Notes on the Journey

Graphic representations to clarify the obfuscations and reversals of objective reality and logic that constitute tranz propaganda:

Purple Sage

This summer I was watching a lot of FtM videos and they led me to write this post: Questions for FtMs. I honestly wasn’t expecting any responses, but a few people have responded. Thanks! The responses were pretty thoughtful and sincere and they were interesting to read. The only things I was unsatisfied with were that sometimes people tried to answer generally for all FtMs rather than sharing their own perspective, and several people answered the questions for lesbians even though they weren’t lesbian. That was question #8, and perhaps I should have worded it better to be more clear, but I intended people who are bisexual or exclusively attracted to men to skip that question.

There is something I want to address right up front. Commenter Daniel wrote: “I’m not surprised you haven’t gotten many satisfactory answers to these questions. While the questions themselves are asked reasonably, it…

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