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Mother Justice


I have written before about the principles of bodily autonomy and embodied personhood, which are the root of how I understand myself as a woman living under male supremacist oppression, the most intense form of which for me took place as psychiatric commitment and forced drugging.  The words are inadequate and do not convey the terror and shame, grief and anger, cold rage and death to love, that took place in me within those six weeks.  Nor do they convey the specific nuances of who did what and how, the ending of one world and beginning of another, the monumental changes that also took place inside me where a new self was taking root that I had to nurture into being from the death of the old.

This all happened in my body, and as dissociation from my body.  Neuroleptic drugs, and in particular haloperidol which was forced on me, cause a person…

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