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_108157958_arctic_overview_976-ncThe Arctic Circle is going up in flames right now, August 3, 2019.

It was in 2010 that I was finally able to face the truth about our approaching mass extinction. I had just read Derrick Jensen’s two hefty volumes, Endgame 1: The Problem of Civilization and Endgame 2: Resistance  and these books clarified my vision about what we are facing.  In this post  I list the mainstream media articles that give a protracted timeline to the disasters in store for us.

The most optimistic estimate is that the ocean will be devoid of fish by 2048.

Civilization is collapsing right now.

And why am I talking about our impending mass death on a blog that I have dedicated to revealing the eugenic patriarchal horror that is transgenderism? One reason. THE KIDS.

Corporations have been in the process of convincing kids that it is possible to be born into the wrong body and that they must mutilate and sterilize themselves into order to become the sex they were intended to be (or that they FEEL they they really are!)  It’s a huge cult now. Here in Iowa City, where there is a pediatric gender enforcement clinic.,  I see dozens more of the de-sexed walking the streets every day, pretending to be something they can never be, not realizing they have been tricked into voluntarily sterilizing themselves and becoming permanent addict slaves to Big Pharma. These kids are pissing their steroids into my granddaughters’ drinking water. (Not that this matters anymore, since they won’t live to see adulthood, anyway.)  I have to laff because most of these mutilated children are vegans who wouldn’t think of eating chemically produced food. But, experimental steroids? FUCK YEAH!

So here we are at the end of our time on earth. And I wonder what the hell will happen to all the children who have been castrated,  mastectomized,  had their growth stunted , bones leached of calcium and their brains damaged by antineoplastic poisons (AKA puberty blockers) like Lupron. Where will they cop their steroids when the industrial chemical drug chain stops running?


And FUCK ALL OF YOU who permitted this pernicious cult ideology to take over all our institutions. Sex change was always a corporate lie created by megalomaniacal  doctors intended to leech resources from unhappy people. You are to blame for putting children in this position.

I curse you.

I curse you.

I curse you.





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