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Sharing on at the request of some sister feminists:


Hi All,

Recently, the SF Public Library mounted an exhibit of art and weapons (axes and baseball bats) used by the Degenderettes that included a t-shirt splashed in red (to indicate blood) with the words “I Punch TERFS” scrawled across it. Feminists are helping pull together an exhibit to counter this call for violence against women.

THE CONCEPT: We would like women to submit pictures of themselves holding up a sign that describes why they were called TERFs, beginning with “I was called a TERF because …” Anyone who does not want to show their face can simply cover it with the sign.

Example of a sign: “I was called a TERF because I said that gender isn’t a feeling. #IWasCalledTERF

We will then create an online exhibit of the photos.

We would like to do a TWITTER CAMPAIGN on May 26 @ 2 PM PDT to coincide with a panel on “Art and Activism in the Bay” that the SFPL is hosting in conjunction with the Degenederettes exhibit. We will use the hashtag: #IWasCalledTERF


1. Please submit photos of yourself as described above. Please email your photo(s) to:

2. Please get ready to tweet your photo to the SFPL (‪@SFPublicLibrary) on Saturday, May 26 at 2 PM PDT using the hashtag: #IWasCalledTERF.

Thank you!


The Degenderettes

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they come at you with baby shower-colored bats, – then YOU WIN!

Feminist Heretic

degenderettes 1degenderettes 2degenderettes 3degenderettes 4degenderettes 5degenderettes 6degenderettes 7degenderettes 8

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Silencing Women

Open Letter: Chinatown Action Group Condemns De-Platforming of and Attacks on Organizer Yuly Chan

Assholes like these harassers get away with this because they are MEN and and gender dentity ideology is male supremacist baloney funded by the corporate medical industry.

Chinatown Action 2017

To Organize BC and Vancouver & District Labour Council (VDLC):

We are outraged at your decision to cancel the May 4 evening panel because of false accusations over invited speaker and CAG member, Yuly Chan. Your decision to cancel the keynote panel has legitimized a handful of bullies who have been targeting a working class woman of colour organizer. Your decision legitimizes racist and sexist abuse and harassment of a respected organizer in our community.Instead of bringing collective unity to our movements — the stated intention of Vancouver Crossroads — your actions have done the opposite: rupturing and destroying the reputation and trust of marginalized community members.

We are appalled at the defamation campaign against Yuly, and are particularly infuriated and disappointed with Organize BC who refused to move forward with the panel due to Yuly’s participation in the event and openly sided with the individuals who have been…

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Women, biology, and women’s spaces

freer lives

Increasingly, anyone who identifies as a woman can access female-only spaces, compete in women’s sport (see eg here and here) and represent women within public and private organisations. These changes are part of the mainstreaming of the transgender trend, and its normalisation by the corporate media (see eg here and here). The mystical idea of gender identity is rapidly being codified in law and statements of public policy where “gender” is replacing “sex”. For information about Britain, see here and here. But this is a worldwide trend, as James Robb points out:

For example, in most provinces of Canada there is no longer an requirement for people to have had gender reassignment surgery in order to change their legal sex designation; Denmark and Argentina have made a similar change. Ontario is likely to issue ‘gender-neutral’ birth certificates by 2018. A government committee has recently recommended a change along similar lines in…

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TransDykes: The Anti-Lesbian Antifa

This blogger has her research together better than I do. Violence against women is the worst problem in the world. it leads to all the other miseries humans have inflicted on each other and the entire biosphere.


Jeremiah “Mya” Byrne. “TransDyke” Antifa at San Francisco Gay Pride 2017.

What is Antifa?

Well, the name Antifa is a bit of a misnomer. Antifa is short for “Anti-Fascist”, which is what the members of this subculture claim to be. Their stated objective is to fight totalitarianism, authoritarianism, and the forceful suppression of diversity and dissent.

In practice, Antifa is a group of people, mainly middle-class young white men, who show up to violently attack groups of right wingers, Trumpers, leftist free speech advocates, or anyone else they’ve decided must be silenced by intimidation and violent force. Some of them claim to be Communists, but they don’t do anything to organize support for labor or poor people.

What they do is show up for internet-organized flash mobs, all dressed in uniform black (“Black Bloc”) so they can’t be individually identified for their criminal actions, covering their faces with bandanas, armed…

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Antifa Antifemale


This is the man behind this horror show:



Gender Fascism And The Elderly Female Artist


BIRTH, oil on canvas, 24″x24″, by JEANNE

Yesterday there was a “networking event’ at the School of Art and Art History at UIOWA, where I am currently attending classes. I chose not to attend because of an experience I’d had the evening before. I had attended a lecture by a talented and energetic woman  who runs an art foundation that supports artists who have a vision for creating community through their art. I respected what this woman was doing and I don’t intend my remarks to disparage her personally. In fact I’m grateful that she helped clear up a problem that has been dogging my heels and interfering with my ability to set goals with respect to my art practice.

I had been fairly proactive about promoting my art and my vision, submitting artwork to various venues and even having a show at a local community center and a booth at the annual art’s festival here in town. But lately, I have been passing up opportunities that have arisen and not understanding why I seemed to be sabotaging myself. Partly, it was because I did decide to put my daily quota of creative energy into learning art in my classes, rather than creating items, like greeting cards, to sell at the farmer’s market. But, it was more than that, a kind of miasma had come over me, a reluctance to reach out and show my stuff in public.

What turned the light on for me was that the woman who came to speak about her foundation work used words like “sex positive”, “sex worker”, “deconstruction”, and “gender identity”  when describing the projects she was involved with. It made me uncomfortable and it wasn’t until the next day that I understood why, and why I decided to skip the networking event.

IMG_1168I had joined a local arts cooperative when I first landed in this city because I was eager to learn as much as I could about the processes and materials involved in art-making.   I know that we are killing the world with carbon and I wanted to make art about that and other human pain issues that seem to be being repressed and hidden by this culture. I hung in as long as I could, but eventually I was forced to confront gender fascism within the group and I had to separate myself from the group. On the positive side, I can say that this experience helped me confront the ugly truth about gender identity ideology and stop enabling this dysfunctional ideology.

But it turns out that the entire art world, art business, art community, has been infected by the virus of gender fascism and I will not be able to be a part of it unless I LIE ABOUT OBJECTIVE REALITY. Which I can’t do, because my art is based in facing the ugly truth about male superiority and gender fascism is just another patriarchal mindfuck.  I know gender identity ideology  is fascism because it’s about shutting women up and depriving them of access to resources.

I am being prevented from accessing resources and from benefiting from my labor because elderly women are invisible and have no status in this culture and because I refuse to go along with the mass delusion that prostitution is a free choice (and not the same old fucking female slavery as always) and that the sexes are interchangeable based on one’s whim;  that people, other than the tiny minority with a chromosomal mutation that causes sterility, can be both sexes, or neither, on different days.

It is sobering to know that sexism and it’s adjunct,  ageism,  is alive and well in the art world and I am being oppressed by it and by the artsy people who believe they are social justice warriors. They regard me with contempt and believe they are morally superior to me and oh so woke.

As for me, it’s back to the drawing board, where I find my Source.




Remember Me When Gender Ideology Bites You In The Ass

imagesOriginally posted on Mumsnet. (I added links to show that these trends are not just idle terf paranoia, but are becoming the law)

{edited to note that I did not write this. I do not know the name of the author}

“To the woman who shrieked at me that I am a bigot and a terf and a hateful transphobe for defending women’s rights,

Ten, fifteen years from now, I ask you to remember me.

Remember me when you have your first baby and you’re referred to throughout your pregnancy as a birthing individual, a pregnant person, and it makes you feel kind of dehumanised and you wish they’d just call you a woman, a mother, because that’s what you are. But they’re not allowed, because it’s illegal to say only women can be pregnant and give birth.

Remember me when you give birth and you feel vulnerable and exposed and you really want a woman beside you who understands what you’re going through and instead your midwife is a six foot man with stubble in a dress and you know he isn’t a woman but you’re not allowed to object, even when you need to be examined and you just want a woman to do it but you know you can’t say anything because that would be hate speech, even though your body is screaming no.

Remember me when your elderly mother, who has lost her mind to dementia, goes into a care home and is told that her carer, Susan, is a woman, because you asked that she only be cared for by women. And even in her addled state of mind, she knows that Susan is a man, and you know Susan is a man, but you cannot object, and she has to allow Susan to perform her intimate care, because to object would be hate speech.

Remember me when your daughter comes home from school crying, the daughter who has spent the last five years training to be the best athlete in her class, her school, her district, she’s crying because Lucas in her class, one of the fastest boys, has decided he identifies as female for now and so is allowed to run in her race, and she knows it doesn’t matter how hard she trains, he will always beat her, and she can only ever hope for a silver medal now. Or bronze, if there is another Lucas.

Remember me when you go into a toilet late at night, perhaps in a bar, and there’s noone else around, and a guy walks in, he has a beard and is wearing jeans and a t shirt, and the way he looks at you seems off, and you feel afraid and unsettled and worried he might hurt you. But you can’t challenge him, because if you do he’ll say he’s a woman and has as much right as you do to be in this toilet, a place where many years ago you might have come to feel safe.

Remember me when you go for a promotion, for a board position at work that’s designated for a woman. You’ve put in the hours, you’ve worked so hard, you know you deserve it. And the position goes to Lola, who until last year was a 50 year old man. Lola will never do anything inconvenient like needing time off to have babies, or to deal with any health issues that you, a woman might face, like endometriosis, breast cancer, PND. Lola is a woman just like you, and your company are happy that they have fulfilled their quota of women members on the board.

Remember me when you read on the news that crime statistics for women committing rape and murder are on the increase, and now women carry out a much higher number of rapes and murders than they did when you were a teenager or a young woman. And you know that these ‘women’ are men and that the statistics are wrong, but to challenge this would be hate speech.

Remember me too, when these women rapists are locked up with vulnerable women in female prisons and cannot escape, because to challenge the presence of the women rapists with penises in prison with them would be hate speech.

Remember me when your son comes home from school and says that he’s learned at school that you can change sex and that some girls have penises and some boys have vaginas and that his teacher said that because he likes playing with girls and dolls that maybe he is really a girl in the wrong body. And you think, no, you are just my wonderful, unique, son, and you were born in your own body. Remember me when a few months down the line the teacher calls you in and says she’s concerned that you are not validating your son’s identity and that she’s noticed you are still referring to him by the name you so carefully chose for him when he was born, and calling him a boy, when he is actually a girl, and that she doesn’t want to have to involve social services but she’s worried she might have to if you continue to misgender your son and deny his real identity. And you know that she will, because it’s happened before in a school near you, and you are afraid.

In this brave new world that you helped to create, look around for your transactivist friends, your lefty male allies, the ones you stood beside and yellled ‘terf, transphobe, bigot’ with, with you shouting the loudest, because you wanted to show what a good ally you were, how inclusive, how progressive. Where are they now? Why, they are where they always were. Benefitting from the patriarchy. Enjoying the new, improved version of it that you helped them to build by crushing the resistance from the women who spoke up for their rights. This has all cost them nothing; it has made the world a better, easier place for men. It has cost you and your sisters who campaigned with them for virtue cookies, everything.

And me? I’ll be where I’ve always been. Fighting for your rights. Fighting to undo the damage.
I’ll have your back, as I always have done.”

Photo credit: Houston Chronicle

Demand Women’s Right to Female-Only Intimate Spaces in Wisconsin

Reblogged from Gender Critical Action Center

The Issue

On November 9, 2017, a Wisconsin woman – a sexual assault survivor herself – attended an event hosted by a local rape crisis center at the Majestic Theater in Madison, during which women shared their personal experiences about rape and sexual assault. When the woman went to the restroom, she was faced with make-shift paper signs – taped over the usual Men and Women signs – which read,


She turned to her state’s Equal Rights Division with a grievance on the basis of sex discrimination, but her complaint was dismissed. She is appealing that decision.

What You Can Do

Contact the Equal Rights Division, the rape crisis center, the Majestic, and local media. Tell them why so-called “gender neutral” restrooms violate the civil rights of women and girls under Wisconsin law. Demand that local media outlets cover this case, including perspectives that are critical of “gender identity” ideology (contact information below).

Email Script

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to the Equal Rights Division of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, the Rape Crisis Center of Madison, the Majestic Theater, and members of the local media.

It has come to my attention that, on November 9, 2017, a Wisconsin woman – a sexual assault survivor – attended an event hosted by a local rape crisis center at the Majestic Theater in Madison, during which women shared their personal experiences about rape and sexual assault. When the woman went to the restroom, she was faced with make-shift paper signs – taped over the usual Men and Women signs – which read,


She turned to her state’s Equal Rights Division with a grievance on the basis of sex discrimination, but her complaint was dismissed. She is appealing that decision. ERD Case No: CR201800365.

According to Wisconsin law, “no person may deny to another … the full and equal enjoyment of any public place of accommodation … because of sex, race, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry. WISC. STAT. §106.52(3)(a)(1). A “public place of accommodation” is defined broadly to include places of business, including restaurants and taverns. WISC. STAT. §106.52(2)(e)(1). There is no question that the Majestic constitutes a public place of accommodation. Also, Black’s Law Dictionary defines the word “sex” to mean “the distinction between male and female.” Accordingly, denying this woman the right to a female-only restroom constituted a denial of her full and equal enjoyment of a public place of accommodation under Wisconsin law.

Women fought hard for the right to women’s restrooms, and are still fighting in many parts of the world. Creating access to restrooms on the basis of “gender identity” allows males to use any restroom that they want to, in complete disregard for women’s rights to privacy.

Human beings are sexually dimorphic mammals. This statement is neither conservative nor bigoted. It is simply an assertion grounded in material reality. In light of the specifics of this case, I would also note that when a woman is raped, it is her body  that is attacked, not some internalized concept of “gender identity.”

I am calling on the Equal Rights Division to overturn the decision below and find that refusing to provide female-only restrooms violates Wisconsin’s Public Accommodations and Amusements Law Section 106.52.

I am calling on the Rape Crisis Center and the Majestic Theater to stop papering over sex-specific restroom signs with signs that invite people to use the restroom on the basis of self-declared “gender identity.”

I am calling on members of the local and statewide media to cover this issue, and to do so in a way that fairly represents the full spectrum of views on “gender identity” ideology.

Thank you and sincerely,


Copy and paste this email string into an email message to send to all of the targets:,,,,,,,

Or email each of the targets individually:

Equal Rights Division

Rape Crisis Center

Majestic Theater

Wisconsin State Journal
Madison City Desk


Amy Schwabe
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Robert Zizzo
News Editor
Green Bay Press Gazette

Gary Johnson
Eau Clair Leader-Telegram

David LaPort
General Manager
Ashland Daily Press

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