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MTF Here: Should I Transition?

i say fuck, you say gender6 points·12 hours ago

As the founder of this sub, I try to be laissez faire in my participation here, to encourage individuals’ freedom of speech/thought/expression. Also, my post-trans PTSD is easily triggered, so I don’t like to immerse myself in these topics.

If you want my opinion, it follows.

No. No one should “transition”. Transition isn’t real. It’s a farce, a lie. It’s dangerous and harmful. It’s unnecessary. It’s a mind game. It’s gaslighting. It’s eugenics. It’s Frankenstein “medicine”. It’s playing god. It’s based on BS research, and real research is stifled as “bigotry”. It poisons your endocrine system—which you need to survive into old age. It mutilates your body. It’s expensive. It’s painful. It hides problems at best. It’s treating a mental condition with radical physical intervention. It’s based on stereotypes and culture and feelings, all of which constantly shift over time. But your body doesn’t shift back. You (I, we, anyone) think you have dysphoria now? Wait til you’re trapped in an unnatural and unsustainable form. You think you’re dying now? Wait til they add bone scans to the blood draws, prescription supplements to the hormones, weird daily exercise regiments… You think dating is difficult now? Or looking in the mirror, or disrobing in public changing rooms, or even just presenting yourself fully clothed in public streets or daily jobs or annual family functions… You think existence is brain-wrenching and heart-shattering? You’ve no real idea, until it’s too late. And then either transition or detransition consumes your life, your mind, your bank account… Health insurance, life insurance, court decrees, passports, authorizations… Every minute I wrestle between staying the course to an eventual, supposedly impossible healing/restoration—or just ending this idiotic suffering entirely right now. Every minute. This has been my new reality now for more years than the fun or seemingly freeing parts of transition occupied.

And transition is all meaningless. It doesn’t change your sex. You don’t need to change your sex. Gender is either simply sex, or it’s personality/stereotypes/headspace/nonsense. You can wear anything, talk and move in any way, be with whomever you wish—as you are now, as you were born.

Just forget it. Wait it out. Enjoy your life. Enjoy this wondrous world. Enjoy your healthy, functional, whole body. Get a hobby. Travel. Learn. Build. You’re in the prime of your life. Extend that, don’t foil it. Please. Listen.

That’s my opinion, since you asked.

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