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“While the location may be wholly incidental, it places breast removal and the transitioning of the feminine to the masculine at the heart of a book for girls about breasts. Some women may interpret this material realisation as another example of how we hate women. Breasts are front and centre of a woman’s anatomy and a double mastectomy is placed at the geographical centre of the entire book. It is ironic that the core of the book is symbolically empty of breasts. The feminine breast themes are symbolically moved to both sides of a male chest narrative that centres masculinity at the expense of femininity and male attributes over female attributes. Placing this simplistic version of a complex narrative within a raging debate around self identification serves the needs of gender self identification advocates more than it does the needs of girls.”

Full Cream

This commentary on The Breast Book is a guest post from Eufemia Torres. Eufemia is a qualified teacher from the UK and a mother of two breastfed children. She has a keen interest in the politics and social issues.

This article is not intended to be a book review. The commentary is centred on chapter four with some references to other information within other sections, and the wider social context in which this book resides.

The cover of Emma Pickett’s new book, The Breast Book, published by Pinter and Martin 2019 is subtitled “the puberty guide with a difference – it’s the when, why and how of breasts”.  Eagerly anticipated by a demographic that has sought out previous titles by Pinter and Martin, The Breast Book promised to be a counterpoint to the sexualisation and objectification of women’s bodies that girls may already be facing, even at the age…

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