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As The World Burns


Although I considered myself an astute observer of nature I was unable to grasp the objective reality that the biosphere is, in fact, collapsing, until 2010, when I read End Game by Derrick Jensen,

In this post, I write about my experience growing up as a hostage to the maniacs who own the nukes, being forced to hide from the Bomb under school desks, and the constant random loud sirens that rang to remind us that we had no power and could be annihilated by nukes at any moment.

When I was 14, back in the 60’s, I was already a nascent hippie who rejected the mass accumulation of crap I that saw happening all around me.No split-level house, two car garage and color tv for me, my vision for myself was to be able to live in a cabin on a mountain with a few animals and a garden. I almost succeeded in this when I lived in Vermont in the early 80’s. I lived in a log cabin on a dirt road with no electricity with my two toddlers. And a view of the White Mountains from my porch. I was sad when the pipes from the spring froze and I had to move back to the village.

I was raised with the threat of annihilation and yet somehow I never gave up hope that we would all come together to work out our problems and figure out how to feed and clothe and house everyone.

This past summer the news was that the Amazon Rainforest and vast areas of Siberian tundra were going up in flames, Greenland is rapidly losing ice and permafrost around the Arctic Circle is melting and releasing vast amounts of frozen methane into the air. I just rode with this news and kept my head cool.

But now the entire coast of Australia is a ring of fire with no relief in sight. An entire continent cannot go up in flames without this having a dire effect on the entire global climate system. This is hitting me hard because part of the mythos of nuclear annihilation was that Australia might be spared (On The Beach) from at least the first waves of radiation.

In fact I do understand life is also about death and that all living things will and must die. I am just having a hard time with the idea that everything that Life learned here on earth, all the suffering of all the creatures, all the experience, the knowledge, all of it will be lost. I guess I read too much speculative fiction as a child and I want to believe there is some sort of Kozmik Krystal Radio that has recorded all of this, that our collective unconscious is stored somewhere, able to be accessed by other sentient beings, some kind of Encyclopedia Galactica where others can be warned not to be be as stupid as humans were.

Link to article on Australia in flames.

Here is a recent video By Derrick Jensen:

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