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lesbiansatgroundcover-e1553945532342A number of transactivists on social media have shared the view that they are discriminated against because some lesbians refuse to have sex with them, propagating the idea that lesbianism is “transphobic”. Get The L out Lesbian activist group investigated this phenomenon called the “cotton ceiling” and published in March 2019 a research showing that lesbians are under huge pressure within LGBT communities to accept without question that “transwoman are women”, with implications for lesbians to be able to name themselves lesbians and lead a lesbian life. This talk details the findings of the research and discuss the political implications of these findings for lesbians, L/GBT groups, charities and organisation and women-only spaces. This talk was recorded at Filia conference in Bradford on the 19/10/2019 The Cotton ceiling research 

“Lesbians At Ground Zero”

What is the Cotton Ceiling – Angela Wild #GetTheLOut – Filia 2019


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