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UPDATE: This is the letter I received from NATE at Iowa City Safe Schools  (which is listed as resource on the Iowa City Schools website) in reply to my emailing the organization with the links to these two blog posts. Iowa City Schools are directly funnelling gender non-conforming children into the eugenics factory to be experimented on and neutered for private profit. Who is the evil person in this scenario? Calling out morally reprehensible behavior is now a criminal offense!

Jul 22, 2019, 2:04 PM (19 hours ago)
Mama Shaman,
Do not send us any further communications. We will contact the authorities if this harassment continues.

Nate Monson
Executive Director
Iowa Safe Schools
From: Iowa Safe Schools
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2019 12:15 PM
Subject: Contact Us Notification

First Name: Mama
Last Name: Shaman

You need to think very deeply about what you have been duped into believing about gender nonconforming kids. You are enabling the sterilization and mutilation of children for private corporate profit. I love children and do not want to see them exploited this way and permanently harmed. You are the idiots who are doing the eugenic work of evil men. I love the DARVO move of calling ME the bigot when YOU are actually harming kids and I am trying to stop it. Let them fucking BE. What does de-sexing a child have to do with loving someone of the same sex?

No photo description available.

Iowa City Schools have been drafted into promoting the corporate agenda that is about identifying gender non-conforming children and then signing them up to be castrated or have their breasts cut off after being fed powerful chemicals that stop their bodies from developing normally. Then these children, who are now incapable of experiencing sexual pleasure due to the effects of steroids on genital tissue, become permanent corporate steroid addicts, unable to have children without expensive hi tech reproductive technology (whoo-hoo! go capitalism!)

On the Iowa City Schools webpage is a link to their Equity Program,

On the Equity Page is a link to Supports For LBGTQ Youth    which is where I found the document that I copied and published in the previous post and which normalizes all the cult terms for preparing people to  de-sex themselves with corporate steroids.  It was a GENIUS move on the part of medical/chemical corporations to pay PR firms to plant the idea in our minds that people can actually change their sex and it has something to do with being gay.

THIS PAGE lists all the available community resources for LBGTQ kids.

And SURPRISE! Guess what is listed on the page? Why, nothing less than a link to the pediatric genital mutilation clinic at UIHC!  Because loving someone who has the same genitals as you or not wanting to play out your appropriate patriarchal, sexist gender stereotype is a MEDICAL issue that requires professional intervention.

Also on the Iowa City Schools Site is a link to United Action For Youth which has programs for LBGTQ youth. including Pride Con and Girls Rock.

When I saw that group of kids walking into the library today, festooned in rainbows and trans flags, all I could see was a group of sacrificial victims being led to slaughter by ignorant adults in thrall to the latest patriarchal, sadomasochistic gender orthodoxy, which demands that people who don’t like their sex parts have them chopped off. And you know, I am PLEASED that adults are lining up for this cult, to have themselves chemically neutered. But can you all just stop pushing corporate steroids on kids.?Anyone who does this is a eugenics enabler and beneath my contempt.


Here are the names of the people on the Iowa City Schools Equity Committee

Yolanda Rivera, Chair
Jayne Finch, Secretary
Brian F. Brandsmeier
Ty Cruce
Charlie Eastham
Saria Gassouma
Ain Grooms
Kim Hanrahan
Teresa Heitman
Leslie Locke
Ayoub Mogassbi
Nadine Petty
Gabriela Rivera
Stephanie Van Housen
Laura Cottrell, Director of Diversity and Cultural Responsiveness
Jeremy Tabor, Director of Equity and Employee Relations








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