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La Lecher League has been actively promoting male breastfeeding. Chemical Male Mothering, i.e., eugenic medical endocrine fuckery, is Frankensteinian ghoulishness.

la scapigliata

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Recently a case study was reported, where a doctor and a nurse at a clinic used a cocktail of medications to enable a transgender woman to fulfill his goal to breastfeed his adopted infant.

I will refer to their patient as “trans-identified man” and “he” because there are few areas of medicine in which biological sex is more pertinent than pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

As a doctor, I have multiple concerns regarding this study and this is my analysis.

The trans-identified male patient, who is referred to as a “she” throughout the study, “explained that her partner was pregnant but not interested in breastfeeding, and that she (the trans-idetified patient) hoped to take on the role of being the primary food source for her infant.”

There is no evidence that clinicians who conducted this experiment met with or interviewed the mother to confirm these claims or that they obtained informed…

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