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36199960_10156435941784844_3131768905316433920_nI am changing the focus of this blog, which I began as a way to showcase my art and maybe talk about issues that affect women, to that of a gender critical resource.  I want to see the end of sexist gender roles and I know that can’t be accomplished while the main narrative of the culture now is that we are all biologically indistinguishable and men are women if they say they are.  Human beings, men and women, are not composed of interchangeable biobits that you can purchase from your friendly neighborhood corporate gender store.

As a mom and grandma as well as a lifelong radical feminist activist, it is my duty to stand up for all children and not allow them to be exploited by evil capitalist vampires. 

Certainly the ideology of transgenderism is dangerous to women, and I have links to articles about the harm that is being done to adult women by tranz rights activists, but my primary focus is on the kids who are unable to defend themselves from this medical hoax.

You tranzgender apologists call me a transphobe for trying to protect children from economic exploitation and medical abuse. So be it. I accept the mantle. If harming women and children by denying the fundamental reality of the sexed body is part of your politics – then I am TERF and TRANZPHOBE.


(NOTE: I try to keep track of my links to make sure they are current but the internet changes rapidly and there may be broken links within older posts. If you bring this to my attention I can delete them or find alternate sources. Thanx.)

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