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I’m going to show you why feminists are telling you that men who identify as trans pose a danger to women.

Here are the words of a “transwoman”, Mr. Monica Heart:

“Growing up, every chance I got, I would put on either my grandmother’s, my mom’s, or my aunt’s cute and sexy underthings and clothes. As I aged, that led to me pilfering pretty lacy things from the laundry room at the apartment complex where I lived, and even at the houses I would visit – things like pretty panties, bras, and other pretty lingerie. My collection grew with each passing year, and some of my most favorite items were the ones I had commandeered from friends, family, and my friend’s families. When I had a crush on you, your underwear drawers were my favorite target.

I had my first girlfriend when I was six, and by the time I was in sixth grade, I began asking my girlfriends for certain pretty panties and other articles of clothing as keepsakes. Little did these girls know that I was wearing those keepsakes every chance I got. When I was in high school, I began to share my dressing with some of my girlfriends, and of course, once I was in college, I began venturing out with those girlfriends as one of their girlfriends.”

This, by any other name, would be rightfully recognized by society as what we might call a “sex pest”. Stealing underwear and wearing it as an erotic practice is a step up from peeping tom. It’s no longer enough to spy, they have to take, to wear, to hold, in order to increase their stimulation.

This is what would be considered “normal” in the trans community because wearing feminine clothing is how a male would signal to the world that he is “presenting as a woman”.

This is not an isolated incident. If you read the coming out stories of men who identify as trans, many of them talk about stealing clothing, panties, and wearing them in secret. The meme below is from Mr. Mya Byrne whose bloody “I punch TERFs” shirt was publicly memorialized and displayed in San Francisco Public Library last year (setting off The TERF Exhibit – Public).

Something that everywhere else in society would be considered a warning sign is considered the norm in the genderist community. This is just a small window into the transgender movement and how predators can use it to mask their predatory behavior. Instead of sick, people call them brave.

Are all “transwomen” predators? No. That is not at all what I am saying here. What I am saying is this: there are connections between the male “transgender” identity and paraphilic and predatory behavior. The impact, depths, purposes and pathological obsessions that can come with these paraphillic impulses are known well to criminal psychologists and criminal profilers. What “transwomen” call “a collection”, criminal profiles call “trophies”. Wake. Up.

And the most dangerous thing about all of this is that the labeling of thing as transgender, these days, is more of a christening. The person, the act, the thing, becomes “pure and good,” be it sex offenses, be it voyeurism, be it anti-reality, be it self mutilation, etc.

And this is one of those things.

More and more male transgender identifying sex offenders are making headlines. Some of them are called women. Some are not sexed because people are too scared one way or another. Some say that he was born a man. These men, said to be women, not only seem to have a higher rate of sex offenses than men (nearly 50% of “transwomen” criminals in the UK are there for sex offenses, compared to the 20% for the general population), but we are being asked to believe that their criminology reflects women.

Yes, we are asking you to “invalidate” this false identity. That is exactly what we are asking you to do. Because the structure of this ideology is blatantly overlooking the criminal behavior of men, well documented, and “destigmatizing” paraphillic behavior.



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