Notes on the Journey

Excellent disarticulation of this term and the violence against women that it engenders.

babe in botland

Trans woman (n): A man who misappropriates women. Often confused with third gender people.

“Trans woman” is a bad word, both in terms of its construction as a word, and what it does to vocabulary and reality alike.

Null Definitions

The error inherent in the term “trans woman” can actually be traced back to a different word that has developed a primary null definition, meaning that the word has come to be defined opposite to its self-referential meaning.

The word that has acquired a primary null definition is the verb “appropriate,” and its derivative noun, appropriation.

Appropriate as a verb means to correctly apportion or allocate resources. However, its most popular colloquial usage has come to mean the exact opposite.

Misappropriate is the correct term for the inappropriate seizing or allocation of resources. And Misappropriation is what happens when one takes something for…

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