Notes on the Journey

“I want off of this planet, my heart is breaking. I just found out yet another little girl we know is being transitioned by her mother. She already has a new name and pronouns, and she will surely be sent down the same road as them all. A double mastectomy is almost assuredly in her future now, and the gender clinic will RECOMMEND it. They will scoop her out, harvest and sell her tissue, and everyone will clap and be proud! She will grow facial hair and her voice will change. She may need a hysterectomy in the future because the vaginal atrophy will be excruciating. These mothers transitioning their children for woke points are far more mentally deranged than the poor souls convinced their own bodies are wrong, they are willingly sending their BABIES to their potential death. What the hell is wrong with people, why doesn’t anybody care for these children?? Why aren’t we protecting these children and telling them they’re perfect?? I’m running out of room in my heart to care for all of these children who aren’t cared about by anybody else, that are just pawns now for a political movement. I am disgusted and horrified every day by what is happening to women and children, and everything is still just rainbows. Every day I wake up it’s like a bad dream, this could never happen, then I’m quickly reminded this is still our reality. How many children will suffer before this is over? Do we really need to wait until the lawsuits happen to stop? I need to send a terminator on a mission back in time to stop this before it started. 😭😭

~ KC


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