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Death Cults and the Tranzpocalypse

Death Cults and the Tranzpocalypse

By Madam Nomad, December 26, 2019

Of course I can’t sue UIOWA. Nobody would ever take the case, just like they wouldn’t take a case on my behalf against the social service agencies that are implementing the corporate gender cult without consulting the victims who will be affected by banishing the legal definition of sex. Just like no lawyer would take a case against the medical industry for poisoning me for money or take a case (without my paying for it with my vagina, thanks, Alan Rosenfeld!) against my incestuous pedophile father. It’s all the same corporate, woman-hating, male supremacist shit cake.

I was deeply traumatized by having to repress my horror at seeing so many mutilated and poisoned young women on the UIOWA campus where I was an art student. I wrote one last email to some of the faculty to wind up my experience at that institution.

TO: tj-dedeaux-norris,, rachel-williams, s-mcguire

Final Statement


I am writing in order to make a final statement about my experience at the School of Art and Art History at The University of Iowa. Below I have included two of the images that deeply traumatized me. The appropriate human response to encountering a person who has cut off their penis or their breasts is shock, horror, fear and disgust. I am having completely normal human reactions to being confronted with evidence that the university and the faculty enable the mutilation and poisoning of young people who have sex problems. In the years since the spring of 2017 I have watched the horrible new corporate gender cult take over this entire university. I have watched instructors enable this madness. I do understand that you are financially dependent on this patriarchal corporate institution and you have to do what you are told.
I am telling you that you are supporting corporate genocide and eugenics and the erasure of every right that women like me worked our asses off to attain. And I am disgusted with all of you. I refuse to go along with the abusive, pedophilic Queer Theory baloney. You have silenced me. Thanks a fucking bunch.
Madam Nomad
This is a photo of a painting by a young woman at SAAH who has joined the social contagion that tells her sexed bodies are imaginary.


And this is a clay plaque made at the SAAH clay studio which depicts a young woman who has cut off her own breasts. The inscription says NOT SORRY. I seem to be the only sane person left on this planet who is capable of normal human reactions to atrocities. This made me want to vomit. What is wrong with you that you can’t feel anything. Or is it the money and the power of your sinecures that has rendered you insensible to the horror in front of your faces?

The cluster of folks at the education factory are never going to admit they are wrong and that corporate genderist ideology is one big monstrous circle-jerk. As is it they are all too busy lying to students about what is actually happening to the biosphere and instead taking money to train them for a future they know very well does not exist.

I guess I am grateful that I can make connections and see the whole monster for what it is. I don’t understand how humans got so far out of balance and out of touch with their own bodies. It is what it is.

Death Tranz

There was a tranz-identified female standing at the door to the milk cooler at John’s Market the other afternoon. At first I didn’t clock her because she had an acquired throat bulge, but then again, I WAS subconsciously alerted to check out the bulge.

Then I saw her ahead of me at the checkout and sure enough, when she spoke I could hear the Donald Duck T-voice and as she walked out I saw her wide hips sway and the slenderness of her arms and delicate hands. She had flashed me a warning look as I walked up to the cooler and I realize now that she recognized me because I am the famous hated icon of the local mutilation cult.

I can’t do one damned thing about the death wish that these young girls and women have. They really believe they can “die” as a female and come back magically resurrected as a man. I have no difficulty seeing the connection between the self-harming social contagion that is being sold by the billionaire Tranz Masters and the scourge of my generation of women, which was self-abuse/self-annihilation through starvation. I have noticed that many of the females on testosterone with disfiguring chest surgery are way too thin. The waif I encountered at John’s had hipbones like knives and very bad skin.

One funny thing I notice about these girls is that they all wear the same uniform. They are attempting to emulate the look of the 1940’s James Dean, denim and slicked back hair and a pack of camels rolled up in their tee shirt sleeve. Because of course this is all about transcending sexual stereotypes, remember? That’s how they try to sell this religion to the kids.

And here’s little ditty I made up, to the tune of KICKS, by Paul Revere and the Raiders:

Chorus: Doncha know that Tranz just keeps
Getting harder to find
And all that Tranz
Ain’t bringin’ you peace of mind.
Before ya find out it’s too late-
Better not tempt fate!

So ya think yr gonna find yrself
A little piece of non-binary bliss?
But, it ain’t happened yet,
So, kid, just remember this:

That all the Tranz won’t give you
Any peace of mind,
And the steroid rush
Will destroy your sorry behind.
Before ya find out it’s too late-
Better not tempt

Doncha see no matter what ya do, you’ll never run away from you, and if ya keep on tryin’ you’ll have to pay the price!


As The World Burns


Although I considered myself an astute observer of nature I was unable to grasp the objective reality that the biosphere is, in fact, collapsing, until 2010, when I read End Game by Derrick Jensen,

In this post, I write about my experience growing up as a hostage to the maniacs who own the nukes, being forced to hide from the Bomb under school desks, and the constant random loud sirens that rang to remind us that we had no power and could be annihilated by nukes at any moment.

When I was 14, back in the 60’s, I was already a nascent hippie who rejected the mass accumulation of crap I that saw happening all around me.No split-level house, two car garage and color tv for me, my vision for myself was to be able to live in a cabin on a mountain with a few animals and a garden. I almost succeeded in this when I lived in Vermont in the early 80’s. I lived in a log cabin on a dirt road with no electricity with my two toddlers. And a view of the White Mountains from my porch. I was sad when the pipes from the spring froze and I had to move back to the village.

I was raised with the threat of annihilation and yet somehow I never gave up hope that we would all come together to work out our problems and figure out how to feed and clothe and house everyone.

This past summer the news was that the Amazon Rainforest and vast areas of Siberian tundra were going up in flames, Greenland is rapidly losing ice and permafrost around the Arctic Circle is melting and releasing vast amounts of frozen methane into the air. I just rode with this news and kept my head cool.

But now the entire coast of Australia is a ring of fire with no relief in sight. An entire continent cannot go up in flames without this having a dire effect on the entire global climate system. This is hitting me hard because part of the mythos of nuclear annihilation was that Australia might be spared (On The Beach) from at least the first waves of radiation.

In fact I do understand life is also about death and that all living things will and must die. I am just having a hard time with the idea that everything that Life learned here on earth, all the suffering of all the creatures, all the experience, the knowledge, all of it will be lost. I guess I read too much speculative fiction as a child and I want to believe there is some sort of Kozmik Krystal Radio that has recorded all of this, that our collective unconscious is stored somewhere, able to be accessed by other sentient beings, some kind of Encyclopedia Galactica where others can be warned not to be be as stupid as humans were.

Link to article on Australia in flames.

Here is a recent video By Derrick Jensen:

Transgenderism, Neoliberalism and Rape Culture: Brisbane talk

Transgenderism, Neoliberalism and Rape Culture: Brisbane talk

by Renee Gerlich

Below is the text of a twelve-minute talk I gave in Brisbane on October 12, 2019. The talk can be viewed here. The event was hosted by the International Women’s Day Brisbane/Meanjin committee, and the other presentations on transgenderism and rape culturelesbian erasurewomen’s reproductive rightssports and the left, can be found on their YouTube channel.

PODCAST on Soundcloud by Women’s Voices. HERE

I have been trying to speak on this issue for four years in New Zealand, and because of vicious and persistent censorship and smearing, I haven’t managed to speak openly like this yet. So thank you Anna, and everyone who is speaking, for inviting me here and making space for me.

Because many people still believe that the spread of transgender ideology represents a harmless fad, a phase, or a problem of youth culture or social media, I have chosen to talk about the wider context and conditions that have allowed this ideology to take hold. Transgenderism is a predatory and authoritarian neoliberal ideology, and one that couldn’t take hold outside of the context of rape culture. I want to make this as clear as I can in ten minutes.

The first point to make about neoliberalism is that it is basically synonymous with globalisation, and with corporatisation. It is not just a flawed economic policy. It is a corporate backlash against the political left and a tool of colonisation.

The nineteenth and twentieth centuries saw the rise of a strong political left, indigenous renaissance movements, workers unions, successful independence struggles that ousted colonisers, anti-war protest, and women’s rights movements.

By the 1980s, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund had a response. They adopted policies that would reverse the progress these movements made. They began to hand out financial loans to governments on the condition that they undergo what is euphemistically called “structural adjustment,” for the benefit of multinational corporations. “Structural adjustment” is a term to ponder in relation to this issue.

This structural adjustment has three basic components. Firstly, governments have had to make natural resources, lands, and public infrastructure available for purchase by foreign corporations. Secondly, they are compelled to drastically cut back public spending on health, education, welfare and social services. Lastly, regulations and legal protections that restrict corporate profiteering, like laws that protect workers from exploitation, need to be removed. This is neoliberalism: the commodification of nature, and the removal and defunding of social services, ramped up for the age of multinational corporations.

Neoliberalism, and its so-called structural adjustments, are packaged with rhetoric about freedom. The story is that a so-called “free” market in which private sector employers face minimal barriers to profiteering, fosters job and opportunity creation, and a “trickle down” effect, that gradually enables the empowerment of the self-made individual or employee, and “choice” for consumers.

In her book The Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein points out that people – especially people who have been fighting centuries for freedom – don’t actually take these sorts of reforms lying down. So, alongside propaganda, disaster conditions have been crucial for imposing neoliberalism worldwide. That’s why Klein calls neoliberalism “disaster capitalism.” Structural adjustment often follows a state of emergency – a natural disaster, or a military invasion or coup.

Multinationals and profiteers in agribusiness and tourism move in and benefit. And because women are made especially vulnerable when land is sold off and degraded, subsistence lifestyles are destroyed, wages drop, and welfare and healthcare are harder to access, one of the industries that has profited most from neoliberalisation is prostitution. The global sex trade lobby is extremely strong at the moment, and of course in a neoliberal climate, it sells us the idea that prostitution is legitimate business, and that pimps are just job creators in an industry we are now supposed to call “sex work” and perceive to be empowering for women as individuals, disregarding the factors of poverty, land theft, sexism and rape.

Combine this with tourism and the internet, and you have huge industries in sex tourism, trafficking and pornography. One in ten websites are porn sites. The industry is worth more than the combined revenue of the top ten web technology companies. To encourage porn consumption, porn is also normalised through mainstream media. All of this fuels a climate of male sexual entitlement, rape and violation, objectification, body hatred, dissociation, dysphoria and anorexia.

These are the disaster conditions that transgender ideology exploits, and that enable whole populations to buy into the idea that not only can women be bought and sold like products, but womanhood itself is a commodity to which men should be entitled. Transgenderism is a neoliberal ideology that treats the natural fact of biological sex itself as something to be ploughed over and substituted with the cash crop of gender identity. It is empowering for the individual to reject biological sex and substitute it for a customised gender that expresses one’s own essential tastes, like your clothes and shoes are meant to do, and even your car, your cellphone screen protector and your toothbrush.

The mindless mantra “transwomen are women” encapsulates both the ideology and attitudes of transgenderism, and the neoliberal zeitgeist, in three words. It implies the destruction of nature, of biology, of our own bodies – including through the radical mastectomies increasingly conducted on adolescent girls, mainly lesbians. It is based on the commodification of women, and it leads to the removal of legal protections and social supports designated for women and based on sex, and using this mantra like a threat – because if you don’t accept it, you are a bigot – men are colonising women’s hard-won spaces, organisations, movements and safehouses as well as lesbian culture.

This mantra is also having the effect of consolidating the domestication of the whole political left – peace groups, unions, socialist organisations –and assimilating them with the establishment as they commit to and prioritise transgender mythology, purge feminists and independent, critical thinkers from their ranks, and build stronger ties to the liberal political parties and big money also promoting gender identity and funding the Pride Parades.

In this way, the lie that “transwomen are women” is the neoliberal answer to the myth of the resurrection within the Catholic church. It is the one crazy thing you need to accept, these days, to demonstrate that despite whatever else you believe in or work toward, you are ultimately willing to surrender your critical faculties and submit to power and groupthink.

People would never buy the ideas that “men can get pregnant,” or that a “lesbian can have a penis,” outside of the disaster conditions we feminists call rape culture – the conditions of, male sexual entitlement; a woman being raped, somewhere in the world, every second of the day; normalised porn, objectification, dysphoria, body hatred.

In a culture that honoured women, cared for children, and grounded in the natural world, the spread of transgender ideology would not occur.

Voltaire’s famous warning that “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” is also pertinent. Despite all these large scale pop-up social movements taking place throughout the West at the moment, it is actually a dangerous and threatening climate we live in – a climate in which the absurdities of transgenderism are promoted so widely, while they cause such serious harm, and are taboo to question. Women who speak out now face ostracism and losing their livelihoods at the hands of the very same people who are currently joining mass movements that claim to fight for the planet and social justice.

Yet as Audre Lorde famously said, “your silence will not protect you.” So to women out there holding their tongues to stay safe, I say, we are living in an era of rising authoritarianism, and this ideology is one vehicle for it. You need to find your sisters. Now is the time to speak the truth where you can, in spite of those who will turn on you or who refuse to offer you solidarity – and find your sisters. We are here, we are healing and finding our voices together, and we want you among us.

Thorns In Thistle’s Side

Thistle Pettersen: How I Became the Most Hated Folk Singer in Madison



Thistle Pettersen, eco-feminist and singer/songwriter, describes how she was demonised and hounded out of venues for her feminist views and activism.

On January 21st, 2017, I attended the Madison, Wisconsin Women’s March, holding a sign I’d made for the occasion. In dried out black and red markers, I’d written, “Don’t Believe the Hype!! Transactivism is Misogyny!” on a piece of cardboard I found in the dumpster that morning.

As a result, I have been ostracized in my community, forced out of my job, and banned from playing music at various venues in my city. The experience has left me shocked and bewildered, not to mention angry and hurt. How could my own friends and community attack me in such an aggressive way, or simply turn and walk in the other direction?

My Roots of Activism and Music in the City

I have lived in Madison for most of my life. I remember growing up in an environment that was thoughtful, civil, and concerned about social justice. At church, I was encouraged to think about those less fortunate than me and work to make things better in the world. I volunteered at homeless shelters as a teen, spending time with the many people in my community who modelled kindness and concern for the poor.

This childhood, surrounded by caring, liberal activists, influenced me to engage in progressive activist organizations and projects as an adult. In 1988, my focus shifted to environmental problems and the fossil fuels and resource extraction industries behind much of the environmental destruction in my state. I worked for Greenpeace as a canvasser the summer of 1990, learning a lot about letter-writing campaigns, petitions, and non-violent direct action to stop environmental destruction. For years, I participated in environmentalist groups on the University of Wisconsin campus and did progressive organizing through the Madison InfoShop, an activism-focused collective.

In 2017, I was thriving both as a musician and an activist/organizer—contributing and creating in ways I felt called to do. I performed live music and puppet shows at the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center, and was working with Madison Action for Mining Alternatives (MAMA), an organization I co-founded. I was also a singer/songwriter with my band Thistle & Thorns. I was energized by what I could do as a musician and community organizer. I felt acceptance and a sense of purpose, and assumed my activist friends and neighbours valued my contributions and would stick by my side.

Speaking Out on Transgender Politics

The morning of the 2017 Women’s March, I woke up knowing the moment was ripe for the message that trans activism is harmful. Myself and the other women involved in Women’s Liberation Radio News (WLRN)—a collective producing a monthly radio show—had been seeing more and more people getting fed up with trans activism. Many of us called this “peak trans”—that moment when you realize “trans rights” are not really about supporting a marginalized population, but about undermining the rights of girls and women and bullying people into accepting transgender ideology. Some people come to their “peak trans” moment after realizing gender identity legislation allows males to be in women’s prisons, locker rooms, and homeless shelters. For others it may be seeing a man win a weightlifting competition in the women’s division. Some may have had enough after learning about the case of Dana Rivers, a trans-identified man who murdered a lesbian couple and their adopted son in 2016, yet was referred to as a woman in media and police accounts, thus skewing violent crime statistics.

While a few brave women have been speaking out for years, recently, more and more people have been catching on and getting angry.

As I excitedly interacted with friends at the pussy-hat-infused Women’s March that year, I received only positive responses to my sign. Some women said, “Wow! You are brave to hold that sign, but right on! I agree with you 100 percent,” while others gave me the thumbs up and cheered.

I only held the sign for about 20 minutes, walking through the crowd once and using it as a photo op. Afterwards, I posted pictures of me with the sign on Facebook. It was these photos that caused a backlash against me, and ultimately led to my ostracization in Madison. Though this wasn’t the first time…

My first “crime” was a 2014 interview with (now retired) political science professor and lesbian feminist, Sheila Jeffreys. She talked with me about her new book, Gender Hurts: a Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Transgenderism for a radio segment I produced on WORT 89.9 FM’s Access Hour. In the lead-up to that show, local trans activists labelled Jeffreys’ work (and mine, as host) “hate speech” and “trans misogyny.” They demanded I cancel my show. I refused, and, rather than cave, I felt further inspired to defend myself and Jeffreys, and to educate my activist friends.

I lost a lot of social standing in Madison after the interview aired, but lost even more after I produced a radio documentary for WORT in 2015, called, “The Sounds of Michfest 2015.” I interviewed dozens of women attending the last Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival in order to preserve the herstory of that event. I received a lot of praise from the MichFest community and lesbian listeners for the documentary, but shortly after it aired I was banned from the radio station by WORT board president Steve Ringwood, “till the board as a whole can visit the issues raised by several people.” Fortunately, the ban only lasted a month.

Transactivists Silence My Music 

In early 2016, Gretchen Wheat, a friend and prominent figure in Madison community theatre, circulated a petition at the Crystal Corner Bar to get me a regular music show. This grassroots effort led by Wheat, who was energized to continue to help me recover my reputation in our progressive community and music scene, was a powerful and effective action. Over 60 people signed in support, saying they would like to see me perform my original music at the bar once a month.

In May, the show was granted, giving me access to a wide audience of music lovers and friends. I felt like I had regained my reputation and music career — I was performing with a new band, Thistle & Thorns, and we had an album in the works. I also felt it was safe to continue with my message that trans activism and gender identity politics harm the rights and protections of girls and women outside of the venue. I kept the promise to never express my feminist views while performing at the Crystal, so did not think those who disagree with me would try to harm my regular show.

Despite my efforts to keep politics out of the bar, in February 2017, Joe Lambert, the booking agent for the bar, cancelled my show due to me holding the “transactivism is misogyny” sign at the Women’s March. In an email, he wrote, “We have been getting many complaints of your political views, including multiple reports of your loud talking, off mic, in the corner of the bar.” I had been going to the Crystal as a regular customer for years, making friends with the other regulars like Wheat, networking, and talking about many things, including all of the hullabaloo over me interviewing feminists on the community radio station. As I had implicitly agreed to not bring politics to my shows, those conversations were always off the mic.

The “many complaints” were likely coming from people signed up for this Facebook event that invited people to go to the bar to disrupt my performance.

The announcement of my show’s cancellation on the Crystal Corner Bar Facebook page was met with cheers from dozens of local patrons and activists. Activist Bill Anderson, a former keyboardist in my band Thistle & Thorns, publicly bragged that he and his posse “successfully de-platformed a local TERF.”

As a social media activist, musician, community organizer, and friend to so many in Madison, I was devastated.

I played a total of nine months with my name on the marquee, lit up at night. This was a significant thing to celebrate for my music career, and were it not for the interference of people who were not even coming to my shows, I would still be playing in my corner of the neighbourhood today.

Relentless Persecution and Smear campaigns by Trans Activists 

These harassers and bullies not only targeted my music career, but my environmental organizing and activism. Like I mentioned earlier, I co-founded and worked for five years with Madison Action for Mining Alternatives (MAMA). In February 2017, the Wisconsin Network for Peace, Justice & Sustainability (WNPJS), an umbrella organization for hundreds of Wisconsin-based social justice, anti-war and environmentalist organizations including MAMA, released a statement, accusing me of “targeting trans people” and promoting “hatred of trans people.” They offered no evidence to support these claims. Dozens of Madison community members piled on with defamatory comments accusing me of being “no different than a white nationalist” and saying my actions are “inherently violent and are hurting trans people.” Some said my work for environmental causes and in the indigenous solidarity movement was worthless because “dead children can’t drink the water, Thistle” (a reference to the trans activist claim that society must affirm transitioning kids to prevent them from committing suicide).

Local “activists” bombarded the organizing committee of the very successful Pipeline Fighters’ Benefit Extravagana, which I spent months organizing in 2016-2017, to prevent my band and a song of mine from being featured that day. They demanded I step down as a performer and threatened to condemn the associated environmental organizations as supporters of “transphobia” if I failed to do so. The committee buckled, and I “voluntarily” stepped down from singing at the show.

Because WNPJS, a well-known and reputable progressive, anti-racist, anti-war, pro-immigrant and pro-environmental umbrella organization for the entire state of Wisconsin, made the decision not to support me, other major social, cultural, and political organizations, community-based businesses, and entertainment organizations followed suit. I lost my regular show at the Crystal Corner Bar after the WNPJS statement was issued, in addition to other shows I had booked around town.

Boldly Moving Forward with Community Radio

After staying away from WORT for two years, I returned to produce another show during WORT’s Access Hour, featuring interviews I did with Meghan Murphy and Julie Bindel. I had thought the tides had turned a bit, and that it was safe to engage my community in discussion about gender identity laws and the harms of pornography and prostitution in an open-minded and intellectual setting. Naively, during my public persecution, I believed there may have just been a misunderstanding about my views, and that with enough open civil dialogue and discussion, people would come to their senses and be supportive, or at least support civil dialogue around these ideas.

This single hour-long program aired in March 2018, and resulted in more defamation, slander, and libel against me than any before. The WORT board of directors released a formal written apology to the “Transgender Community” for airing my show. At the WORT public board of directors’ meeting in March 2018, Emily Mills, journalist with Our Lives Magazine, Dylan Brogan of the Isthmus magazine, and Nathan MQuillen, paid staff at WORT 89.9 FM, in addition to others, spoke disparagingly of my character, calling me “less-than-honest,” “harmful,” and a “TERF.” I was not informed that the meeting was taking place and was unaware of this defamation at the time. Mills followed up her statements at the WORT board meeting with a libelous piece that was circulated in print and online for two months accusing me of promoting “anti-transgender and anti-sex worker bigotry” and claiming I have “a storied history of lashing out at the transgender community in Madison.”

I refused to apologize or to legitimize the claims that I or the women I interviewed were “harmful” and “lashing out,” and these community members continued to smear and blackball me, and others joined in the dog pile. A regular monthly show with my band at Common Ground was suddenly cancelled after the owner received an onslaught of slanderous email. In letting me go, the owner noted that, “because our whole mission is to be as inclusive and welcoming as we can, I don’t think it will be a good fit…”

After receiving bullying complaints about me for months, I was banned from playing at the open mic at Bos Meadery. Colleen Bos, the bar’s owner, told me in an August 2018 private message, “We disagree about trans women, but that doesn’t matter. Our stage is about welcoming people to the healing power of music and that requires everyone to respond rationally when confronted with someone they don’t like…people have asked us to ban you for your outside views.” According to one employee, the bar had been receiving complaints for months that I “hate transgender people.”

I began feeling hopeful again the fall of 2018 that I could re-enter the public sphere as a musician in a neighbourhood sanctioned group, the East Side Acoustic Ensemble (ESAE) that performs at the Wil-Mar. Six months had passed since the Murphy and Bindel interview aired and a year and a half had passed since I held the sign at the Women’s March, so hadn’t their obsession with destroying my ability to play unrelated music in public waned with time?

I spoke with the director ahead of time about the gang in Madison that harrasses and defames me. He said that if I could leave politics at the door and just play music, that I was in.

For a brief time, I felt embraced and safe enough to just let go and enjoy playing music with the group. However, Wil-Mar Development Director Beatrice Hadidian soon got involved, writing to the ESAE Director, Ritt Dietz, that the “…Center does not allow Thistle the opportunity to perform at Wil-Mar…we cannot in good faith provide a stage or space for individuals who exercise bigotry, discrimination and hatred towards Trans women and Trans men in our community.” As ESAE regularly performs at the Wil-Mar, I was let go from the group.

The “evidence” Ms. Hadidian provided for my “hatred, bigotry and discrimination” was from my Facebook page. She provided no further support for this accusation. Trans activists were quick to cheer the ban and declared victory.

Comments on the post declared me a “fascist” and warned I need “a new zip code preferably in the woods away from people.” One such comment came from trans-rights activist Christine Elaine, whom I had worked with in 2013 at the Madison Infoshop and who was known as “Christopher Books” at the time. Christine is the singer of local band Dumpster Dick, a term defined by the Urban Dictionary as, “A guy who will fuck the fattest, skankiest, dirtiest chick at the bar, because as he puts it, ‘fat pussy is better than no pussy.’” The band came out with a statement explaining that their use of the term “Dumpster Dick” does not mean this.

My picture has been used, without my permission, to promote local bands, including Dumpster Dick, on the Madison Degenderettes’ Facebook page.

Despite multiple complaints to Facebook for violating their community standards, these pictures of me have not been taken down from Dumpster Dick’s Facebook page nor from the Madison Degenderettes page.

What my Women’s March Sign was Trying to Say

My “Transactivism is Misogyny” sign I held at the 2017 Women’s March was one of the main reasons WNPJS issued a defamatory statement in February 2017, which is still online, and for the relentless vitriol directed at me. So what was my sign trying to say?

Trans activism has consistently advocated for the silencing of feminist analysis and news in public media forums, for “gender-correcting” hormones and plastic surgery for healthy-bodied children, especially girls, and it pushes for changes in federal and local laws that erase the dictionary definition of the word “woman” in favour of accepting the ideology that some men are actually women.

Feminists, of course, view “gender identity” as a conflation of sex and gender that undermines feminist analysis of both, under patriarchy. “Gender” is a term used to refer to a system of stereotypes and roles for males and females that, under patriarchy, keep women subordinate to men.

Feminists advocate for this distinction between sex and gender to remain in our legal language and for sex-based protections and rights for women, as the oppressed and subordinated sex.

Our opposition to trans activism, and view that trans activism is misogynistic, is not based on “hate,” but on a long history of feminist analysis and a commitment to ensuring women’s sex-based rights.

Why is blatant and rampant misogyny sanctioned by Madison “progressive” institutions and businesses? And why does so-called “transphobia” trump misogyny in the oppression olympics? I am here — a community member, lover of music and theatre, giver of songs, and organizer for the common good. The activist blood in my veins makes me determined to recover from years of smear campaigns and sing again. You can hate weeds, but we are strong and not easily eradicated.

Bio: I am a singer/songwriter, environmental activist and founding member of  Women’s Liberation Radio News, a collective that has produced a monthly feminist news podcast since May 2016. To all the leftists, radicals, creatives, musicians, critical thinkers and non-conformists in Madison: Join me! Working and playing for the real deal is much more fun than defaming and ostracizing individuals and calling it “activism.” Learn more about my current goal of getting the ban lifted from the Wil-Mar neighborhood center at While you explore the site, be sure to sign the petition!

Transgenderism Is Depopulation

The North Pole Is On Fire


Massive fires are burning out of control in the Arctic Circle. Global Warming is accelerating exponentially. Human civilization is about to end. We will very likely all be dead by 2026 when the planet will no longer be able to support life as the atmosphere becomes Venus-like and plants are unable to sprout.

Chemical corporations and their close cousins, Big Pharma and Big Medical, have dreamed up a solution that they believe will reduce population while it keeps us all distracted from the fact that we are in the process of committing mass murder/suicide of all life on Earth.


I live in Iowa City. This spring the floods were so intense that farmers were unable to plant crops. Iowa City is home to Gender Enforcement Clinics, one for adults and one especially for children.

This upset me for awhile because I couldn’t understand why doctors would want to de-sex children. I did get caught up in trying to warn people about it. I wrote to various agencies – that had originally been developed to help women cope with male violence and male privilege – to ask them why they now believe that males and females are completely interchangeable and why it is that doctors are the only ones with the authority to determine what constitutes appropriate sex role stereotypes which are then enforced with cross sex steroids.

I was concerned that women were losing our right to have bodily privacy and that men would be invading our private spaces and taking away the Title IX protections we fought for by claiming that feeling like a woman literally makes you a woman, even if you have a penis. Of course they always answered me in terms that showed they believe that I am a bigoted imbecile. How ridiculous of me to get in the way of the mass sterilization project!

I follow climate data, which takes some diligence, since the United States government is officially closing it’s Arctic monitoring stations and sending all it’s climatologists packing. Yesterday I saw the headline The North Pole Is On Fire and it hit me, like a proverbial hot kiss at the end of a wet fist: TRANSGENDERISM IS DEPOPULATION. Our Corporate Chemical Fathers found a way to get people to flock to “gender clinics” to have themselves chemically sterilized under the ruse of “changing sex.” Because there is no actual sex change taking place. No chromosomes are being altered. Every cell in a person’s body remains their natal sex, no matter what kind of chemically-induced deformities develop that make a person APPEAR to be the opposite sex.


What is taking place at a gender clinic is that men and women, boys and girls, who are uncomfortable with our sex slavery gender role system and who have been led to believe will escape their pain by poisoning and mutilating themselves, are being DE-SEXED. Their ability to develop sexual gametes inside their testes and ovaries is being destroyed by synthetic corporate steroids. Planned Parenthood, which now has banned the use of the word WOMAN when referring to women’s healthcare issues,  is selling cross sex steroids to children because cross sex steroids are BIRTH CONTROL. Every medically transgendered person you see has been sterilized, neutered, rendered unable to bear children. (Except of course for the AGP perverts who get sexual thrills from dressing women’s clothes and going out in public to get a rush from the shock and disgust they see in people’s faces. It’s a sex addiction and they keep their intact penises while gaslighting everyone.)

People are flocking to these clinics to have themselves chemically neutered and paying to have themselves and THEIR CHILDREN sterilized. And any person, but especially any woman, who questions the wisdom of this sadomasochistic crap is subjected to severe sanctions.  

Every time I see a rainbow flag or the baby shower colors of the “tranz” flag, all I can see now are the mastectomy scars on a 12 year old girl.


And now I understand why this has happened and why it will continue and I am no longer going to actively oppose this lemming-like self-destruction. Transgenderism is a big distraction from the fact that we are now in the process of going extinct from carbon pollution. And it really is better if all the “tranz’ victims of the corporate medical system DON’T reproduce. More for me and my own grandkids as we all starve as the entire system collapses.







Handy tips on how to behave at the death of the world

The worst thing is the loneliness because no-one in my present world will discuss this truth with me. i feel like I am bearing the truth all by myself because no-one will admit that the earth is dying and we are the killers.

Handy tips on how to behave at the death of the world

(Apparently, this seminal text has disappeared from its previous location. So I found a copy I had stashed. Anne Herbert gave me permission to repost this a long time ago. So here it is: the origin of the phrase “random acts of kindness”…)



by Anne Herbert

Sometimes it comes in a dream, and sometimes in one more newspaper headline. And then you know. With your cells and past and future you know. It’s over. We are killing it all and soon it all will be dead. We are here at the death of the world – killers, witnesses, and those who will die. How then shall we live?

PROBABLY GOOD TO TELL TRUTH as much as possible. Truth generally appreciated by terminal patients and we all are.

Good to avoid shoddy activities. You are doing some of last things done by beings on this planet. Generosity and beauty and basicness might be good ways to go. Avoid that which is selfserving in a small way. Keep in mind standing in for ancestors including people who lived ten thousand years ago and also fishes. Might be best to do activities that would make some ancestors feel honored to be part of bringing you here. Silent statement to predecessors: Well, yeah, we blew the big thing by killing ourselves. I tried to honor you as much as I could in that context by doing the following:

TRANSFORM YOUR OWN POWER-OVER BEHAVIOR to whatever extent possible. Life system of world being efficiently killed by human habit of going for power over. Tasteful to try to profoundly correct that to extent that you can even though it’s too late. E.g. Men profoundly understand and change around relations with women. White people profoundly change in relations to people of color. Humans profoundly change in relationship to other beings on planet. This constitutes thank you note and note of apology to the whole history of the planet. I mean it has been rather great, sunsets, oceans, some art, some moments between beings, smells of fresh mornings. As we kill it all by dominance habits too huge to stop, we can thank it for the good times and say sorry by changing our own participation in the dominance stuff in some profound way. Doing this kind of change will involve confusion, embarrassment and awareness of activities and attitudes you have not been conscious of. Doing this kind of change will involve increased aliveness for you personally, a fine thing to bring to a dying planet. Be in radical alignment with particular forms of aliveness being smashed. Particular species, human cultures, styles of living are being obliterated brutally now. In as much as we all going to die fairly soon, the stylish thing to do is to align with one of the lifeforms and help it be itself as long and strong as possible.

Eschew blandness. Eschew causing other’s pain. We are all the target so wear bright colors and dance with those you love. Falling in love has always been a bit too much to apply to one person. Falling in love is appropriate for now, to love all these things which are about to leave. The rocks are watching, and the squirrels and the stars and the tired people in the street. If you love them, let them know, with grace and non-invasive extravagance. Care about the beings you care about in gorgeous and surprising ways. Color outside the lines. Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty. This is your last chance.

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(Apparently, this seminal text has disappeared from its previous location. So I found a copy I had stashed. Anne Herbert gave me permission to repost this a long time ago. So here it is: the origin of the phrase “random acts of kindness”…)

Handy tips on how to behave at the death of the world

by Anne Herbert

Sometimes it comes in a dream, and sometimes in one more newspaper headline. And then you know. With your cells and past and future you know. It’s over. We are killing it all and soon it all will be dead. We are here at the death of the world – killers, witnesses, and those who will die. How then shall we live?

PROBABLY GOOD TO TELL TRUTH as much as possible. Truth generally appreciated by terminal patients and we all are.

Good to avoid shoddy activities. You are doing some of last…

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Madam Nomad


A woman is never at home within patriarchy. I have been a wanderer since I emerged from my mother’s body. This blog is about my intergalactic journey wherein I am always coming home. I write about women,  social justice, political acts, the sado-psychiatric system, and ecology. I use this page to display the art that I do that has saved my life and given me a way to voice my visions.  I take pictures,  I make pictures and protest signs, I am a fan of outsider art and public art.



Geoengineering and Cassandra

I could not be entirely certain about the problem of Climate Change, AKA Global Warming, despite all the research I have done on the topic over the years – how fast it was happening, how profound the effects on the Biosphere will be, whether there might be unknown countervaling forces. So, I didn’t give myself completely over to despair. We might have time to make changes, we might be able to adapt.

5792_10154006842804844_8955738303563104888_nBut the chemtrail phenomenon is a different matter. The geoengineering project, which is taking place all over the world, right over our heads, in plain sight, is conscious, deliberate, irrevocable, unfixable and absolutely lethal to all life on Earth. The heavy metals, including aluminum oxide and barium are intended to provide a reflecting surface for solar radiation, to redirect back out into space. Unfortunately, these metals are toxic to the soils and very bad for all living cells, human, animal and plant.

The risky experiment may be successful, but as they say in that  joke about about surgery…the operation may be successful, but unfortunately the patient will die.

It’s ridiculous that a small number of psychopathic billionaire bullies has been able to implement this mass murder-suicide right before our eyes and yet anyone who speaks up about what we see is subjected to ridicule and accused of being a crank or a conspiracy theorist.

It sure sucks to be Cassandra and to be able to see shit that other people refuse to see because their cognitive dissonance hurts too much. I know it hurts because I have gone through it and come out on the other side.

I can’t cope anymore with my profound sense of betrayal and the full realization that nothing I do or say is going to make any difference. The elite has salted the earth and the damage is done. The die-back of species of insects, wildflowers and amphibians and other wildlife that I have been witnessing in the woods over the past ten years, is not, as I believed, due to the changing climate, although this is a significant stressor. it is due to the fact that stupid rich white men are spraying the entire planet with aluminum oxide in order, I suppose, to protect their investment. That’s how they justify the expense. Because life, soils, water are all commodities to be bought and sold and have no meaning independent of their market value.

I decided to research the topic further to see if there was any basis for my suspicions about the webwork of persistent jet vapor trails that I have been witnessing in the skies for the past 10 years or so. It took me ten years to face my fears, and I am relatively open-minded about how insane wealthy psychopaths really are. This video includes interviews with reputable scientists from all over the world who have been testing the soil and water.





As The Climate Changes…


Here is a list of articles and videos from such mainstream venues as National Geographic and PBS that you can view that deal with the various signals that we are in the process of calamitous changes:

The Sixth Great Extinction WaPo article

National Geographic article on ocean fish extinction

PBS Nature The Silence of the Bees

PBS Extreme Ice, the melting of the poles

PBS The Extinction of Amphibians, The Thin Green Line.

This is a film preview about the death of the ocean:

This is a video about the Exponential Factor and humans inability to appreciate the implications of infinite growth on a finite planet:

This is a video featuring George Marshall, author of the book, Don’t Even Think About It; Why Our Brains Are Wired To Ignore Climate Change:

Yesterday began as a bright, clear deep blue sky day. Then the planes began their back and forth weaving overhead, and the plumes of mist hung in the sky and spread and the entire sky became white with haze. This morning there is a low stratocirrus cloud cover and there is a fine silvery photo-reactive haze in the air at ground level. The ground level haze is very weird, because there is also a brisk breeze blowing, which would carry off normal water vapor fog. Why does no-one notice the weather, notice what is happening right above their heads. No-one ever looks up. Everyone has their eyes on their smartphones. I feel like I am the only awake person on the planet and it’s bloody fucking lonely.


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