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Letter Sent to PFLAG Vancouver Regarding Their Trans Protest Against Feminist Meghan Murphy

Letter Sent to PFLAG Vancouver Regarding Their Trans Protest Against Feminist Meghan Murphy: Some LGBT Community Members Support Her Right to Speak


Dear Colin McKenna of PFLAG Vancouver,

My name is Justine Kreher. I’m the bisexual woman, married to a lesbian, who talked to you briefly at the transgender rally against feminist Meghan Murphy(Vancouver BC, Jan 10, 2018). I mentioned I thought the rhetoric that was being promoted by the protest and PFLAG was harmful. The conversation was a little terse, which I regret, as I am sure we both have strong feelings around this issue and want to do the right thing. I have volunteered in safe sex and LGBT youth activism in the past. I previously was a very enthusiastic trans activist movement supporter, as I can assure you, many other people attending the talk in support of Murphy were.

I have some differing opinions to Murphy. I am not a “feminist.” I identify more with skeptical media (podcasts, blogs) than feminism. My opinions on trans activism are informed and well researched. Some feminists often have the more rational arguments than those found in trans activism. Many people have not truly thought out all of the ramifications of it to other people.

I would greatly appreciate it if you, and other members of PFLAG, will hear me out and honestly address why so many women, lesbians, gay men (some bisexuals and trans people) have serious problems with what has been going on with trans activism.

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Gender Identity Ideology and Women’s Rights: A talk and Q&A

This is the talk by Meghan Murphy given at the Vancouver, B.C. Public Library on January 10, 2019. Meghan Murphy is the editor of Feminist Current .

The video begins at 20:38

Here is an article from The Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom about the talk.

Meghan Murphy speaks to packed room at Vancouver Public Library after intervention by Justice Centre

Canadian Feminist Meghan Murphy spoke to a sold-out crowd of 300 people at the Vancouver Public Library last night, despite demands for censorship by hostile opponents who disagree with Ms. Murphy’s views on transgenderism.

Meghan Murphy is the founder and editor of Feminist Current, a popular Canadian feminist website.  A resident of Vancouver, Murphy regularly engages in public discourse on the subjects of sex, sexuality, and gender.  She holds a Master’s degree from Simon Fraser University. She has become known internationally for her coverage of women’s issues, including the Vancouver waxing cases in which female aestheticians working out of their homes refused to wax the testicles of a local Vancouverite who sometimes identifies as a woman. In that case, the Justice Centre represented one of the women accused of discrimination on the basis of “gender identity and expression” at the BC Human Rights Tribunal. The case was withdrawn.

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This is the transcript of her talk from Feminist Current:

Meghan Murphy on gender identity and women’s rights at the Vancouver Public Library

The following is an edited transcript of a speech given by Meghan Murphy on January 10, 2019, at the Vancouver Public Library. The event was called, “Gender Identity and Women’s Rights,” and can be watched in full on YouTube.

First of all, I think that it’s important to acknowledge how brave you all have been just in showing up tonight. Considering what those who dare to even ask questions about — never mind put forward criticisms of — gender identity ideology and legislation are subjected to, and considering the level of bullying aimed at this event specifically, I think that the fact that you are all here sends a powerful message, which is that people still believe in free speech, democracy, critical thought, and debate.

Despite bullying from trans activists and despite the fact that the Vancouver Public Library — a government-run public institution that is subject to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including an obligation to protect and uphold section 2(b), freedom of expression — worked very hard to have this event cancelled, we sold out. And we’re all here, at 9:30PM on a Thursday night. Thank you.

I do want to remind everyone also that a primary purpose and core value of public libraries is access. So, the universal mission of libraries is to provide equitable access to information and to facilitate and protect the right to freely pursue knowledge. Yet, our public library made intentional choices to attempt to limit access to this event; by forcing us to change the time to a rather ridiculous hour on a weeknight; by imposing excess security fees; and by smearing myself, my website, and this event.

In November, after calls from trans activists for the VPL to cancel this event (because god forbid we discuss legislation that has enormous implications for us all but most particularly for women and girls), Chief Librarian Christina de Castell issued a statement on Twitter saying that the VPL has zero tolerance for discrimination and does not agree with the views of Feminist Current. She did not explain what she believed the views of Feminist Current were, nor did she specify which of those supposed views she disagreed with. But, considering the bulk of what’s been produced and published on Feminist Current over the years is aimed at addressing male violence against women and challenging practices, laws, and behaviours that perpetuate dehumanization and naturalize exploitation of women and girls, I wonder if we should just go ahead and assume that Christina de Castell and the library are ideologically opposed to the feminist movement.

In her statement, she also said, “We recognize that Meghan Murphy’s opinions are concerning.” And perhaps I do have some concerning opinions… I think that cats make bad pets… (The most controversial issue tonight, I’m sure! We can talk about it in the Q&A…) I am in favour of a full ban on cilantro… I believe in ghosts… But, we were offered no explanation in terms of which of my opinions are concerning, so it could be any of those things.

Nonetheless, the library did make clear that they are not in a position to censor free speech that doesn’t violate the criminal code. And, despite what trans activists claim, it is not illegal to understand and state that biological sex is real, and that it matters. Which is essentially what me and other women have been smeared, threatened, and no-platformed for saying.

It’s also not illegal to understand that a woman is an adult human female.

It is not illegal to defend women’s transition houses and to argue that when women are escaping male violence they should have access to spaces that make them feel safe, where they can speak to women who understand what it’s like to grow up female in this world, and where they can be assured they won’t be made more vulnerable by having to share a room with a man.

It is not illegal to understand that male bodies and female bodies are different, and that women and girls have the right to compete in sports under fair terms, against other women and girls and not against men, who would in most cases have an unfair advantage due to things like differences in bone mass, bone structure, bone density, the size of their organs like the heart and lungs, and so on and so forth.

It’s not illegal in Canada for lesbians to limit their choices in intimate partners to women only and to refuse sexual partners with penises.

It’s not illegal to demand that our government consider the implications of policies that allow anyone at all to self-identify as women, and to consult the public on these pieces of legislation and policies.

It’s not illegal for women to want access to changerooms free from men. It is not illegal to think critically, to ask questions, and to explore ideas.

It should not be “difficult” for the library to “accept a rental” from those they disagree with, because a library of all places should be the first to support the freedom of expression, and the last to take a public position against our free speech — the free speech of women, of feminists, and of the general public. Despite the fact that the library did keep our booking, I do want to be clear that what they have done and said publicly with regard to this event was wrong, and it was dangerous, and it’s not something that any one of us should accept. This is not just about the issue of gender identity, it is about all of us, it is about to democracy, and ,at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, it is about preventing fascism.

Before we get any further into the meat of this particular issue and debate, I want to define my terms. One of the most frustrating things about this conversation is that we’re often all speaking very different languages, and those who promote gender identity ideology and legislation often refuse to define their terms in a coherent way, which makes genuine conversation quite difficult.

So, when I say “sex” I am referring to biology — whether an individual is male or female. I define a man as an adult male human, and a woman as an adult female human. This is how most of the world for most of history has understood the terms “man” and “woman.”

When I say “gender,” what I mean is the stereotypes and social roles imposed on males and females based on their sex. This is what I mean when I talk about femininity and masculinity. So, ideas we’re told or that we hold in our society about what men and women should be, the social norms we are expected to adhere to, how we should dress, the kinds of jobs we should have, how we should act, what we should look like, what our personality traits should consist of, etc.

When I say “trans activist,” I’m not specifically or necessarily talking about trans-identified people. I’m talking about any person who promotes and supports gender identity ideology and legislation.

When I say “gender identity ideology” or “transgender ideology,” I mean the idea that it’s possible for a person to be born in the wrong body, or that it’s possible for a person to change sex.

When I talk about “gender identity legislation,” I’m referring to legislation that allows people to self-identify as any sex that they want, and to access facilities, spaces, political positions, jobs, grants, universities, and sports competitions on that basis.

I do not use the term “cis,” which is a word created by trans activists to refer to people whose “gender identity matches their sex.” This is because I do not have a gender identity. In fact, no one does. We have bodies and we have personalities, and my personality is not a set of stereotypes. And I refuse to define myself as a set of stereotypes that have been used to defend sexist practices and beliefs throughout history.

I am not, as so many trans activists claim, a biological essentialist. I believe boys should be able to play with dolls and wear dresses if they like. I think they can be just as sensitive and emotional as girls. I think that girls should be able to play with trucks, and roughhouse, and cut their hair short, and refuse to wear dresses. I think that girls can be rational, assertive, and adventurous.

I don’t believe that any person should be discriminated against or harassed because they step outside the gender stereotypes laid out for us and enforced on us in so many ways. And, in fact, as a feminist, I think they should be encouraged to step outside those stereotypes.

What is incredibly ironic about this debate and the way that feminists who challenge transgender ideology are positioned is that feminists have always taken an incredibly liberal, liberatory position on gender. We want people to be free to be themselves, and not feel pressure to adopt masculine or feminine stereotypes.

Yet, we are the ones in this debate who are accused of being conservative or regressive. This, coming from people who say that any boy who loves frilly pink dresses cannot possibly be just a boy who likes frilly pink dresses, but must reallybe a girl, which of course plays into a long history of bullying boys who step out of gender norms by accusing them of being girls.

I don’t know for certain why our arguments and ideas are misrepresented so drastically by our opponents, but I would guess that it’s because our opponents are not able to make counter-arguments in good faith, so have no other option, in terms of winning, except to lie, bully, and smear.

Today, we’re all told that if we don’t accept the notion that biological sex is determined by an individual’s feelings, preferences, or desires, that we’re bigoted, or that we’re fascist, or that we deserve to be arrested or killed.

Indeed, countless people — mostly men — have sent violent threats to me online for saying what I’m saying today. Organizers of this event received a number of violent, sexualized, misogynist threats through Eventbrite. An individual named Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv recently took credit publicly for personally having me banned from Twitter, and also publicly stated that I have “committed hate crimes” and that I “organized a hate rally” (referring to this event specifically).

This is all because I believe males and females are real, because I believe women’s rights and spaces should be protected, because I believe women have the right to boundaries, and because I ask questions about terms like “transgender” and about the implications of legislation rooted in nonsensical, regressive ideology.

We still don’t know what defines a trans person. We don’t know what makes a male “actually a woman.” Is it surgery? Hormones? Clothing? Makeup? A preference for long hair? There is, to date, no coherent definition of transgender. It can be literally anything or anyone. It is nothing more than a statement, and it is unverifiable. To create legislation around something so vague and undefinable seems odd to me, if not dangerous.

According to Justice Canada and the Ontario Human Rights Code, gender identity is defined as “a person’s internal or individual experience of their gender.” But how a person experiences or feels about or analyzes gender or gender roles does not literally change their sex.

I am told that saying these kinds of things “hurts people’s feelings,” and that therefore I may not say them. But, if we’re going to talk about feelings, why is it that women’s feelings are being ignored in all of this? Why is it that women’s feelings about whether or not they have to share a change room with a man don’t matter? What about the feelings of girls who don’t want to see a dick when they’re changing for gym class? What about the feelings of women who’ve been victimized by men and don’t want to share a room in a transition house with a man? And what about the feelings of women who are being made to compete against men in sports?

Just last month, a male who identifies as a woman named Christina Ginther sued a Minnesota women’s football league after a team barred him from playing. The news media reported that Ginther was not allowed to play because he was trans, but that’s not true. It’s because he’s male. He has a male body, and it’s not fair to the women playing in the league to have to play against a man. The league told Ginther they don’t allow players who are born biologically male because of safety issues. This is the kind of rule that should make sense to anyone who actually cares about and respects women’s right to play sports safely and fairly, who isn’t interested in trampling the rights of others because of their own personal preferences and desires. But gender identity ideology and legislation say that these women don’t matter, that this one man’s feelings matter more.

In Toronto, a woman named Kristi Hanna filed a human rights complaint against the Jean Tweed Center, which runs Palmertson House, a shelter for female recovering addicts, after she was told she had to share a room with a man claiming to be a woman. She said that this man looked like a man, talked like a man, had a beard, was “wearing big combat boots,” and that he hadn’t had any sex-change surgeries. But he was admitted to the Palmerston House anyway. When she and some other women complained about his presence to the staff, the response was, “We’re inclusive.” This, to a woman who’s been sexually assaulted multiple times by men, who suffers from PTSD and insomnia, on top of struggling with substance abuse issues, and who felt so triggered and unsafe upon this man’s arrival and placement in her room that she had to leave her room at the shelter to go stay elsewhere, because she was so stressed she couldn’t sleep. What about this woman’s feelings?

What about the feelings of the 14 female estheticians who were asked to give a male a Brazilian bikini wax, then dragged to court when they declined?

None of this is about “transphobia.” It is about men, and it is about women having the right to say no to men, to not be gaslit and bullied for daring to put their own safety, rights, and feelings first.

We are now at a place where we are not only allowing men to dictate what a woman is, but to destroy hard-fought-for rights won by feminists, very quickly, without any public debate. We are putting women and girls in danger in order to avoid offending the feelings of a tiny minority of people, without a public debate. We are allowing women to be fired, threatened, harassed, smeared, silenced, intimidated, ostracized, and even beaten in order to accommodate the feelings of men. This is what’s actually happening, and I don’t care if this is shocking for some of you here, because it’s true, and I refuse to accept or repeat lies under threat, especially lies that are clearly hurtful.

We can support people’s rights and dignity, and provide them with the services they need without lying and without throwing women under the bus.

There is no need for women’s rights if women don’t exist, and if the source of their oppression is not their sex, but their feelings about femininity. No matter how a woman feels about gender, she will still experience this world as female.

Those who are speaking out about and asking questions about gender identity are not doing so to be cruel. They are not doing so because they’re hateful. They are doing so because they have real, genuine concerns that deserve to be taken seriously and addressed. And if you’re going to do everything in your power to bully and silence people who have those concerns, to tell women that advocating for their own rights makes them hateful, that your beliefs are the only beliefs that matter, and that those who don’t share your beliefs should be arrested or killed, then what is clear is that you are the fascist, you are the hateful, close-minded, oppressive one.

So, you are all free to disagree with anything I say here. You are free to share your opinions, you are free to believe whatever you like, whether it’s that the earth is flat, or that cats are great pets, but you don’t have the right to impose those beliefs on others under threat of violence or a jail sentence. You don’t have the right to threaten me, silence me, or criminalize me for telling the truth.





Letter to the editor: Regarding transphobia in the Iowa City community

violetausterlitz-trans-squareThis is Violate Austerlitz’s reply to my blog post. I have made him internationally famous, but do ya think he appreciates it? Narcissists LOVE negative attention. Sorry, Violate but pretending to be the opposite sex is a pile of sexist bullshit and I would not care but your choices are not being made in a vacuum and you are promoting the idea to vulnerable gay and lesbian kids that they were born in the wrong body and must really be tranz. This makes you an evil, sociopathic FUCKER.

Letter to the editor: Regarding transphobia in the Iowa City community


By Violet Louisa Austerlitz

By and large, Iowa City is and has been a welcoming and supportive place to live as a transgender woman. But there are still people here who feel the need to commit acts of radical hatred based on their own ignorance. One such person is the author of, who, among other things, has made a practice of attacking transgender people. This has become a campaign of harassment directed against local organizations that support us, and, lately, against individuals like myself.

Being personally and specifically attacked, misgendered and maligned in ways that are grotesque, false and hateful, is deeply disturbing. It constructs a false narrative that seeks to dehumanize not just me, but all transgender people. If someone chooses to believe that false narrative, I suppose I can’t stop them. But I refuse to let it be the only narrative that exists. My identity and my humanity belong to me, and to me alone. No one has a right to try to take them away from me, or from anybody else.

If you want to know who trans people really are, what we really want and how you can help us, know this first: We’re human beings, and our rights are human rights, and we have always been part of this world. We belong here, no matter where “here” might be. Memorize that. And then go to, or, and learn the truth of who we are and what we face. Our stories are valuable and should never be overshadowed by the voice of someone who operates purely from a place of hatred and ignorance.

And to Madam Nomad, all I can say is — bless your heart. I’m so sorry you feel that way.

John Engelbrecht Scolds The Bad TERF



The people at Public Space One promote and enable the Transgender Ideology which underlies the eugenic medical abuse of gay and lesbian children. This is the response I received to the blog post I wrote about the man pretending to be the opposite sex, who is one of their an desperate attempt to get their attention and inform them about how their misogynist and anti-life beliefs are affecting kids.

I guess loyalty to his man friend is more important than looking at the evidence that he is complicit in the medical abuse of children.


John Engelbrecht

7:05 AM (4 hours ago)

Dear Jeanne,
As much as I’d like to engage and debate the information you continue to send us and put out into the world, I’m going to keep this short and to the point:
• Please stop emailing us links, articles, and anything related to your transphobic beliefs
• Please stop putting your stickers and images over the signs at the Wesley Center and targeting us with this ongoing harassment
• Please stop targeting Violet, one of our long-time members and friend, with your harassment and intolerant beliefs
Finally I would ask you to examine your position and see the world as more complicatedly-beautiful than it is cut-and-dry. As I aim to do my part in creating open space, resources, and platforms for a lot of people (a public space), intolerance is the one thing that will not be tolerated. The information you have created and repeatedly directed at us trades in this, and because of this, I am asking you TO STOP harassing us (the Wesley Center, Public Space One, the IC Press Co-op, and Violet) and to quite spreading this trauma and hate, in person at our building and online at your blog.

Butterfly, A Talk by Idge of Reason

Easy Response Form for The UK GRA Consultation

You don’t have to be citizen of the UK to submit a response. This issue affects ALL WOMEN everywhere on the planet. I copied the entire page here so you can read it. But go to the original page to submit the form:


To make this quick and easy to do, we have included some answers to the questions relating to women’s rights for you.  All you have to do is fill out your contact details below, check you agree with our suggested answers and press SEND MY RESPONSE.


Your consultation response will then be sent directly to the Government by email and you will also receive a copy for your records. (note: the Government’s consultation document confirms that it will accept submissions by email as an alternative to using their online submission form)


Respondent Information

The Government says this form must be completed and returned with your response to the consultation

Are you responding as an individual or an organisation? *

  • Individual
  • Organisation
Full name or organisation’s name *
Phone *
Address *
Postcode *
Email *
The Government would like your permission to publish your consultation response. *

  • Publish my response, including my name
  • Publish my response in anonymised form only
  • Do not publish my response

  • Click for more information
The Government may wish to contact you again in the future, but we require your permission to do so. Are you content for the Government to contact you again in relation to this consultation? *

  • Yes
  • No

  • Click for more information

Consultation Questions

Dear Minister for Women and Equalities,

• I support the right of transgender people to live safely and free from the discrimination they experience because they identify as transgender.

• I also support the right of women to live safely and free from the discrimination they experience because they were born into the female sex.

• However, no increase in the legal rights of transgender people should come at the expense of women’s existing legal rights, or diminish in any way a woman’s right to safety, privacy or fairness.



Q3. Do you think there should be a requirement in the future for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria?


Please explain the reasons for your answer

If doctors, diagnoses and medical reports aren’t part of the checking process it means anyone can declare themselves male or female and no one can say otherwise. it leaves the system open to abuse by anyone, for any reason.

Q9. Do you think the privacy and disclosure of information provisions in section 22 of the Gender Recognition Act are adequate ?


If no, how do you think it should be changed ? Birth sex should never be confidential when a male-born person is attempting to access a female-only space.

Q12. Do you think that the participation of trans people in sport, as governed by the Equality Act 2010, will be affected by changing the Gender Recognition Act ?


Please give reasons for your answer

I do not support any changes that would increase the number of people gaining a GRC because it will be more difficult to exclude male-born people from female-only sports if more male-born people have birth certificates saying they were born female.

Q13a. Do you think that the operation of the single-sex and separate-sex service exceptions in relation to gender reassignment in the Equality Act 2010 will be affected by changing the Gender Recognition Act ?


Please give reasons for your answer

I do not support any changes that would increase the number of people gaining a GRC because it will be more difficult to exclude male-born people from female-only spaces if more male-born people have birth certificates saying they were born female.

Q14. Do you think that the operation of the occupational requirement exception in relation to gender reassignment in the Equality Act 2010 will be affected by changing the Gender Recognition Act ?


Please give reasons for your answer

I do not support any changes that would increase the number of people gaining a GRC because it will be more difficult to exclude male-born people from female-only occupations if more male-born people have birth certificates saying they were born female.

Q15. Do you think the operation of the communal accommodation exception in relation to gender reassignment in the Equality Act 2010 will be affected by changing the Gender Recognition Act ?


Please give reasons for your answer

I do not support any changes that would increase the number of people gaining a GRC because it will be more difficult to exclude male-born people from female-only accommodation if more male-born people have birth certificates saying they were born female.

Q19. Do you think that changes to the Gender Recognition Act will impact on areas of law and public services other than the Equality Act 2010 ?


Please give reasons for your answer

I do not support any changes that reduce eligibility requirements for a legal transition because it will mean more male-born prisoners requesting transfer into a women’s prison.

Q20. Do you think that there needs to be changes to the Gender Recognition Act to accommodate individuals who identify as non-binary ?


If you would like to, please expand upon your answer

A persons legal sex must continue to be limited to either male or female.

Q22. Do you have any further comments about the Gender Recognition Act ?


If you answered yes, please add your comments.

A comprehensive, evidence-based equality impact assessment on all protected characteristics must be published before a draft bill is presented to parliament. All stakeholders must be engaged to get evidence of impact.

Data Protection information

When you press submit, Fair Play for Women will email a copy of this consultation response directly to the Government. You will also receive a copy. Fair Play for Women will not use your personal information for any other purpose and it will be deleted once the consultation has been analysed

Submit my response


Thank you for defending female rights!

Child Castration/Clitoridectomy Specialists

46362786_2371731056174634_8114230100263698432_nI looked up the bios of the doctors who are performing experiments on children’s reproductive organs  locally, here in Iowa City.  Children are too young to understand what gender roles mean and too young to give consent to be experimented on and sterilized. They look like normal people, but I know they are reckless and opportunistic monsters performing medical eugenics experiments on kids who are confused by our violent and sexist gender hierarchy system. This is all about money and power dressed up in virtue signalling about children’s distress.

And this is the propaganda that is being pushed in Iowa schools in order to drive business to the UIHC  Pediatric Sex Organ Destruction Clinic:


















colburn.jpgLunch and Learn with Dr. Michael Colburn
Wednesday, September 26, 2018, 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Medical Laboratories , B111
25 South Grand Avenue, Iowa City, IA 52246
EQUAL Meds and the Pediatric Interest Group present: Lunch and Learn with Dr. Michael Colburn. Learn more about Dr. Colburn’s work regarding adolescent primary care and working in the LGBTQ Clinics. Q&A to follow Dr. Colburn’s remarks. Lunch will be provided!


This one is just to show you the financial incentive that is involved in this pseudoscientific enterprise:











Transgender Rights and The Iowa Sexual Assault Coalition.

39811067_10156573534564844_1405198348746489856_nThis is an exchange I recently had with the director of The Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault  after I had been banned from their facebook site for my inflammatory comments that women don’t have penises and that men who say they are women are just as dangerous to women in vulnerable spaces as any other man.  They spoke to me in a manner I consider very condescending and of course they centered the feelings of men with psychosexual  disorders over the truth. I publish these exchanges because I want there to be a record of how people enabled the  eugenic sterilization of gender non-conforming children and blithely supported the erasure of women’s rights under the onslaught of the new patriarchal gender cult. 

Sent: Monday, September 17, 2018 3:02 PM
To: Elizabeth Barnhill <>
Subject: Transgender Rights and the Elimination of the Rights of Women

Hello Elizabeth Barnhill,

In 1985 sued my father for sexually assaulting me from my infancy until age 12. I was silenced by the courts because of the statute of limitations and so I went to the Vermont State Legislature and asked them to consider changing the laws on child sex abuse. Which they finally did, after 20 years. I worked in the domestic violence field supporting sexual assault survivors for 30 years.  I am writing to you today to complain that I have been blocked from commenting on your organization’s Facebook page because I know that thoughts in a man’s head do not change his sex and that declaring oneself to be transgender does not change a man’s propensity toward male pattern violence. I am no longer able to attend support groups for rape survivors at RVAP because I have been informed I must accept that men are women if they say they are.

This is my account of my experience as an incest victim and the lawsuit I tried to bring against my abuser.

I posted a number of links to your Facebook page that describe the problem of allowing men who say they are women into protected female spaces (such as locker rooms, bathrooms, and domestic violence shelters) and I was silenced for daring to tell the truth. The feelings of men with sexual paraphilias and psychosexual personality disorders apparently take precedence over factual reality and the hard research that I as a female survivor of 12 years of sexual slavery and battery and a lifelong activist for the rights of women and children tried to present to your organization.

This is a list of the rights of women which are being destroyed by transgender activism:

This is a cross-dressing billionaire who will be profiting from mutilating and sterilizing gender non-conforming children. He owns pharmaceutical stock and will make money on the industrial cross sex hormones they are shooting kids up with

Right here in Iowa City they are performing eugenic experiments on kids. There is no long term research into the effects of this terrible medical fad. But they are just kids so they are disposable, right? As long as medical corporations are raking in the dough nobody better question this.

“The money is flowing” to “suck people in:” Vaginoplasty & the case of Jazz Jennings

Women Fear Drug They Used To Halt Puberty Led To Health Problems

This never happens:
The director’s reply:

Elizabeth Barnhill via

Hi Jeanne,
Thank you for writing to let us know of your concerns. You have been through a lot in your lifetime and worked hard to get laws and systems to change. Thank you for all of your work.

We don’t agree that all transwomen are inherently dangerous and harmful to others, hence our social media policy, which says

“IowaCASA will not tolerate any kind of posts, links to articles on our page, or commentary that may be viewed as hurtful, harmful, or derogatory to any group of people. If a person continues to post remarks that may be viewed as hurtful, harmful, or derogatory, IowaCASA has the right to ban the person from the page.”

We know that you may want to comment on various issues related to sexual assault. If you would agree not to post and/or link to commentary that is derogatory to transpeople, we would agree to remove the block from your account.

I’m not able to speak to the decision made by RVAP, but would encourage you to have further discussion with them, if you have not. They likely have a similar policy about restricting derogatory remarks about any group of people.

We wish you well in your work,



An Example Of Female Erasure In Action

images.jpgA message from Ruth Rhiannon Barrett, editor of Female Erasure: What You Need To Know About Gender Politics’ War On Women, The Female Sex And Human Rights:

Last week I was de-platformed/terminated after being hired to be the featured presenter (full concert and workshops) at Gaea Goddess Gathering in Kansas this fall. A person complained, calling me a TERF, and asked that they fire me. They did. They did even after I disclosed my work with Women’s Mysteries and natal females, so that they would know going in who I am. I also made sure that they knew that I am going to be respectful of the intention that any festival has that I’m hired to present. My work there wasn’t going to be about, nor discuss trans anything. Their Board approved me. Then it all came down yesterday when someone complained (they quoted from the Female Erasure anthology). Although the Gathering didn’t’ give me the cause of termination in writing (I have asked for this in writing since yesterday), however it is clear that I was fired for having a different point of view, and in these times of fascistic politics on both the left and the right, intolerance for thinking or believing differently is punished.

I have already read discussions about the erasure of the Goddess, that the use of “She” as “transphobic”, so this is a heads-up for all of us who have been through the erasure of the Goddess though-out history. When the female sex is already being erased though the language we can or cannot use to describe our female biology, our rites of passage, and oppression, the Goddess is next. Please be or stay awake with this. It is here already.

cropped-FBBackgroundLogo.jpgI have been asked, “how can I/we support you?” Contact this festival FB- Gaea Goddess Gathering,, email is, phone is 816-602-8333. You can also contact the Gaea Retreat Center where they hold this event at 25110 235th st. McLouth, KS 66054. Let them know that this kind of treatment is unacceptable, and share with organizations/groups that you know. Please, if you wish to offer support, only use language that supports us, as we don’t need to lower ourselves to their level of crap (name calling, etc). I am including the quotes that was posted online and now removed that instigated my termination. How ironic that the very issues the people mentioned as examples of why I shouldn’t be there, are exactly why we need to be having the conversations! That person thinks that censorship rather than discussion is the right thing to do. We must continue to have the conversations about our separate spaces, the medicalization of children, and the rest. Thank you for being there. Thanks for listening.

In Her Service,
Ruth Rhiannon Barrett

I was called a TERF and they listed these lines as examples of why I should be fired.

“Concerns about sterilization and a lifetime of dependence on pharmaceuticals and with no long-term studies of the health impact, are silenced. Young lesbians and gay boys can be “normalized” by transitioning them. The possibility that homophobia is playing out in this issue seems to be too taboo to discuss.” Ruth Barrett, Female Erasure

We need more discussions not censorship or religious persecution.

Report From Fourth Wave Feminists on the SFPL Degenderettes Exhibit and Panel

degenderettesI am reblogging the report I Went To The Degenderettes Panel that was originally posted HERE.

The post includes a large number of photographs of the exhibit that was featured at the San Francisco Public Library that included items promoting violence against women. It also has a report on the panel by a woman who attended. Livestreaming and audio recording were not permitted.

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