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Something I constantly try to reconcile, and that I question each day is this fact: friends who have known me as a butch lesbian for years are supporting transgenderism and the ‘transing’ of gay and lesbian children.

How do they not believe their long-time lesbian friend when she tells them that transgenderism is gay eugenics? How can they view me as a terf or a bigot and actually believe the male right’s movement which seeks to destroy and erase homosexuals?

It’s not about ‘trans’ kids. There’s no such thing. I recently told a bisexual friend that tomboys and gay boys are being singled out for ‘transing’, when, in fact, these are gay and lesbian children. The evidence is overwhelming–over 80% of these children would have desisted in their dysphoria and grown up to be healthy lesbians and gays. She replied, “They were ‘born in the wrong body'”, with a straight face. Nobody wants to look at the truth. The truth is that transgenderism is ‘cleansing’ away the gay and lesbian children.

How do these ‘friends’ continue to convince themselves that they are ‘progressive’ for condoning puberty blockers, name changes, and surgical interventions to force these gender non-conformers (read: gay and lesbian children) into a heterosexual box? The psychological damage and the physical damage is staggering. Detransitioners never fully detransition.

This is gay eugenics and the most frightening reality is watching the left-wing progressives embrace this misogynist, homophobic gender garbage.

Are you virtue-signalling or are you willing to examine the truth?

–Anon Sister

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