Notes on the Journey

49667095_1592497384229229_3670532489144696832_oSo this is going on right now at my library. I didn’t attend for two reasons, 1. because I was meeting with Rep Loebsack to talk to him about The Equality Act and gender identity and because 2., I have problems with men calling themselves lesbians and I was concerned that I might out myself as gender critical and be ousted by the group. I had a good talk with Rep. Loeback about gender identity and then came here to the library to access their computers. When I walked thu the doors, women were milling outside the conference room and the first person who caught my eye was the transgender d00d who sexually assaulted my daughter when we all lived at the River City Housing Coop here in Iowa City. This young man is a seriously disturbed individual with a morbid fixation on his mother’s death. He is a man who is pretending to be a woman. Instead of confronting this kid and making him deal with his issues, people are enabling his personality disorder and gaslighting women into accepting him as a woman. He is a privileged man who abused my daughter sexually, but who gets away with it because my daughter is too bamboozled to realize she was sexually assaulted by a MAN. I am so pissed off right now. 

Midwest Intergenerational Lesbian Conference 2019

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