Notes on the Journey


The very worst part about being an elderly student at The School of Art and Art History at The University of Iowa was watching the instructors enable the gender identity madness in their students. They were encouraging young women to think they were born into the wrong body and that it’s just so groovy and  liberating to get yourself addicted to steroids and lop off body parts such that you have a chemical costume that resembles a male body.

Why don’t they just hand them a gun?

52676600_606372733167830_2444819067056422912_o (1)

If tranz identified girls are so thrilled with mutilating themselves, then why are they so angry with me for calling bullshit? Do they think I wanna force them to sew their tits back on? Do they really think a 66 yr old, disabled woman has the power to stop tranz?  If you are so happy with your ENDOCRINE FUCKERY   then STFU and stop demonizing me for saying corporations are exploiting your pain for monetary gain. 



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