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This is from the New Zealand blog Writing By Renee

thought-controlCensored piece: Jeez, Louise – may we have our own thoughts, please?

On November 18, Labour Party MP for Manurewa Louisa Wall saw fit to make an exclamation about “f***ing TERFs” in a public meeting about next year’s Pride Parade. After being questioned in media about a recording of her outburst released by the group Speak Up For Women, she dug her heels in. Wall has made clear that she was referring to a particular “small, but vocal” group of feminists – lesbian feminists in particular – who should no longer be welcome at Pride.

As a feminist blogger, I’m half expecting Wall to turn up on my doorstep one day soon with a checklist of books, a lighter and some gasoline. My Story – British suffragist Emmeline Pankhurst’s memoirs – may well be the first book snatched from my shelf for the “TERF” bonfire. Since a “TERF” is apparently any woman who does not accept that mammals can change sex at will, meaning that men cannot become women – Pankhurst was one of our kind. The suffragists Wall and other politicians are making so much noise to celebrate this year were never ambiguous about fighting for the female sex. If the suffragists knew any “transwomen,” those people could already vote.

Read more HERE.

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