Notes on the Journey

cock 2.jpgI posted this image as a comment on a thread about child sex “reassignment” in order to make clear just what this form of medical abuse looks like.  Because when people think of transgendering children they think of rainbows and lollipops and anime images of the lovely Gender Heaven where good non-conforming kids can go if only evil terfs would stop talking about sterilization and mutilation of healthy body parts.

But because this culture is a sadomasochistic, narcissistic cesspool from top to bottom, instead of the doctor who performed this disgusting perversion of medical care being hauled out in front of a firing squad for crimes against humanity and violence against women,  I got blocked by Facebook for posting a nudie pic.

And that’s where we are now folks, if you name evil for what it is, the people who are instituting transgender policy in all of our institutions will come after you and silence you. If you show a graphic that portrays the evil they are enabling and promoting you are summarily silenced.

Here are more pictures of what “doctors” are doing to women who are trying to escape the gender prison all women are trapped in.  These women think they can adorn themselves with a thigh cock and bulk and hair themselves up with “T” and that is the magic cure for sexism.  Good fucking luck with that. Sorry that they lied to you and testosterone is going to kill you in your thirties.

cock1.jpgcock 3

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