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Our Friends On The Left

“Our friends on the left are afraid to talk about the fad of the sterilization of minor children for sex stereotype nonconformity, as often determined by children’s preferences in 21st Century toys, clothes, and hairstyles. That’s because our friends on the left are worried that they’ll get fired or shunned by their unthinkingly neo-eugenicist neighbors, whose ideological forbears employed castration, hysterectomy, clitoridectomy, and primitive brain surgeries, that all attempted to cut the sex drives out of the wayward and deviant. The conservative women who stand with us share in our genuine horror at the idea that the modern “cure” for strongly deviating from sex-stereotyped behavior as a child should be the chemical sterilization or surgical removal of one’s genitals before adulthood.

Indeed, most reasonable people likely agree that castration, chemical or surgical, is a disproportionately harsh consequence for being a little boy who likes to play with dolls and costumes that Disney and Mattel decided to market only to girls. Similarly, mastectomies and hysterectomies seem like an extreme penalty for being a girl who likes dinosaurs, superhero stories, Legos, and clothes that are suitable for an active lifestyle.

We’re baffled that anyone thinks cosmetic genital alteration is a good option to offer young people. But here we are, in a country where such surgeries are prescribed as a treatment for unhappiness or eccentricity to people too young to drive, vote, or be allowed to buy alcohol. Our friends on the left consider it dehumanizing to children to take away their innocence by holding them to adult levels of responsibility when it comes to school conduct or legal infractions, but not dehumanizing to let them choose permanent sterility. How does that make sense?”

—Women’s Liberation Front

Child Castration/Clitoridectomy Specialists

46362786_2371731056174634_8114230100263698432_nI looked up the bios of the doctors who are performing experiments on children’s reproductive organs  locally, here in Iowa City.  Children are too young to understand what gender roles mean and too young to give consent to be experimented on and sterilized. They look like normal people, but I know they are reckless and opportunistic monsters performing medical eugenics experiments on kids who are confused by our violent and sexist gender hierarchy system. This is all about money and power dressed up in virtue signalling about children’s distress.

And this is the propaganda that is being pushed in Iowa schools in order to drive business to the UIHC  Pediatric Sex Organ Destruction Clinic:


















colburn.jpgLunch and Learn with Dr. Michael Colburn
Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Medical Laboratories , B111
25 South Grand Avenue, Iowa City, IA 52246
EQUAL Meds and the Pediatric Interest Group present: Lunch and Learn with Dr. Michael Colburn. Learn more about Dr. Colburn’s work regarding adolescent primary care and working in the LGBTQ Clinics. Q&A to follow Dr. Colburn’s remarks. Lunch will be provided!


This one is just to show you the financial incentive that is involved in this pseudoscientific enterprise:











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