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I didn’t realize that my father had begun to sexually abuse me before I could walk and talk until I got the records from the courts when I sued him in civil court for incest in 1985.  I thought it had started when I was around three years old, because that’s when my earliest memories begin.  Reading those records:  police reports, my mother’s affadavit, my father’s statements from his arrest, court proceedings;  really felt like a punch in the gut. I never had a chance.

Of course this was all a big secret and nobody ever talked to me about what happened but I knew damned well things would be very different for me had I been born with a penis. As it was, everyone in my extended family made it clear to me that I was the one at fault, irresistibly sexy toddler girl that I was when the rapes began.  If anyone in my life had suggested to me that it was possible to become a boy I woulda been ON that shit so fast….

I tried to raise my daughters with sensitivity to gay and lesbian issues and I had much sympathy for men and women who were acting out the opposite sex role. I could totally grok why someone would want to be seen as the opposite sex. I even lived in a co-op housing situation with people pretending to be the other sex.

But then I realized that doctors were poisoning children with chemicals that had not been tested on children for long term safety and efficacy and that these chemicals cause brain and bone damage and destroy the gonads. And the plastic surgeries that are done to give the appearance of having the other sex’s junk destroy the capacity for sexual response. Plastic surgery does not change a child’s sex, it DE SEXES the child. It makes him or her NEUTER. that is, no sex whatsoever and certainly not the opposite one.

Then I discovered that when I tried to discuss this with various social service agencies around Iowa City that I would be ignored, silenced, misquoted and threatened with arrest. As I kept doing research on the corporate gender cult I kept finding deeper and deeper levels of horror. I started this blog to record what I was discovering about the truth behind the new corporate gender cult that has taken over the planet.


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