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Haringey ReSisters Report By Lily Maynard


Bender Identity Teaching in Schools- Haringey ReSisters public meeting with Transgender Trend.

Haringey resistersOn 12/2/19, Haringey ReSisters organised a meeting in North London, for those concerned or curious about the teaching of gender identity in schools and the social and medical transition of children. Stephanie Davies-Arai of Transgender Trend was a speaker, and with Claire Graham indisposed, Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans and Dr Julia Long stepped in at the last moment. Venice Allan was Chair.

I met up with Charlene and Anna at Victoria Station Starbucks, with just enough time to down a coffee before hopping onto a tube to Finsbury Park. A quick bus ride from there took us to the venue. I’d worried that we were running late, but we arrived about 20 minutes before the meeting was due to start.

Arriving on a quiet, leafy and dimly-lit residential street, I thought we might have taken a wrong turning. Then I saw a church spire rising up above the trees. Intricate stained-glass windows splashed colour back onto the dark street. We passed through an iron gate and under a white stone arch, where we were welcomed to the meeting by women from Haringey ReSisters. Although not as august a venue as St Mary le Bow, where I had attended the Let a Woman Speak meeting back in November, the church was impressive. (Both Let A Woman Speak and Haringey ReSisters are secular organisations; the meetings just happened to be in churches, partly because of the difficulty of finding a venue that won’t be intimidated into cancellation.)  The temperature was unsurprisingly much warmer inside the building. I took off my coat and put it over the back of a well-positioned chair, milling around and talking to a couple of women I had met elsewhere, before going outside again with Emma, who wanted a quick cigarette before the talks began.



Selling Trans To Kids at The Iowa City Public Library

51432694_10156966043399844_6092088269569261568_o (1)I was researching for a talk I am giving on the money behind the movement to convince kids they can be born to the WRONG BODY and I wanted to include a few titles of books on transgenderism that are aimed at children Books that can be found in the Children’s Library section at The Iowa City Public Library.

I went to the catalog page on the library’s website and typed “transgender” into the appropriate box. There are 226 articles, books and videos about transgenderism. There are 43 books and videos directed solely at children placed on the shelves of the children’s section of the library.


51211645_10156970747089844_9138230155662065664_o (1)I then typed in the word “detransition”, given that the consequences of medical transition are severe and irreversable, I thought the library might be present all the necessary information that a child might need in order to decide whether he or she has the wrong body and needs to become a permanent medical customer for drugs and surgery,  having perfectly healthy body parts removed,  being made sterile…unable to have children, etc. And the only book that exists in the library that says anything at all negative about this momentous new social contagion is When Harry Became Sally by Ryan T. Anderson.

When Harry became Sally : responding to the transgender moment / Ryan T. Anderson
BOOK | Encounter Books | 2018 | First American edition
Our transgender moment — What the activists say — Detransition — Sex — Gender dysphoria and transgender identities — Children — Gender and culture — Public policy — Notes — Index.
Can a person truly be ‘trapped’ in the wrong body? Can modern medicine really ‘reassign’ sex? What should our law say on these issues? Anderson offers a balanced approach to the policy issues, a nuanced vision of human embodiment, and a sober and honest survey of the human costs of getting human nature wrong. In doing so, he examines the grim contrast between the media’s sunny depiction and the often sad realities of gender-identity struggles. He believes the most helpful therapies focus on helping people accept and even embrace the truth about their bodies and reality.

So I leave it to you to decide for yourselves, based on this evidence, whether public institutions are deliberately abetting rapacious medical corporations in harvesting the bodies of confused kids who are being programmed to believe it is possible to be born into the “wrong body”.  I have tried to bring this problem to the attention of the library in the past but of course, my calling attention to the fact that children are being experimented on with chemicals that have not been tested for long term safety in children’s developing bodies and being sterilized and having healthy body parts removed means that I am an ignorant bigoted terf who hates gay people.


The Terf Exhibit

51018154_10156960443799844_8495460859269611520_n (1)

Sarah’s Story


At our Washington DC a 19 year old detransitioner spoke. She describes her coercion into the cult and her ostracisation since she left.

Thanks to Rowantrees of Mumsnet for transcribing.

“My name is Sarah, I’m 19 and I just wanted to – so I just wanted to talk, it’s not really a question. Ever since I came out, in eighth grade I’ve been completely involved in radical queer and trans circles and I just wanted to talk about my experience.

So when you first come out nowadays in – every LGBT group is very … inclusive, let’s just say. It’s just – you must respect everyone. When you’re young, you’re like, OK, I mean I want to be accepted by people, it feels bad when people are mean to me, of course I don’t want to be mean to someone, right? And so if you don’t really – and everything is accepted uncritically.

I know this transman, a trans identified female, and they got a double mastectomy at 15 and had been on testosterone since they were 13 or 14, and you’re not allowed to raise questions about that because then you’re evil and sort of being in this circle where any woman who’s gender non-conforming is obviously not a woman. It’s very easy to gain that idea. I think that even older people theorising about it can understand conceptually, but being in that space it’s a very difficult mindset to get out of. And I’ve been really lucky, I have some radical feminist friends who’ve been really nice but since I discovered and understood radical feminism – I’m skipping around this story but it’s fine.

I recently lost my entire friend group. So I go to college but I lost all of my friends because they were like, actually, you having three separate opinions from me means that you’re unsafe and are equivalent to a nazi. Because obviously, saying that lesbians can have sexual boundaries is the same thing as kill all Jewish people. You know, it’s obviously the same statement. I don’t know how anyone can see it differently.

But – OK, going front to back – being part of that environment and being a lesbian and having it be not a socially acceptable thing in these spaces that are intended for same sex attracted people – it’s just extremely damaging and you start to think, well, maybe I’m not a woman. I don’t feel like a woman, I don’t look like the women around me, you know. And being a woman is deeply traumatising.

I think almost every trans female that I know, especially detransitioned women like myself – I got a double mastectomy – we are all – a lot of us are autistic and don’t fit into gender roles and don’t really understand it and we’re absolutely preyed upon in that sort of way. And almost all of us have experienced sexual trauma and just being a woman and experiencing things like that makes you disgusted with your body and not want men to think about you, not want to be – it’s just so profoundly traumatising.

And when you’re given this option of, you can escape misogyny, you can escape experiencing things like this again, even though that’s not true – women who pass as men, as soon as men find out – I mean I’m friends with a lot of other detransitioned women and a reasonable number of them pass as men in their daily lives – and as soon as someone finds out they’re going to be treated with violent misogyny, right? And so it’s a complete lie, but it’s a very enticing lie.

And even speaking about the potential side effects, even if you’re like, I support the decision that you’re making but I want you to take into account the ways that this will cause damage in a genuinely informed consent way. I mean I’m against – you know what I mean. That’s just not something that happens.

Additionally – so when I was going to get my double mastectomy after identifying as trans for four years, I just had to go to a doctor, say ‘I’m trans and I want top surgery’ and then they’re like, OK, you know, then they’ll ask me some questions about my life, but there’s no like, maybe you’re a lesbian who doesn’t want to be seen as a lesbian because you live in a homophobic area, maybe you’re dealing with – you need to deal with some sexual trauma. Maybe there’s other things, other than this sort of idea. There’s none of that, it’s just like, OK! And so then the next time they were just like, OK I’ll write a letter to your insurance saying they should pay for it.

You know, it’s just – women are really being let down, especially lesbians.

And I don’t know, it’s just very – going on what you were saying? I just feel so bad about my peers because it’s very hard to get out of. It’s such a cult-like mindset because if you talk to anyone different you are going to be excommunicated, right? You’re just not going to be allowed to interact with people. I mean it’s like my friends who just dropped me, you know, it’s really difficult – I don’t know if I’m over my time limit – I just, I don’t know, when people were saying about how it’s really hard as a young person to not be accepted by your peers – it is terrifying, it is so … scary, but it’s really an important thing because so many women I know, every lesbian I know in my day to day life who’s not a complete normie who’s never been online, has identified as trans, even if they haven’t transitioned, has previously identified as trans.

Because it’s just – being a lesbian sucks, guys.

I mean it’s wonderful once you’re able to accept it and interact with other women, but this is a terrifying societal position to occupy and I’m completely proud and out now but it’s just a really scary thing because these people who are supposed to be supporting you would rather you be anything but a lesbian.”

UAY PrideCon 2019: For Jr. High & High School Youth

UAY PrideCon 2019: For Jr. High & High School Youth

I’m a little winded mentally this morning because yesterday I opened a copy of the local corporate gay male advertising rag GoGuide and was hit between the eyes by TWO full page ads for PrideCon, a conference put on by a local youth advocacy/activity group known as United Action for Youth. It is billed as a LGBTQ+ youth summit, with events planned for parents of this demographic.

But this is clearly just ad copy intended to advertise the services offered by the Pediatric LGBT Gender Identity Clinic at UIHC. Only two “workshops” are listed, one is ASK THE DOCTOR, which features pediatrician Dr. Michael Colburn from the U of I Adolescent Clinic, and the other has two sessions, session one about the IDENTITY of the child, session two about the AGE of the child:

Time & Location

Feb 23, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tate High School, 1528 Mall Dr, Iowa City, IA 52240, USA

About The Event

UAY PrideCon 2019 will take place on Saturday, February 23rd from 10am-6pm at Elizabeth Tate Alt. High School in Iowa City. There will be break out sessions, performances, community art and lots of delicious food, of course! This day-long event will be FREE and open to all LGBTQIA+ junior high and high school students in the area. Parents of LGBTQIA+ youth are invited to a free lunch, followed by break out sessions, all taking place at UAY’s Eastdale location. Registration is required for both parents and young people. Click here to register: All Pride Con related questions can be directed to


I tend to get bowled over by these blatant displays of masculinist horror. They are literally stalking a group of confused and vulnerable children so that they can sell their parents poisonous chemicals that have not been evaluated for the long term effects on children’s developing bodies. Because, ethically, how could anyone deliberately chemically sterilize a child in order to create a data base for their corporate employers?

This holocaust of young gay and lesbians is taking place in full public view and with the endorsement of the very agencies and human rights organizations (lgbtqiblahblahblah) that should be encouraging their gender nonconformity and protecting them from corporate exploitation.

Here’s the poop on Doc Colburn:

“My vision is that all adolescents receive high quality, accessible, evidence-based physical and mental health care from pediatricians. My mission is to provide high quality, accessible, evidence-based care of the adolescent while educating the next generation of pediatricians in adolescent primary care utilizing proven training strategies.”— Michael D. Colburn


Diseases and Conditions

  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Substance use disorders
  • Transgender



So, apparently his actual medical training is in gynecology and the rest of his oeuvre is the biopsychiatric array that involves prescribing speed and other brain-damaging behavior- control chemicals to kids who are struggling to survive and make sense of life on a dying planet. (They know the jig is up and the climate is cooked, even tho adults keep lying to them about this.)

This entire event is a sales pitch and it makes me sick because I am forbidden to say that out loud. I can’t say anything against this practice of transgendering, which involves overwhelming a child’s developing body with dangerous chemicals that have not been tested for long term safety in kids. Because who would do such an unethical thing? Transing a child with puberty blockers and cross sex hormones sterilizes the child. Imagine sterilizing a child for not conforming to a sexist stereotype. Who would do such an unethical thing?  And the saddest thing of all is that the child’s capacity for experiencing sexual pleasure in their genitals is destroyed. Because doctors can’t really change anyone’s sex, all that is happening is the removal and mutilation of healthy body parts.


This is the propaganda that is being used to sell transgender ideology and medical intervention. Are kids really supposed to see Barbie and GI Joe as healthy gender role models?

Pretty ghoulish if ya stop to think about it. Which is why most people are afraid to look closely at what Corporate Medical is trying to shove down our throats. And it just chills me to the bone that gays and lesbians have allowed the fight for acceptance for loving the same sex to be hijacked by corporate interests with products and services to sell.  It’s a great business model – it creates an addiction to synthetic cross sex hormones and permanent dependence on corporate medical products and services.

51582904_600081530463617_571211005187588096_nOne of the ways that this medical hoax is being sold to parents is that parents are told that their child will commit suicide if they don’t undertake this hazardous medical intervention. And this is an outright lie, because in fact, suicidality INCREASES after transition according studies done in Sweden.  And then there is the fact that the overwhelming majority of children who say they aren’t the sex they are grow up to become gay or lesbian.

If I had the guts, if I could take the negativity, I would show up at this event and pass out flyers that would give alternatives to medical intervention.   I would risk challenging the cognition dissonance that tunes out atrocities.  I would remind people that it isn’t actually possible for anyone to be born into the wrong body.  But it hurts to much to be considered a hater when this is the opposite of the truth. Such is the nature of fascism, I suppose.



Follow the Money: Pritzker Money All The Way, Baby!

Male Mothers! What a fucking mess they make. So much rage for being born without wombs.

And here is Jennifer Bilek’s excellent article detailing her research on the evil fuckers behind the eugenic medical abuse of children.


Mutilating Girls is Just Good Business!





A complication, ‘crazy pain,’ as South Florida trans teen Jazz Jennings gets confirmation surgery

safe_imageA complication, ‘crazy pain,’ as South Florida trans teen Jazz Jennings gets confirmation surgery


TLC’s “I Am Jazz” has been chronicling South Florida trans teen advocate Jazz Jennings’ life-changing journey of getting her gender confirmation surgery for the past year.

“Having my whole family with me throughout this entire journey has been so important,” the 18-year-old said in last week’s episode of the show which showed the first part of her surgery. The second part aired 9 p.m. Tuesday. “From the beginning they have just provided me with unconditional love and support and the fact that they’re here on this day just signifies that we’ve come so, so far since the beginning of this journey. This is really the final step, this is the final transition, and I’m so glad that I have them by my side.”

Read more here

Charlie Rae said:
There was a thread on twitter which detailed, scene for scene, the horrors of Jazz Jenning’s nationally aired recording of his pre and post-mutilation. The thread looks like it has been taken down but I happened to have copied some of the text to put in over at The TERF Exhibit.

Watching the videos were brutal. If you didn’t see, he came out in a lot of pain, continually wincing and groaning, he is having a hard time peeing, he has some kind of a blister, his stitches might come apart, and there were enough complications that he had to be taken immediately back to the hospital. They also aired a shot of the boy’s face as the doctors dilated his wound for the first time. My stomach is actually turning as I write this. This child abuse needs to end. Here is most of the text from the tread that was taken down:

“Context. This person has been suffering under this fake ideology since a child. Was put on drugs. And didnt have enough “meat” to make a “normal” sex change happen. So they did experimental surgery.

The surgeries are BRUTAL. Plastic surgeons do these but the reality is its mutilation. Its moving parts of the body to where they do not belong to create something that isnt real or functional. Complications are nightmarish and end in suicides often.

Dilation is the forcing open of the open wound that is created during the “creation” of a “vagina” with rods. You have to do it constantly multiple times a day. For years. This alone ruins lives and leads to suicide and regret

Here is a dilation chart and a chart on how “usable” a newly created vagina is over time and hygiene regimens. A year of unending pain , boredom and inactivity. Many suicides come from the first year due to this brutal regimen.

Medical complications are not just immediate. While there is chance of entire loss of the “new vagina” via necrosis. There are other things like the stream of urine being permanently disturbed. Meaning a mess all over yourself every time u go pee

While the producers chose silly upbeat music to cover this up. The reality is this scene is a realization of something that wont ever go back to normal. This person likely is never going to have a normal pee again.

And just 36 hours later disaster strikes. Because this is not a normal surgery. Complications are often NORMAL. You are cutting off skin and re-attaching it other places. In this case , loss of bloodflow would cause necrosis. Skin death

Do not hate these people. They are victims of an ideology that is spreading like wildfire. The best thing you can do is educate yourself about this and contact your representatives. These surgeries are a crime against humanity.”

The Silenced Begin To Be Heard






Four Alarm Fire

Here is a perspective on what happened in Washington recently:

“The real threat to women’s rights in the US is people like Sarah McBride, who are working to destroy women as a recognizable class in the law.

McBride is the communications director of a multi-million dollar organization that claims to represent lesbian and bisexual women, and uses the credibility garnered by the LGB movement to silence those same women when they object and encourage the sterilization of LGB children. McBride is a public figure lobbying to destroy women’s rights and children’s bodies.
The whole day, as well, they came around with us to tell legislative staff stories about how bad it’s gotten in the UK. They told them stories about the police showing up to check people’s thinking, and how the definition of the word woman has become hate speech. They helped us do the hard parts of showing up to the Hill and telling your story half a dozen times a day so that the government will maybe listen to you eventually.

They (Posie Parker and other women from the UK) came over and provided feminist women and ROGD parents here with support in getting a voice we have never had before. Just their presence, their showing up and standing with us as sisters to face everything, it has made a difference like you can’t even believe.

We believe, at WoLF, and the women who are allies with us here from many backgrounds, and certainly the parents who thanked us all for taking this public, that this situation is an emergency. This is an urgent and dire crisis. They came and helped us where others never have.

This is a four-alarm fire and they came and helped with bucket brigades.

People who have criticized this, maybe they think they’re doing something good, but none of them have offered any other routes by which we could do something different than complain on social media sites until we get banned for it. Complaining on social media sites until you get banned for it will not stop self-identification becoming the law of the land here.

If people want to complain, they should please show up and help instead. If you think we’ve gotten the ‘wrong’ kind of help, offer some other kind. Come over, show us all how it’s done, get some actual results, and we will all be very interested to hear what’s said about how to *really* succeed.

But what I suspect is that there are a lot of people complaining for whom this situation is not an emergency. And they’d be happy for us to complain about this for the next 50 years with no results, waiting for the left to snap out of it, which may well not happen.

I suspect there are people who really want, or really need, to have a permanent enemy class in our country for them all to foil off of. And I wish they all could have seen the numerous conservatives we met who were profoundly moved by the concerns of the lesbian and bisexual women, of the grieving parents, who showed up to ask for their help.

If there are those among us who genuinely believe that minds can’t be changed, and hearts can’t be persuaded, I don’t know why they bother with politics at all.”

Our Friends On The Left

“Our friends on the left are afraid to talk about the fad of the sterilization of minor children for sex stereotype nonconformity, as often determined by children’s preferences in 21st Century toys, clothes, and hairstyles. That’s because our friends on the left are worried that they’ll get fired or shunned by their unthinkingly neo-eugenicist neighbors, whose ideological forbears employed castration, hysterectomy, clitoridectomy, and primitive brain surgeries, that all attempted to cut the sex drives out of the wayward and deviant. The conservative women who stand with us share in our genuine horror at the idea that the modern “cure” for strongly deviating from sex-stereotyped behavior as a child should be the chemical sterilization or surgical removal of one’s genitals before adulthood.

Indeed, most reasonable people likely agree that castration, chemical or surgical, is a disproportionately harsh consequence for being a little boy who likes to play with dolls and costumes that Disney and Mattel decided to market only to girls. Similarly, mastectomies and hysterectomies seem like an extreme penalty for being a girl who likes dinosaurs, superhero stories, Legos, and clothes that are suitable for an active lifestyle.

We’re baffled that anyone thinks cosmetic genital alteration is a good option to offer young people. But here we are, in a country where such surgeries are prescribed as a treatment for unhappiness or eccentricity to people too young to drive, vote, or be allowed to buy alcohol. Our friends on the left consider it dehumanizing to children to take away their innocence by holding them to adult levels of responsibility when it comes to school conduct or legal infractions, but not dehumanizing to let them choose permanent sterility. How does that make sense?”

—Women’s Liberation Front

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