Notes on the Journey

I can understand why corporations have designed and promoted transgenderism, making money and creating markets for products is the reason they exist. What I can’t understand is why human beings are so misogynist and so gullible. Iowa City is pretty much owned and run by the corporation that is the University of Iowa. The University of Iowa has a medical center/medical school that contains a gender enforcement clinic. Young people who have personality disorders and sexual paraphilias are drawn to Iowa City because it is magnet for transgender cult members.

The LBGT movement was infiltrated by medical corporations which filled the coffers of the organizations that already had propaganda machinery in place as a result of AIDS activism. They used the LBGT movement to medicalize the concept of gender and to promote the idea that the human body is a collection of medical biobits that you can buy and install in order to complement your personal style. Which is so fucked up, since the whole point of Gay and Lesbian Liberation was to free this demographic from the stain of psychiatric stigma. Loving someone who has the same bits as you is not a disease. Thinking you have the wrong body and that changing your appearance can fix your problems is a pathology.

I have tried to communicate to the local press about the problems that transgenderism poses, especially for women and kids, but I am silenced and ridiculed and held up as a some kind of ignorant bigot. This is the cover of the most recent issue of the local advertising mag. The seated woman is Jaime Nevins. Because gaslighting and lies about sexed bodies and the basis of women’s oppression is what the corporation wants – and these idiots comply.


And this year, Little Village has a new category for it’s Best of Crandic issue. It is BEST CHILD POISONER. I have spoken with women who have actually taken their children to the UIHC pediatric gender enforcement clinic and here’s the thing: They do not treat gay and lesbian children, who after all, do not have any medical problems that are unique to being a gay or lesbian child. In fact, any child who is brought to the gender enforcement clinic for evaluation of their BEHAVIORAL and EMOTIONAL problems, will be immediately labeled as tranz and offered puberty blockers and cross sex hormones. And amazingly, there are no objective medical tests of body tissues that can diagnose the presence or absence of “transgenderism”.

I get sick of having to point out over and over again that the “puberty-blocking chemical LUPRON is an incredibly damaging toxic chemical that causes brain damage and bone decay and that there are ZERO long term studies that prove that this is a safe and loving thing to do do a child’s body. Every child who is subjected to this form of medical eugenics will be rendered sterile. Their genitals atrophy and become unresponsive to sexual pleasure. And once the treatment is started the body changes are permanent.

I could just barf when I hear these medical eugenicist burble on about “being your true self” and about how much pleasure they get from helping children. Look at this face, You would never think that she is lying to children and setting them up for a lifetime of suffering and dependence on the corporate medical system Thanks, Kathy! I hope they \ kids you fucked over sue your ass off when people finally wake up and and ban this medical exploitation and abuse.


Katherine L. Imborek, MD

4.77 out of 5 (199 ratings)
Clinical Assistant Professor, Director of Offsite Primary Care


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