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It’s is absurd that I, as a 65 year old grandmother, have to resort to adolescent tactics such as stickering up the doors of the institutions I vehemently disagree with,  but in this male supremacist, youth-worshipping,  capitalist nightmare of a culture we all inhabit old women are invisible and no-one listens to anything we say. All of my life I have been literally beaten and shamed into silence. And so I get out my sharpies and my box board and fire away.


audre lordeI set this blog to ‘private” over the summer because I was becoming concerned about the increase in male violence perpetrated by cocks in frocks against gender critical women. I am disabled and impecunious and therefore in a position of vulnerability. But I know that my silence never did protect me and it won’t protect me now.  Several women wrote and asked me to open the blog up again. I have seen some very positive things happening among women in the UK in response to their proposed Gender Recognition Act, which is intended to allow anyone to change their sex designation for any reason with no documentation or proof of any kind. And this has given me heart to believe that if I just keep chugging away that other women will find courage to speak up and work together to bring a gender critical voice back into the conversation about gender roles and the corporate medical interference with children’s sexual development.

KIDS. For me, it’s about the kids. Since I wrote this essay  last year about one of my encounters with young people who are being experimented on I have come to the realization that this radical eugenic medical abuse of children’s developing endocrine systems is taking place right here at the university I attend,  UIOWA in Iowa City.  It is not hyperbole to state that I now know what it was like for people living in Germany in the 1930’s who watched in silence as their neighbors were carted away by the State. If you say anything against the practice of transgendering children by the medical authorities you can be doxxed, no-platformed, lose your job and lose your social connections. All of this and more has occurred to women who asked questions about transgender ideology.

No child in the history of the world was ever born as the wrong sex. Only greedy, alienated, homphobic, misogynist monsters would poison and mutilate a gender non-conforming child. Here are some links that show how virulently the eugenic agenda behind transgender ideology has taken hold of Iowa:


University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital is home to Iowa’s only pediatric lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning (LBGTQ) clinic. This specialized clinic is staffed by a pediatric endocrinologist – a doctor who works with the system that produces hormones – as well as a family medicine doctor.  A pediatric psychiatrist with special expertise in the diagnosis of gender dysphoria (as well as all other psychiatric issues in children) as well as evaluation for appropriateness of hormone therapy for gender transition is also available. The primary focus of the pediatric LGBTQ clinic is to provide hormone therapy for children undergoing gender transition, are transgender, a-gender, or gender-questioning.  Our care team will also provide evaluation for other hormonal disorders of puberty and gender, and sexual development disorders.  All LGBTQ clinic staff are trained through the Safe Zone Project to ensure a welcoming and affirming environment for patients and families

And here is the marketing arm of this corporate abuse:

One of these terms is not like the others. One of these terms just doesn’t belong. How can a  child be born into the wrong body? Let’s say you have a daughter who acts like the sexist stereotype of masculine behavior and wants to smooch other girls. The teachers in her school decide that she is really transgender. So, she’s not really a lesbian, she is a hetereosexual who was born into the wrong body. How does this further gay rights? Medical transition turns a lesbian child into a proper straight boy. Nice. No mindfuck going on here.

Iowa Safe SchoolsAll parents want their children to lead happy, healthy lives. Having a child who identifies as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, or Queer doesn’t change that. However, it can lead to a lot of questions for parents, especially when their child first comes out. You may not have ever met someone who is out and identifies as LGBTQ, or you may not know much about the community at all. Here are just a couple of the many resources that are available to you to help you better understand and support your child.


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  1. Reblogged this on renegaderesearch and commented:
    I, too, find it strange to have made it to Cronehood only to discover that there is a plot afoot to turn reality on its head. It’s sad that so many young people are suffering from “gender dysphoria” and that parents are under pressure to “affirm their identities.” This will pass, but not before much damage has been done to both the young people and to our rapidly disintegrating society.

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    • It’s awful that male supremacy creates gender dysphoria and then presents a solution that involves lies and mutilation. And lots of money for the perpetrators of this destruction.


  2. From one Crone to another, thank you Madam Nomad.

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