Notes on the Journey


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One Woman And The Truth


Tranz Trances, Session 1

An overview of my historical experience with the concepts of transgenderism.


Tranz Trances, Session 2

A bit of feminist analysis of the tranz cult phenomenon.







Tranz Trances, Session 3

Traumatized women are particularly at risk for the medical abuse that is medical sexual transition.


Tranz Trances, Session 4

Tranz takes over The University of Iowa.


Tranz Trances, Session 5

YAY! University of Iowa student rag gushes over the prospect of destroying the Title IX laws that are meant to protect women from sex discrimination and male violence.


Child Rape And The Law

This is an essay about my effort to challenge the statute of limitations in my attempt to sue my father for sexual assault.








Climate Change and The Cassandra Complex


Til The End of Time

A lament about growing up as a prisoner of the nuclear terrorists who own the world.desk set






The Enchantment Model of Addiction
An essay on my insights into the problem of addiction.pills

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