Notes on the Journey

Answer: The way it would sound if you had a dick in your mouth trying to say the word WOMAN.
The email I received:

“Hello students!

Interested in working towards making your goals for the future happen? Want to know how to negotiate your future salary and talk to women about Women in Politics or in STEM fields? WELL:
AAUW @ Iowa is hosting a conference on Saturday, April 28th, 2018 that will help you do just that!
The Young Womxn’s Conference is a conference that will focus on promoting ways in which women and people who identify as women can improve their professional and personal lives. The conference will last one full day, with workshops ranging from working in politics and career balancing to salary negotiation. The conference is intended for high school and college-age women, as well as open to all those who seek to promote gender equality.
This conference again takes place on Saturday, April 28th, from 9 am – 2 pm in the Conference Center on the second floor of the Old Capitol Mall (2500 University Capitol Center). This conference is FREE and we will have breakfast and coffee ready for you in return for waking up early on a Saturday morning.
RSVP by either heading to our event on Facebook at:
By taking a look at our profile and event page on ACTWORTHY at:

Please contact with any questions or concerns and we look forward to seeing you there!

AAUW @ Iowa

Distribution of this message was approved by the VP for Student Life. Neither your name nor e-mail address was released to the sender. The policy and guidelines for the UI Mass Mail service, including information on how to filter messages, are available at:

My Reply:
The only “people who identify as women” are chromosomal males. Gender Identity Ideology is an insult and a danger to women who were born and raised as the female sexual gender. Men are not women. This is a fact of objective reality and to believe otherwise is tantamount to believing in a religious doctrine that flies in the face of biological and sociological facts. You are promoting a doctrine that is erasing the gains that my generation of women worked so hard to establish for women. Title lX legislation has now been rendered meaningless under pressure from the tranz cult and the medical corporations that benefit from gender reassignment chemicals and surgery. Men are able to replace women in sports and in the STEM fields just by saying the magic words: “I identify as a woman.”
No woman is able identify out of her oppression under the system of male supremacy which is brutally enforced by the sexual harassment and sexual violence perpetrated against females by males.  Men who say they are women are just as violent as other men. Men who say they are women are forcing their way into women’s prisons, homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, hospital wards, and locker rooms.
And let’s talk about the children who are being targeted, profiled and then sterilized by chemicals and mutilated by surgery on healthy organs for the crime of being gender non-conforming.
So, yeah, thanks for being patsies for the misogynist, homophobic capitalists who are bankrolling this gender baloney. 
Jeanne Allyn Smith
Pretending the patriarchy away is lazy and destructive. THIS is how you effect social change:

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