I first saw you back in 2015 I I thought you were a typical effeminate gay man with an “affectation” and people were calling you “SHE” in the affected way people refer to drag queens and effeminate gay men as “SHE” knowing full well they are men.

But then the gaslighting began and I was subtly pressured into referring to you as “SHE” when in fact this is a bald-faced lie. I avoided having to lie by referring to you by your fake name rather than saying “SHE” and participating in the gaslighting. You are free to be any kind of destructive asshole you want to be and I have no control over that, but it HORRIFIES me that the “community” is enabling your lie while suppressing the voices of gender critical women like me.

I lived at the River City Housing Coop with people who were pretending to be the opposite sex and I believed this was a harmless lifestyle choice. But soon after I joined the Iowa City Press Coop I began to realize that body-hatred and lies about basic biology were being sold to young girls as some kind of liberating lifestyle option.

Then I did a little research and realized that doctors are poisoning gender non-conforming children with powerful, untested chemicals such as lupron, stopping their normal puberty and then mutilating their healthy sex parts in order to make them APPEAR to be the opposite sex. They are not changing anyone’s sex because sex chromosomes are in every cell in a person’s body and even under the influence of artificial corporate sex chemicals the body will struggle to retain its original integrity.

What the gender doctors ARE doing is chemically sterilizing (rendering the child unable to conceive children in adulthood) and then mutilating the child’s genitals. This results in an inabilty of the genitals to experience the sensation of sexual pleasure. Nice.

Puberty blockers cause brain and bone damage. Boys and girls who don’t fit into the sadomasochistic sex role hierarchy are being made into EUNUCHS.

What does any of this have to do with you, Mr. Violate Louisa Austerlitz? This is all taking place so that you, as a privileged white male, can enjoy your self-obsessed, opportunistic little HOAX,  your male ego trip,  your gaslighting power play,  your misogynistic charade.

39811067_10156573534564844_1405198348746489856_nI call you out as an abuser of children and a violator of female integrity. I hold you personally responsible for the eugenic medical experiments that are being done on gender non-conforming children and for the violation of female integrity and the disappearance of protected female-only spaces. I curse your fake name and your evil existence.

Jeanne Allyn Smith

















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