Notes on the Journey

violetausterlitz-trans-squareThis is from a friend. Just one example of how this painful situation plays out in families. I have heard so many stories like this.

I have a friend with an 18 yr old autistic daughter. The daughter has suffered from bullying all of her life. She as made friends and struggles to keep them because her social cues are slightly off. She is sweet and talented in art and incredibly literate. She is kind and loves animals. She is physically delicate and socially shy. She has a therapist who is helpful.

At age 17, last year, she became isolated, spending a lot of time online. She started self-harming, she tossed out her childhood stuffed animals which she had always loved which gave her comfort, she stopped wearing her favorite clothing. Her behavior was worrisome and she refused to talk about her suffering. Over the summer, she turned 18 and the last few months broke out with severe acne, which she never had. She seemed mentally foggy, aggressive and argumentative, a very different person. Her voice started changing.

Her mother found out at 18 she went to Planned Parenthood and asked for testosterone because she thought being a boy would mean an easier life. They gave it to her without knowing anything about her mental stability or background. Without knowing she was comfortable being female her whole youth, until last year after being online. Her mother called her therapist and asked if she knew about this and why she didn’t alert her. They have had a good relationship for years. Her trusted therapist told her she was not legally obligated to tell her anything. The therapist told her that her daughter is exploring her masculinity and that the mom should “get on board.”

The mother called Planned Parenthood and begged them to stop giving her daughter the testosterone and all about the horrible side-effects. They told her that she doesn’t have a daughter that she has a son and she needs to accept it or her “son” will kill himself. This daughter has never been suicidal ever before 17 and being online.

My friend called her child’s pediatrician who knew this girl her entire life and was horrified. The pediatrician wrote a letter to Planned Parenthood asking them to stop giving her testosterone. Planned Parenthood refused because the daughter is a legal adult. This family is suffering greatly and no one will help them. The daughter is sick and her behavior is erratic. The therapist suggested the mom accept her new son. This mother reached out to friends and family, some who are horrified and some who actually congratulated her, some who don’t even believe her.
My friend is desperate and loves her child more than anyone on this earth and she is being called a bigot.

Why am I posting this? Because people need to know what is happening. People need to know the transgender craze has no gatekeepers and people are all too willing to profit off suffering kids. People do not believe my friend, so I’m helping to tell the truth about what is happening to this generation. I don’t care what I’m called. I care more about truth and suffering children. I’m helping to tell the truth that Planned Parenthood has a new business model and couldn’t care less about what suffering they cause. My friend needs support and her daughter is being used and lied to. It’s something we need to know. We really need to think about what harm this is causing our kids and how easy it is to believe lies. Don’t believe lies. Stand for truth.

My New Year’s resolution is to speak truth and defend children

This is a photo of the permission slip that a 13 year old signed that promises not to tell  her parents about her being “treated” with corporate gender poisons:


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